Top 10 Reasons Why The Rescuers Down Under is Better Than The Rescuers

The first Rescuers movie, though not great, was a pretty decent Disney movie. The sequel which people never really asked for was a very surprising good Disney sequel. Heck it was the very first Disney sequel and it managed to surpass the original in so many ways.
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1 Percival McLeach was a better villain Percival McLeach was a better villain

While Madam Medusa was an okay villain she pails in comparison to McLeach who pretty much steals the show thanks to great voice acting from George C. Scott.

No I thought Medusa was scary at first like Cruella De Vil.

He is so much better. Medusa is classic but McLeach exemplifies evil

2 The Climax was more epic
3 Percival McLeach was more badass

If Bianca was a ten foot mouse she would have showed him. She had Bernard do it though.

4 Cody was a better character than Penny

Penny in the original was a pretty bland character Cody on the other hand had more personality.

Penny was cute but kinda cringe. Cody is badass!

I prefer Penny, she was nice enough to drive her rescuers back to NYC

5 The secondary characters were better

To be honest the secondary characters in the first movie weren't really that memorable, in the sequel the new secondary characters really stand out among them include Wilbur, Jake, Joanna, and even Frank the lizard.

Joanna is a legend, enough said.

6 It had more action

Although this isn't a valid reason in my opinion, I agree with this

7 It has a much darker tone

The ending with McLeach trying to feed Cody to the crocs is so dark and creepy (in a good way)

8 Wilbur was more memorable than Orville

Orville was a funny character in the first movie but he only had little screen time appearing when Bernard and Bianca get him to fly them to Devil's Bayou and then disappears from the rest of the movie only returning at the very end of the movie, Wilbur in the sequel is given more screen time and is given more personality thanks to great voice work by John Candy.

I disagree here. I thought Wilbur was kind of annoying. Orville was more sympathetic and ironically, funnier

9 The animation is better

Though its expected for the sequel to have a better animation especially when released in the 90's.

10 It had no songs

Though I don't have a problem with the first movie having songs some of the songs were forgettable and felt out of place.

First film just had a bunch of forgettable songs. The sequel however has an epic orchestra for its soundtrack!

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11 Joanna is a cute character
12 Bernard doesn't complain about 13 steps on something
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