Best Disposable Breathalyzer 2018


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1 DrinkAndDriveSafe

Drink and Drive Safe provides you the Disposable Breathalyzer to know your limits of drinking so that you can enjoy your drive after drinking. - david008williams

...Unique list. - Ananya

2 Halfords

They are

We are also the UK market leader in the supply of point of care drug testing kits. A one of the UK’s leading operators in car repairs, and our Technicians, Testers, Managers and Apprentices serve more than 750,000 customers every year. - david008williams

3 Alcosense

Based in Maidenhead in Berkshire, AlcoSense Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of alcohol breathalysers. It all started back in 2005 after Hunter Abbott, AlcoSense’s Managing Director had a wakeup call.After 2 years of research, Alcosense was launched in 2007. - david008williams

4 Value-Breathalysers

They have over 19 years technical expertise with breathalysers & drug & alcohol screening. They are also the UK market leader in the supply of care drug testing kits. - david008williams

5 AlcoHawk

They provide the highest quality personal units supported by a U.S.A. based calibration program.Before the shipment the product is calibrated using DOT certified equipment and solutions to help ensure the highest accuracy. - david008williams

6 Frenchbreathalyzer
7 AlcoDigital

They have been helping individual, corporate and governmental organisations finding the right solution to their Alcohol and Drug testing needs for over 12 years, during which time we've supplied over 200,000 breathalysers and drug testing kits. - david008williams

8 Advanced Safety Devices

They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of precision alcohol testers, enlarged door viewers, professional geological compasses, and many other safety products.In two decades they built a company focused on quality,innovation and providing value to the customers. - david008williams

9 Akers bio

Was founded in 1989 with the objective of developing proprietary, in vitro diagnostic technologies that accelerate the rate at which clinicians, and in some cases consumers, can obtain health information. - david008williams

10 UK Drug Testing

The company was started in 1999 by two UK doctors with a specialist interest in onsite & workplace drug & alcohol testing. - david008williams

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