Top Ten Districts of Tamil Nadu


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1 Chennai

Chennai is the capital of TN and it is considered as one of the four major cities in India - paasadani

Vandhavarai vazhavaikkum chennai---monivino

2 Coimbatore

Considered as the Manchester of South India - paasadani

Rock city Coimbatore

Cultural and traditional city I love a lot

No words... wonderful city

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3 Tiruchirappali

Clean and quite city and the most developing city

Clean and quite city

Nice city with all facilities


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4 Salem

Best City to live Peacefully...

I think Salem, Trichy & Chennai are places to live peacefully & Happily. Mostly Western Districts are Respectful Districts

Salem is wonderful city in Tamil nadu

Good city to live interms of less cost of living, no communal or religious disputes, respecting each other, no caste discrimination and eco friendly city.

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5 Kanniyakumari

Best district to live

It is a very good place

Best place to live

Pleasent climate,ever green,good food,pollution is very less,nice tourist places,clean water bodies,kind people,more educational institution

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6 Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram is nearer to Chennai so most of the areas in this district are well developed. It is also famous for pattu - paasadani

Kingdom of Devi Kamakshi

7 Madurai

Temple City... The culture and peaceful life in Madurai is unbeatable... You can feel the divinity only in Madurai. The food and lovely people in Madurai will make You to fall in love with ENGA MADURAI! MADURAI----UNBEATABLE!

Nice place to live

Place of jasmine

Madurai is the best

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8 Thirunelveli

Thirunelveli is famous for Halwa. - paasadani

Famous for good Tamil

Best tourist spots and nice place to live

I love in my district people

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9 Vellore

Very peaceful and very clear climate

Simply called as Fort city, which contains lot of historical events in it.. Well developing smart city..One of the important city nearby in future.

World war started here only first..

I love vellore

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10 Dindigul

Good places with traditional touch and city resembles madurai in most. earth

Kodaikanal is Dindigul district

One of best city wowww

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The Newcomers

? Nilgiris

It's a very nice to place to survive.
You will enjoy the scenery.
It's cold but have a good climate.

The Contenders

11 Cuddalore

I love my district

Peaceful life with manageable population. Water scarcity is seldom. Beautiful silver beach and world famous Chidambaram is cuddalore district. Ethnicity of Brahmins are well seen. Many temples are seen.

Peacful city but not road

12 Erode

Important facilities and more forests are here

I love erode
It is the popular city and very natural places are in the city

Plentiful trees and good breeze.
The city have one of the largest cloth market in the world.
Not more traffic.

One of the best city to live
Coimbatore and chennai,Erode was the peacefull cities.
Best entertainment city.
Many tourist spots
Best city
All facilities are available

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13 Thanjavur

I love thanjavur

Peaceful city

Peace lives here

Thajai natural city good people world most beautiful cityvthanjavur

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14 Villupuram

This city has biggest transport

This is the Great city to live

Gingee fort is the historical place... must watchable spot in our life time

It is Centre place of Chennai and trichy and it has second largest bus terminate in tamilnadu

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15 Theni

Very pleasant nature, good environment

Very beautiful nature

Great Environment.. Lovable district ever..

Green nature

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16 Thoothukudi

Best place for employement

One of the best city in india and having enormous job opportunities in industries of tuticorin

Peralcity best place

70%of Indias salt is transported from Tuticorin

17 Tirupur

Developing worldwide

Nice development

The city that never sleeps. The only city in tamilnadu which has developed by itself with no help from the state government

It is one of the most developing cities of tamilnadu
yearly 21 thousand crores of fund from tis city is send to the central government

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18 Karur

Two National highways, small district...well connectivity by road and rail...people are always very busy

Number 1 in textiles

Very good place with most epidemic culture once capital of tamilnadu during chola period

19 Dharmapuri

My place natural history museum

Na Dharmapuri karanga

20 Krishnagiri

Best place to live peaceful and safely. Krishnagiri distict is one of the best for agricultural area and industrial area many other state peoples are coming to work here etc...

It is good area and after 5years are more development

I think its not suitable

Peaceful & well developing district

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