Top Ten Reasons Why Belle is the Best Disney Princess

Belle is my favorite Disney princess and here is why
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1 Because she knows that true beauty is found within

We deserve/need more classical canon characters who truly at least have no intention of rejecting inner beauty nor valuing outer beauty too much, do we not?

Unlike many of the other Disney princess belle does not care about how her prince looks like she just wants him to understand her and so he doesn’t and there for belle and beast are the cutest Disney couples or even animated couples in history! I love how she takes time to know him and then she falls in love with him I really enjoyed this movie and belle and that’s why I think I’m this item why she is the best disney princess, I’m not sure if I know any one who hates her or her movie if you have not watched beauty and the beast stop reading this and watch it now!

We deserve more classical canon characters who truly at least have no intention of rejecting inner beauty nor valuing outer beauty too much.

Ya she is better than Anna and Elsa from frozen way better she is kind and everything

2 Because she is kind to everyone

In my eyes here’s is how the list of kindest Disney princess should have went

1. Belle -

Me- mirror mirror on the wall who is the kindest of them all
Mirror- belle
Me- da isn’t it obvious
2. Mulan - she saved China people!
3. Cinderella - she stayed patient all her life!
4. Pocahontas
5. Snow White
6. Jasmine
7. Aurora
8. Rapunzel
9. Ariel
10 tiana
11. Merida

Honey all disney princess are kind to everyone. that's like there whole brand.

3 Because she is smart

That's why I can relate to her, especially since I favor nerds over jocks.

The smartest out of all the Disney princess out there she reads books a lot what I am going to mention in the other one

4 Because she likes to read books

Twilight Sparkle 2.0

Reading books helps you turn smarter you learn new words it makes you think like the main character and it’s like you are in a whole new world, the worst part is when somebody’s snaps you out of the book and therefore belle is the best disney princess we also saw rapunzel reading and I’m sure we saw Mulan reading too or I think we did so ya there’s you have it on this item

5 Because she was the first Disney princess to like her prince for a different reason than being handsome

As I said on the first one and ya I wonder why Ariel just liked him becuase he is cool or handsome

*Meg has left the chat*

6 Because she is different than the other Disney princesses

In a good way!
She’s is everything on this list combined is basically this item

7 Because she dreams big

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!
What Snow White dreams is to get a prince and of course everyone dreams big in a diffrent way

They all dream big.

8 Because she loves her father

She sacrificed her life for him, she stood up for him when gaston and Le fou we’re making fun of them and Ariel was all along mean to her father

9 Because she would rather be with a kind beast than with a handsome jerk

Yay the best item I put on this list

10 Because she has a beautiful dress

I like all of there dress's, but not the one from the brave I didn't like anything about that movie.

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11 Because she has nice hair

Again they all do.

12 Because she is the hottest Disney princess

Of course she is eveyone should agree isint she like she is the Disney princess that would describe this the best, okay there you have it I hope you have now scene why I love belle as the best disney princess even tough Ariel,Mulan,aurora,Cinderella,snow,Tiana,jasmine,Pocahontas... are still lovley I’m so glad I got to make this list...

13 Because she has a nice singing voice
14 Because she values authenticity and rejects superficiality

We sure do deserve/need more and more classical canon characters who value authenticities, reject superficialities, like her (Belle).

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