Top Ten Districts of Tamil Nadu


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1 Chennai

I'm interested your contact and life setting up no poor only high level people that good for helping me

It's good place

City of maximum people with ability to face problems my their own


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2 Coimbatore

Fast growing to become a world-class city with Metro train and air connectivity to the international destinations. Great weather with friendly culture. Coimbatore Shines!

Chill coimbatore

Nice place good people

Manufacture City..

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3 Tiruchirappali

Best city to live. Peaceful. No bad things happens around there. Respectful people. Kind people. More importantly cleanliness.

I love trichy

Clean city to live

Peaceful and clean city to live

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4 Kanniyakumari

Wonderful place to live

Most wonderful district in Tamil Nadu. Only district to have more number of educated peoples in Tamil Nadu. High literacy rate, greenish towns, good lifestyle makes the district differ from the others in Tamil Nadu. If one belongs to that district, definitely they do not like to live in other districts in Tamil Nadu. If anyone from other districts come to Kanyakumari, they can enjoy a lot and realize the good nature and also they will not have wish to leave the Kanyakumari district. It is the only place to see both the sunrise and sunset. It is one of the well developing city in Tamil Nadu. It is the southernmost place in India. WELCOME YOU ALL.

It's has many beautiful Tourists Spots

Such us wonderful district

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5 Kanchipuram

Best place to relax your mind when you are stressed
Lot of temples to visit

The land of thousand temples

Yes it's the best
World famous for temples and silks.
It's good in ground water.
Kanchipuram is one of the seven sacred cities in the world.

The only district in Tamilnadu to be called as city of lakes from the ancient times... More than 912 lakes are there...

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6 Madurai

My home town excellent city every one must visit the Madurai peoples

Best city cultural places city that never sleeps

Madurai is the one and only ancient city in the india.It is the world's first city.

Madurai girls are beautiful with their own way of wearing traditional wears

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7 Thirunelveli

Thirunelveli is famous for Halwa. - paasadani

Famous for good Tamil

Famous for humanism...Best place to tourist spot

Best of all district, western ghats helps to give rain and pollution free air it helps worlds rare plants and living creature to live in this mountains nature and environment,

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8 Salem

Best City to live Peacefully...

I think Salem, Trichy & Chennai are places to live peacefully & Happily. Mostly Western Districts are Respectful Districts

Beat city to live peace fully in tamil and

Best city sir

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9 Vellore

First to fought against British

Most Developed Villages with all the facilities you could imagine across Vellore district.

Best district that provides you with a mix of all attractions.. Hill stations, forests, Historic locations, Urbanized area!.. The Nation's top Engineering and Medical Colleges are located here!.. Home to only the second golden Temple in India!.. Asia's largest observatory is located in Vellore!

Vellore is simply "EVERYTHING"

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10 Dindigul



Very super!

It is my favourite

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11 Erode

Fast developing city and best education

ERODE is the emerging district in Tamil Nadu to contribute the income from startups to young Tamil Nadu...

It's my city

Most developed district in tamilnadu by 2019 with shopping complexes and Mall and also plays a prominent role in state economy as there are many places to visit in this district, the corporation has developed lot of differential measures to become it as one of the smart city in India

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12 Thanjavur

World famous in big temple

Thanjavur is most famous for rice and its also known as RICE BOWL OF TAMILNADU

Thanjavur Is My favorite One while compared with salem and other district. It's surrounded by green land. Loveable place.

Just one word It's "HEAVEN"
But most of them don't know that thanjavur is the ancient capital of Tamil Nadu it's been morn than thousand years. After British rule they change over to Chennai.

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13 Cuddalore

Cuddalore was Capital of Madras Presidency after that Capital was shifted Madras (now it is Chennai)

My home town cuddalore beautiful cuddalore

I love cuddalore

Top tourism

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14 Thoothukudi

Humanity places a major role in the heart of people

Super city

Gethu place to live LA

Thoothukudi LA

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15 Tirupur

All Time Working City

It gives lot of job opportunity

It welcomes every people and provide job for them

It's business city for everyone

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16 Villupuram

I love my notive, village and colchar

Villupuram is a Best district and big district

Am from villupuram, and to am really proud to say that I am villupuram citizen

East or west villupuram is the best

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17 Theni

I love& like theni

Forever theni

Such a wonderful paradise

The Hidden Paradise in the World of you are a human you have to go to the I atlist one time

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18 Ramanathapuram

I love my native

The city of love and care with different dishes served...

My lovely native

This city is more intelligent

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19 Dharmapuri

It's very dangerous district in Tamil Nadu

Kovil and aruvi natural Vera level

In 2021 census dharmapuri shows edcational hub in Tamil nadu

I love dharmapuri

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20 Karur

King of Karur

It is famous for bus spare parts production

Sadly it is the hottest place in summer days!

I'm from KARUR

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21 Virudhunagar

Industrial district really proud...

