Top 10 Most Distracting Websites/Apps

There are many apps and websites out there that catch out attention. We download and look up these places for our own reasons, for fun, as a joke, or because we're bored. But the question is what is the first thing you do when you pick up your phone or log into the computer. There are apps that aren't even relevant that we open just to check, or keep our streak in a game. This list will be looking at the most addicting apps that we can't help but open no matter the situation.

The Top Ten

1 Instagram

Social media has caused us to constantly update our statuses to see how many likes we can get on a post. The instinct we have when we pull out our phone is to check the comments or check out how many likes we have. Not knowing we're distracted ourselves from the irl situations - Dustbunnie

2 TheTopTens TheTopTens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists.

I put this on here cause even I can't fight the impulse of seeing how many votes my lists get or likes on my comments

In fact, this site is too distracting for me.

This website more entertaining than school.

I can't stop checking it...

3 Reddit

Reddit isn't as underrated as it gives off. Whether it's the memes, subreddits, or fun askreddits. Reddit causes time to slip away from use quickly, especially w when we're looking through the memes - Dustbunnie

Not that bad

YES! - Muffet13

Ew gross get away redditors :( - CrypticMemory

4 Netflix

Binge watching any show on netflix is sure to cause a couple of hours to go by without you knowing it - Dustbunnie

5 Tiktok

Bro, tiktok is getting is getting annoying, it isn't even that good, to be honest, and everyone says "TIKTOK THIS' and "Do you like tiktok?"Jeez, I want this app DEAD, GONE, BYE BYE!

Of course. People get sucked into the Tik Tok black hole.

This app is terrible

This app needs to be taken down.

6 Spotify

Music lovers carry their songs with them, so this is the general choice for music sources. Being distracted by what's playing and not being able to hear your surroundings isn't just a distraction, it's dangerous - Dustbunnie

As a person who likes and listens music a lot, this is very distracting. - Userguy44

7 Discord

I don't find it distracting personally since I use it only when I'm gaming with a group of people, but one of my friends spends all of his time on that thing. He's probably in at least 50 Discord servers.

8 Snapchat
9 YouTube YouTube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.

YouTube is very distracting. Not a single day goes by without me watching a bunch of videos.

Not that bad, but distracts you a lot, especially if your a YouTuber and is checking how many subscribers he has.

Of course

10 Messenger

For those who keep messaging their friends - ElSherlock

The Contenders

11 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.
12 Hulu

Adults visit this site - ElSherlock

14 Candy Crush Saga
15 WikiHow
16 Facebook

See messenger - ElSherlock

17 Pokemon Go!

Gotta catch em all

18 Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.
20 The Impossible Quiz
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