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1 The Incredibles

9,5/10 Amazing

A movie I originally was not to fond of, but is now one of the best of the Pixar bunch to me. Most superhero movies are boring and meaningless but The Incredibles is an exception to that, having a developed plot and characters, while being fun.

10/10 One of Pixar's best movies (and my personal favorite).

10/10 My favorite Pixar movie.

2 Finding Nemo

8/10 Great

Although in my opinion a slightly overrated movie that doesn't even reach the top ten, I still have loads of fun with this one. Stellar water animation for its time, and a good plot keeps this movie being another classic.

I really like finding nemo I watched every night when I was a little girl.

3 Toy Story

10/10 Masterpiece

The first full-length CGI movie ever, and it actually is an amazing first work of art. The plot and concept was amazing for its time, and it is filled with classic and fun moments.

10/10 This movie is really good. Just the concept of toys coming to life is a really good idea and Pixar did it flawlessly.


First ever 3D animated film, and it was a blast. But just imagine if the Black Friday Reel was in the final cut though...

I guess this doesn't mean as much as it would for some users but this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

4 Toy Story 3

4/10 Unpopular opinion here, but I don't like this movie very much.

10/10 All Toy Stories are phenomenal.

5 Toy Story 2

10+/10 Flawless

Easily the best Toy Story movie in my opinion. Not only does it have the second most emotional scene in the series, but it's also the most badass of the quadrilogy, with the video game opening, and the elevator fight scene. So yeah.


Unpopular Opinion: Best Toy Story in the collection. Introduced a lot of new characters, and it had funny and unforgettable moments. The scene with the cards used to freak me out a little bit.

6 Monster's Inc,

9,5/10 Amazing

One of the Pixar classics, really deserving of the title. Taking the concept of monsters hiding in the closet and actually giving meaning to it and a great plot accompanied by it is something only Pixar can succeed in.

7 Inside Out

9/10. Really good Pixar movie and memorable

8 Wall-E

10+/10 Flawless
There's no contest. This is literally the best Pixar movie in existence. Ok, Auto is an unecessary villain, but everything else about this movie is legit amazing. How anyone could not love it, I don't understand.

10/10 Wall-E is a great character and in a way really cute and adorable. The story is also flawless, it's original and fun to watch.

10/10 this movie makes a good love story and it teaches us why we need plants to live. The characters are amazing and the movie has a cute penitential.


Original idea and overall a fun film to watch.

9 Cars

7/10 Good

No Pixar movie is really bad, as all have their strong points. Cars being one of my least favourite in Pixar due to being conceptually pretty bad, and the story and plot being incredibly snoozing, still does have though one of my favourite messages in all of Pixar, in enjoying the small things in life (and this is what gives it a 7 for me)

9.5/10 - VERY underrated, only flaw is all the questions about how talking cars work.


Most people seem to hate Cars, I actually enjoy it.

I like car's it was a good movie.

10 A Bug's Life

8,5/10 Awesome

To this day I consider it the most underappreciated Pixar movie. I like the setting with bugs living in a micro world building stuff out of cans in the city. Plus the villain is really underrated and really menacing, who's one of the best in Pixar.

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11 Up

7/10 Good

A similar case to Cars, in which there is one small detail that gives the movie a 7 score, but which otherwise is a generally forgettable film. This movie has those first ten minutes opening which still is to this day one of the saddest movie moments ever, but after that's done, all we have is a movie where the directors forgot to put a plot so they thought up of something in the last minute (exaggerated but still)

10/10 It's really fun to watch. The intro to the movie was very well made and a good way to make the viewer care for the main character in a matter of minutes. The rest of the movie is also pure gold.

9/10. I've heard people say only the first 15 minutes of the movie is good, but I think the whole movie is pretty good. Sad though.


The scene at the beginning is heartbreaking.

12 Cars 2

8/10 everyone hates this because it jumped the shark, and it was more violent than the first, but there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

I don't think that car's 2 was good at all.

7/10 Good

13 Coco

10/10 Masterpiece

9/10 love the theme.

10 a masterpiece.

14 Finding Dory

it took so long for finding dory to come on TV so I could watch it. and it just plan sucked. I didn't like it at all

15 Ratatouille

10/10 Masterpiece

Particularly underrated just like A Bug's Life, but to a lesser extent. However, I see it as more underrated quite personally. A Bug's Life is underrated because it isn't that memorable even if it's great. Whereas Ratatouille is generally liked but still underrated, as it doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's actually one of my favourite Pixar movies ever, as I get super hungry while watching it.

9/10 although the concept it very out of the ordinary, it was a hilarious movie with realistic characters. I also love talking animals, France and culinary arts so this movie was practically made for me.

10/10 It's a fun movie to watch and I really like the story. The idea of a rat hiding under a cook's hat and pulling on his hair as a way to show him what to do with his hands is really creative.


Overrated in my opinion, I find the idea of a human befriend a rat cute, yet somewhat strange. Also some parts of it are mean-spirited. Good moral though.

16 Monsters University

7/10 Not great but was a decent prequel.

8/10 Great

17 Incredibles 2

8/10 Great

Could've been a lot better but it's still a great sequel overall with a decent villain and a change of main protagonist. But one is better all the way.

7.0 it's okay but feels like wasted potential.

18 Onward

I like the beginning but the ending sucked :/

19 Toy Story 4

8/10 nowhere near as good as the Previous Toy Story movies but still was pretty good for what it is.

3/10 Disappointing

10/10 Masterpiece

20 The Good Dinosaur

6.0 very mediocre for a Pixar movie

Better than Cars (My Opinion)

21 Brave

7/10 pretty weak effort by Pixar.

22 Cars 3

this movie totally sucked. I hated it.

6/10 Decent

23 Soul
24 Luca
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