Top 10 Moments from Wall-E (2008)

The Top Ten
1 Wall-E in Space

After the probe returns to take Eve back the Axiom Wall-E hitches a ride on the ship as it travels across space with Wall-E being taken in by the sheer amazement of space as they travel through the moon, the sun and through Saturn's rings before arriving at the Axiom.

I'm pretty sure this made me cry.

2 Eve Arrives

While going about his daily work a mysterious unmanned probe arrives carrying EVE sent to scan the planet for plant life as Wall-E becomes amazed and smitten with her.

3 Wall-E and EVE Flying in Space

After surviving the explosion Eve and Wall-E reconcile as they travel back to the Captain's deck to deliver the plant as they celebrate with a dance in space around the Axiom ship.

4 The Captain vs Auto

Not willing to go down without a fight The Captain attempts to take back control of the ship from Auto as it tries to crush Wall-E who's trying to hold up the Holo-Detector to put the plant in and they can return home, The Captain to everyone's amazement is finally able to stand on both feet as he struggles with Auto before shutting off his auto switch to manual taking back control of the ship.

5 Going Home

With Auto out of the picture the robots and humans work together to send the plant to Eve to put in the Holo-Detector to activate the hyper jump and save Wall-E who;s badly damaged as they go into hyper jump as they return to Earth.

6 Do Not Return to Earth A113 Scene

This is top secret.

7 First Date

After showing Eve the plant it found she goes into stand by mode as Wall-E takes her out while still in stand by mode on a date.

8 Rogue Robots

After Wall-E causes a commotion in the repair ward accidentally freeing all the faulty robots as they all they rise up while taking Wall-E as their leader and run a muck deeming them rouge robots.

9 Self Destruct Escape Pod
10 Wall-E's Death

It makes you realize how much you care about this little guy. The tears won't stop until he comes back at the end.

The Contenders
11 Repair Ward
12 EVE restores Wall-E's memories
13 The captain thinking there are pizza plants
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