One of the most educated and economically developed state and high individual per capita district

Which having more economical status in southern districts of Tamil nadu

Mass district I am studying in district

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22 Thiruvannamalai

Crimeless city

Javathumalai super place

World Famous Temple in Tiruvannamalai

World's best district

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23 Pudukkottai

Neat structure of area

Historical site

Thirumayam fort best tourist place

Best district

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24 Sivagangai

In Sivagangai the people are very kind and responsive clay pot making is famous

Sivagangai Seemai daa

Sivagangai seemai

Sivagangai seemed

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25 Krishnagiri

Only problem is other state people living more and ignore tamil speaking

Best climate ti live

Best place to live.
Nature loving place

#The best place to live and a peaceful and safety district
#many other state people's can see in this state
#it is a border of AP and KA
#i love this place
#and a very fast developing district

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26 Namakkal

Educational city

Also temple district

EGG city

Good hills station is kolli malai

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27 Thiruvallur

Naturally green with some industrial area pollution free...

Very intelligent guys

Good developing area

Best place to live with luxury

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28 Perambalur

I am proud to live in Perambalur

Very much like this one

I love my hometown

Nalla district

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29 Nagapattinam

Ending the kavery River and mixing with sea

Super city

Nice city nagapattinam

Hindu, Muslim and Christian pilgrim centre in one district

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30 Karaikudi

Karaikudi is wonderful city
Education city of kkdi

Best city

Karaikudi is not a district

Karaikudi is the best city than chennai

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31 Kallakurichi

Most number of kind hearted persons can be found in this district

This the cultivation area...I'm proud to be kallakurichi man

It's the new district in Tamil nadu. It's fully based on agriculture and the district is fully greenish

Beginning stage district will developed very Soon..

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32 Tiruvarur

Tamil nadu CENTRAL UNIVERSITY in thiruvarur only

Asia biggest chariot(theru)

Developing state

Kalaingar ruling district

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33 Nilgiris

Girl are very safe...All people are very friendly to each other

Fresh air

Best city

The best place to live in. Good climate, cultured locals, and best education system in the state.

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34 Ariyalur

Ariyalur is also known as cement city of tamil nadu.

I'm proud to be ariyalur

The district is awesome

Fastest developing city in TN
Often referred as cement city of India

Histrological district...
Chola's castle...

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35 Pattukkottai

I love pattukkottai because cool girls stay in the place

I love pattukkottai
Very wonder friendship
Like in pattukkottai gril
Farmer in best one

Legend live in this city who comes in the mini field her name Mr.kalyanasundaranar legendary poet

36 Hosur

Upcoming city. Highly educated and industrialized. What's more, a satellite town for Bangalore is best for comfortable climate.

Lovable city with every facilities and were do I live...

East are west hosur is best

Its also known as chill city
Good education city
Good job city
Future airport city
District capital
Industrial and agricultural city
Developing city of TN
thenpennai and kaveri water facilities available city
Banglore opposite city

37 Kumbakonam

It's a good place... Kumbakonam is called as temple city... Very peaceful place...
Best place to live
Kumbakonam is famous for coffee and temples...
Fresh air
East are west kumbakonam is the best...

Its very clear city of tamil nadu

Safe, peaceful and best place to live.It gives immense pleasure and the smell of coffee takes us to heaven

Temple of love

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38 Tenkasi

Best place in tamilnadu

1.Tenkasi is a city in which only you can feel the meaning of 'Thendral Kaatru'.
2.A famous kuttralam near tenkasi as well as kerala border senkottai also.
3.Most developed areas of tirunelveli district are tankasi regions.
4.According to me, Tenkasi have the pleasant climate through out the year while comparing Hosur, Chennai, even Bangalore also.
5.A land have highest agricultural development and neatness.
6.Tenkasi Temple is such beautiful and highly religious.
7.Tenkasi have the almost equal population of both muslims and hindus.
8.Tenkasi have no industrial area, If it have Means it will definitely replace the Place of some major cities like Tirchy,Tirunelveli,Hosur, Salem, Vellore, etc

39 Tiruvannamalai

Temple city


40 Mannargudi


Temple city

41 Thiruchengode

Best place to live
Lore shiva temple
Many school.. Best education city..

Pure city

Motor city

42 Mayiladuthurai

It's my home town

It is my town

I m belongs to this beautiful town. One of the fastest developing towns in TN...

Beautiful and quite with surplus of water resource.

43 Mettupalayam

Best place to Have Fresh air.North Coimbatore.Hill stations.

44 Tipupattur

One of the best place to live shows a city of unity no religious diversity here

Best place to live and environment give you feel as home town.

The name sandal city and another Ooty in yelagiri and javvathu hills

45 Kovilpatti

It one of the fastest developing city with all facilities. I like kovilpatti, and also it is temple city with clean environment

Fastest growing town

Its have all facilities to public its one of the cleanest city among developing cities and kovilpatti growing up fast in all facilities

I love my kovilpatti...

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46 Vilathikulam

All farmers

47 Cheyyar

Cheyyar is a one part of thiruvannamalai district.
Developing city in Tamil Nadu. industrialization.
Traditional and agricultural people's lives in the city.
Thiruvothur vedhapurishvarar Temple is historical and famous Temple.

48 Thondiyakkadu

Mangrow forest, sea, then beautiful village and forign birds the v
Ocational tim of location.

49 Mangarai

The place where disha gosh volleyball player got practice...nantong best player lived there
kK most attractive area...
Marthandam flyover Asia 1st longest

50 Kattur

Kattur is beautiful

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