Top 10 Moments from Ratatouille (2007)

It time once again to take a look back at the best moments from another Disney Pixar movie this time we look back at Ratatouille.
The Top Ten
1 Anton Ego's Review

After the dinner service and after its revealed that Remy a rat was the one who made the ratatouille, Ego is stunned and writes a review now understanding what Gusto's motto truly means "Anyone Can Cook! " that even though not everyone can be an great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere while also calling Remy "Nothing less then the finest chef in France".

2 Remy Fixes The Soup

After arriving at Gusto's restaurant and seeing Linguini accidentally spilling the soup and ruins it Remy goes down to fix his mess and as he's fixing it he is spotted by Linguini.

3 Anton Ego Tastes The Ratatouille Flashback Scene

With everything now under control Linguini with Colette's help create the ratatouille with his one little spin for Ego and Skinner, after Anton begins to eat it he is given a flashback of his childhood and his mothers cooking.

4 Linguini Reveals the Truth to the Staff

Remy returns to the kitchen to help Linguini who's struggling since he doesn't actually know how to cook as he reveals to his staff that Remy was the one who was controlling his actions and making the food and not surprisingly everyone quits in disgust though Colette does eventually return to help.

5 Remy's Father and The Clan Come to His Aid

After seeing Remy's determination and Linguini actually standing up for him he along with the rest of the rat colony agree to help Remedy with the service in the kitchen while also tie up the health inspector and Skinner.

6 Colette Shows Linguini the Ropes

After Linguini and Remy recreate the soup from earlier Skinner passes him off to Colette to show Linguini the ropes of being a Chef in Gusto's restaurant as Colette shows him how things are done around here while being super strict while also reminding him that she does not mess around scolding him when ever he does something wrong she also points out to him that she's the only woman in the kitchen due to the politics that make it nearly impossible for woman like her to enter the kitchen but yet she still standing and has no time for his BS.

7 New Restaurant Ending Scene

Despite the successful dinner service Remy and the others were still forced to let Skinner and the health inspector go and of course the restaurant gets shut down and Anton Ego losses his and credibility but luckily things work out for everyone with Ego finding a new job as a business investor and funds the new bistro La Ratatouille created and run by Remy. Linguini and Colette.

8 Skinner Chases Remy

Remy finds the lawyers letter which says that Linguini is Gusto's illegitimate son in which the restaurant would go to him and takes the letter as Skinner chases after him to get it back as he chases him all over Paris.

9 Evacuation Scene Escaping The Old Lady's Home

After being spotted by the old lady she brings out her gun and fires at Remy and Emile whcih casues the whole upstairs attic to fall down revealing the rat colony as Remy's father Django orders everyone to evacuate the house as the old lady brings out the rat poison.

10 Test Drive

After learning that he can control Linguini's movements by pulling on his hair, Remy attempts to test this out by practicing with Linguini to cook while blindfolded and things don't go as smoothly as he'd hope but eventually gets the hang of it as is able to recreate the soup with Linguini.

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