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21 The Vengeful One

This one is simply amazing. It was perfect for a hiatus ending single. This song is powerful and showing us how the world controls us. I listen to this practically endlessly. Top 3 worthy

First single from their new post-hiatus album, Immortalized, and it's so damn good! Can see it notching a high position in the future. - GinSan

I've been listening to disturbed from day one, and this new song might be number three behind down with the sickness and The Night.

One of my favorite... Dark Messiah

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22 Sons of Plunder

Great for music video makers, so energetic, loud as hell, fast lyrics, great music foundation; GO DISTURBED! - aeromaxx777

This is the best Disturbed song ever. You must be frickin' mentally challenged if this is a #10. Nah, just joking. But still, this is their best song in my opinion!

For me this is definitely the best Disturbed song. And it's one of my favorite metal songs overall. There's so much energy in it, I love that! Really wondering why this song ain't more popular.

This song should've been a single, then it would've been in the top 10

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23 Meaning of Life

I wanna get psycho when I hear this song

This is one of there most famous songs but people don't know the name... I love this song and think it's better than most

I just like the beat.. haha

The best for me.

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24 Serpentine

This deserves to be in the top ten, In my opinion the best song, plus the meaning of this song is simply just WOW!

This song is about a succubus who don't (or can't) love and just play with the hearts and emotions of men seeking gain or just a sadistic satisfaction from making them miserable

Are you deaf people? Are you buying the album asylum and listening to all songs except this? If you are then this is song you should first listen to. Magnificent rock and solo song by Disturbed

This is my favorite Disturbed song, they lyrics are meaningful and the beat is insane. I understand how this is not top 5 but it should at least be top 20! Great song

Ok now this is just bull! This song is one of the best I've EVER HEARD OF DISTURBED,and I've heard a lot of Disturbed songs,definitely in my top 10! Hell no I ain't accepting a #28 for this song. Its AMAZING.

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25 Just Stop

I can Understand why Just Stop is so low, but It really is the best in my opinion. I don't deny the ratings so far, although If they were all pushed down a little bit, and Just Stop was put on top, I'd be very satisfied at this list.

Such a cool chorus. This was one of the less popular ones on Ten Thousand Fists but I liked it more for the chillax quality to it.

Its sooo good! I can't even guess why this is so low!

This is BS

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26 Remember

Honestly, this song is the most life-changing song they've ever released. A perfect blend of amazing rock music and melody, this song deserves a much better spot on the list.

Ironic that fans forgot about this song called Remember. It is their best.

Please tell me that this is a sick joke that this is ranked so low. Very sad because this is #1 in my book.

This and mistress are best disturbed songs

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27 Fear

How is this not in the top 10? One of the best songs from their best album The Sickness. Listen to it if you're a new Disturbed fan, this song is great. Vote!

One of there best songs... Hands down, No way does this song deserve 27th. Number 1 on my gym playlist!

Okay now this is bull! How can you ignore this song? It's so riveting and so powerful. much better than prayer or hell

This song goes through my head every single time someone gets on my nerves

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28 Facade

I'd say this is top 10 even top 5... Easily. I can't fathom why it is not higher up. Powerful guitar play combined with amazing chorus

I love all their songs but this one is in a class of its own

What is happening? This, and only this one should be No. 1

This song is my personal fave from this record, although there aren't really any bad songs on this album, this is the one I like the most. the fact that this is so low is very disturbed... get it?

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29 Perfect Insanity

How isn't this song in the top ten!

This & down with the sickness

Awesome song + great drum beat = Top 10 at least!

Best guitar solo - Disturbedpotato

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30 Droppin' Plates

I personally love this song. It's so true, and puts everyone in their place who has put them down before! GO DISTURBED!

I think that this song is actually one of their best! Why it is at 27 I will have no utter clue but this is a fantastic song! MUST LISTEN TOO!

Awesome song that never gets old, best song on the sickness

Great energetic number!

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31 Deify

I am a long time Disturbed fan, but I confess I had not listened to this song until recently, and that was a huge mistake. Deify is AWESOME. The lyrics (like in many of Disturbed's songs) are so deep and poetic, and the beat is one of the best I have ever heard for getting pumped. This song is very underrated.

One of the best driving beats to come out of nu-metal/ hard rock. - sirbradford

Best Song of Disturbed in my opinion. It should be at least in the Top Ten! It's so catchy! The beat is awesome, the text has a cool message and the chorus will stick in your head for ages.

No band can and ever will beat this song

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32 I'm Alive

I'm alive is on my top 3 list. Actually listen to it no one seems to like it, the chorus is amazing I mean come on. This is an amazing song with amazing lyrics and empowers me. How in the world is this 28... Id say it's better than stricken... If you agree please vote up!

Pretty sure this song is one of disturbed's most powerful. Yet it's all the way down here? You obviously need to give this song another try.

This is in my top ten Disturbed songs, easily. SO underrated. And the chorus is one of their best musical achievements ever.

My favourite song by them

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33 Guarded

What how can guarded be so low. This song is amazing

I'm seriously confused why this song is so low it's would definitely be in my top 10

But that's just my two cents

This is the best song ever! it should be at least number 1

34 Numb

Definitely badass and needs to be in the top ten. gives me such a feeling to get me so pumped up.

This song makes me sad... Still a great a song

Song feels numb, and I love it.

Power need this when gaming:-)

35 Innocence

Amazing song! It covers one of the most vital problems. Wondering why it isn't in the top 10 list. Just love it!

Lyrics are so good. Why is there so much evil in our society?

Seareously at least this song should be in the top 20... Come one people

This is top 15 material definitely! Awesome song and beautiful lyrics! Seriously whats erong with you guys?

36 Immortalized

This is probably so low because of his new it is. By far one of their best songs when it comes to overall complexity of the arrangements and harmonies

This is the song that got me into Disturbed. It really is something else, obviously one of their bests, needs way more recognition.

Come on best Disturbed song ever
The whole package is there it's just perfect

37 Believe

The lyrical breakdown is more than moving. The faces of the crucified ver haunting me is chilling!

Amazing lyrics. The beat is amazing!

SUCH an under-rated song! it deserves to WAY higher.

38 Pain Redefined

Pain Redefined has one of the best choruses in all of Disturbed's songs! The tempo is fast but not too fast, and the melody is unforgettable! And david was at his peak during this album! This should definitely be among the Top Ten!

Brilliant intro, insane chorus and a divine riff. One of the most exquisitely made Disturbed songs. Easily. Give it a listen and surely you'll disturbed a lot lot more.

Why is it so low? It should be in the top 5

Great song! The start, music, vocals, everything about this song is so perfect

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39 This Moment

What!? This song is 63? Are you kidding me!? It should be 3 or 4. This song is one of their BEST! Come on people VOTE for it! Please

I have NO idea why this isn't #1 Such a masterpiece... Other good songs are Stricken, The Game, Down with the Sickness, indestructible and prayer.

What in blimey hell is this doing all the way down here? Come on! I love this song, give it a chance.

Please vote. This song has a unique background and it should be at least NO.5

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40 Monster

Why is this 61th? When I first listened to that song, I thought it was amazing and that I was going to find it the top 10 for sure... But no, apparently! It's all right, I guess, they have so many great songs that's impossible to put them all the top!

This one is amazing. This song is tied up with Decadence. So you can just switch anyone

One of the best songs on Lost Children. Should be much higher

The second best song of disturbed after hell

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