Top Ten Districts of Tamil Nadu

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1 Chennai

Chennai is the capital of TN and it is considered as one of the four major cities in India

I'm interested your contact and life setting up no poor only high level people that good for helping me

It is also one of the richest city in India

City of maximum people with ability to face problems my their own

2 Coimbatore

Considered as the Manchester of South India

Fast growing to become a world-class city with Metro train and air connectivity to the international destinations. Great weather with friendly culture. Coimbatore Shines!

Rock city Coimbatore

Engineering city of India

3 Tiruchirappali

The place where you can live with peace , everything is available with all the upgrade features & facilities

Clean and quite city and the most developing city

Nice city with all facilities

Clean and quite city

4 Kanniyakumari

Nice place to live in especially the weather, seafood, and pollution free environment

Most wonderful district in Tamil Nadu. Only district to have more number of educated peoples in Tamil Nadu. High literacy rate, greenish towns, good lifestyle makes the district differ from the others in Tamil Nadu. If one belongs to that district, definitely they do not like to live in other districts in Tamil Nadu. If anyone from other districts come to Kanyakumari, they can enjoy a lot and realize the good nature and also they will not have wish to leave the Kanyakumari district. It is the only place to see both the sunrise and sunset. It is one of the well developing city in Tamil Nadu. It is the southernmost place in India. WELCOME YOU ALL.

Best district to live

Mostly foreigners visiting place and they come to enjoy vacation during summer

5 Kanchipuram

Best place to relax your mind when you are stressed
Lot of temples to visit

Yes it's the best
World famous for temples and silks.
It's good in ground water.
Kanchipuram is one of the seven sacred cities in the world.

The land of thousand temples

Kanchipuram is nearer to Chennai so most of the areas in this district are well developed. It is also famous for pattu

6 Madurai

Where ever you go in tamilnadu or southern india... you can't find the peace that you find in madurai...Everthing you need will be available 24×7...

World famous Meenakshi Amman Temple is in madurai...

The city of a valient history...
Glorious past... Friendly people...
Madurai Parotta... Amsavalli Biriyani...Famous Jigarthandaa...


Visiting madurai tempts you to visit again...

Living in madurai will never make you to think of moving to another city...

Love to be Maduraian

Poor people also get food with low cost and rich people also get food high quality and high cost

Great city. I'm proud to be a Madurai person. I love Madurai always. Cultural peoples are there.

Madurai girls are beautiful with their own way of wearing traditional wears

7 Salem

Best City to live Peacefully...

I think Salem, Trichy & Chennai are places to live peacefully & Happily. Mostly Western Districts are Respectful Districts

Salem is wonderful city in Tamil nadu

No problem City, cheap and best food, good climate, no environmental or cyclone problems, etc...

8 Thirunelveli

Thirunelveli is famous for Halwa.

Famous for good Tamil

Best tourist spots and nice place to live

It's very beautiful and women safety first district in Tamil Nadu

9 Vellore

I am in vellore vellore is peaceful place and best hospital in vellore is cmc

Most Developed Villages with all the facilities you could imagine across Vellore district.

Best district that provides you with a mix of all attractions.. Hill stations, forests, Historic locations, Urbanized area!.. The Nation's top Engineering and Medical Colleges are located here!.. Home to only the second golden Temple in India!.. Asia's largest observatory is located in Vellore!

Very peaceful and very clear climate

10 Dindigul

Best district in tamilnadu, Wonderful tourist spot, good food spot, etc...

Good places with traditional touch and city resembles madurai in most. earth

Its such a wonderful place to have peaceful lifestyle with friends and family

The Contenders

11 Erode

Turmeric city of India
Best Transportation facilities
Best institutions are here

Erode is a best place to live with out any community issues.
because the peoples are having the commonly friendship.
And they are keeping business ethics and give and take policy also.
And main thing is the Erode Corporation doing their activities very smart in all activities.
Foods available in hygieni

Important facilities and more forests are here

People are more respective.

12 Thanjavur

I born here and live here. We have a peaceful life and one of the world-famous temple known as "Big Temple" and it was built by Raja Raja Cholan more than 1000 years back. And recently India's pride "Defense Airport" also added to Thanjavur as the safest place. And to be honest with you the infrastructure of my place also has to be improved. However, my place is my heaven.

I am proud to be a thanjvur person I am born in thanjavur I love it most..

Thanjavur is most famous for rice and its also known as RICE BOWL OF TAMILNADU

I love thanjavur

13 Cuddalore

Cuddalore was Capital of Madras Presidency after that Capital was shifted Madras (now it is Chennai)

Cuddalore is a best best district
I love my state so much top 10 la first varanum thanks to give 13 place...once more tq next my district is 1 so try...

I love my district

Cuddalore is first capital of Tamil Nadu

14 Thoothukudi

It is the sea gate way of tamil nadu and the people in tuticorin have very good heart

Most of the popular leaders belongs to Tuticorin.
No words to describe the love of the Tuticorin people.

Best city in tamil nadu"has good airport facility

Thoothukudi LA

15 Ramanathapuram

City of Hard Workers

I love this city

I love this city

My lovely native

16 Tirupur

Knitwear capital of India
Textile city
Cotton city
Dollar city
Metal city
Smart city

Nice place to live

Vandharai vaazha vaikkum Tamil nadu is false without is true

Knitwear capital of india

17 Theni

The Hidden Paradise in the World of you are a human you have to go to the I atlist one time

Very beautiful nature

If you want see heaven even before your last breath... Just make a visit

Very pleasant nature, good environment

18 Villupuram

Villupuram very big District in Tamilnadu. Transportation facilities is Good.

Villupuram dist is my haven its good city in Tamilnadu and best agriculture farm is there I love my city

This city has biggest transport

Am from villupuram, and to am really proud to say that I am villupuram citizen

19 Dharmapuri

We want not the best industries. Want best politician because they are not doing anything for farmers and not make good Opportunity for good talent guys%

Dharmapuri is well developed in nature because in this area there is no factory r any other industries, so the district as super natural places mountains and temples and also well in education in 2021 dharmapuri will come at top 5 place in Tamil Nadu

People are good one of the best developing district.many natural place are located

Dharmapuri is one of my favourite and birth city. People are very good and good education with more numbers of govt staffs
TN govt need to focus on this district to start industries and support required for agriculture
Here have lot talented people. They are moved in Bangalore and Hosur.
If industries are here they will prove the talents and improve status of Tamilnadu

20 Karur

There are Many more specifications are there..add some valuable points

Two National highways, small district...well connectivity by road and rail...people are always very busy

Karur is ancient place of Chera Empire &its also called the Name of "Vangchi" City.#@Karur has one of the most emerging city of Taminadu.More than Textiles& busbodys& Must imporatant growth of Agriculture.It has been Started in the Medical college of Karur.

Number 1 in textiles

21 Thiruvannamalai

World's best district

Best city to live lot of temples

I love my city

Best devotionals place

22 Virudhunagar

Sivakasi is located here , world trademark of crackers shown in this city

Best education system and most of innocent people living in virudhunagar

One of the most educated and economically developed state and high individual per capita district

Which having more economical status in southern districts of Tamil nadu

23 Sivagangai

I love my districts

Brave and strong people

In Sivagangai the people are very kind and responsive clay pot making is famous

I love my district

24 Pudukkottai

Best tourist place in pudukkottai chithana vasal ooviyam, Sivam temple, and etc... It's has more beautiful villages and lovely people's...Here mostly agricultural is famous

Best district and historical. District

Best place in Tamil nadu no :1

Neat structure of area

25 Namakkal

1) District which hold large no of collages and schools than any other district in tamil nadu
2)district with head lory asssosiation
3)district with head borewells asssosiation
4)district with head egg asssosiation
5)district with head tank lorry asssosiation
6)it is one of the india's largest lorry body building hub...

Every Town has its own best this is town not city.Here many schools, colleges, Lorry body building units, Bore well building unit( rig units and its spare parts in Tiruchengode), agriculture products like sugarcane, Korai,tapioca and sago factories Jaggery weekly market in jedar palayam etc... are some notable points..

It is famous for bore well drilling and egg production. Namakkal district has many schools and colleges and it is the best place for study.

Please add namakkal in this list

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