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81 The Brave and the Bold
82 You're Mine

I have been listening to romantic songs all my life, however when I listened to this one, I was simply blown away. I mean, this song takes the notion of love to the next level. Where love isn't just a feeling (or a pathetic urge): it's a force, a power, a revitalizing entity that pulls your soul (and your whole existence) from the miserable state it is in and breathes life into it.

Amazing song! It has been stuck in my head for so long and I don't want it to ever leave! I love this band so much! Thanks for another masterpiece!

A beautiful and empowering song, with incredibly meaningful lyrics:

"Your power regave me new life
Made me reborn and refined
Rebuilt from inside and we both know why
'Cause you're mine
I knew I could be whole if you were mine"

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83 Who

Who are you if you don't love this song

84 Save Our Last Goodbye

This song has a great story! The music just let's the emotion flow and the vocals show pain and anger. THIS is actually one of my top ten favorites! It's so low because it just came out.

85 Forgiven

Deserves to be higher. His voice is so amazing in this song.

86 Scars of Life
87 Open Your Eyes

Great heavy beat old school Disturbed. Lyrics telling you to question the media. David wailing away instead of a guitar solo, great bass, awesome drums. Donnegan kicks ass, just a glorious metal song.

Such an amazing voice and arrangement of music. LOVE THIS whole CD.

88 Who Taught You How to Hate

One of the best in their recent album. Never mind. We all know it will reach it's rightful place in the top ten.

Love the way Dan can manipulate the sound of his guitar!... And great lyrics

Really good song, I hope it will get more attention.

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89 Warning Sign
90 Enough

Should be higher, this song has powerful music, lyrics full of meaning and crazy breakdown at the end... Listen to this 1 time and you will love it for sure...

I can't agree more with the previous comment. Such an epic song, full of emotion. Why is it voted here?

What the hell!? I thought Enough would be a lot higher than this on the chart.

For shame Disturbed Fans... For Shame.

Loved it

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91 Deceiver

Seriously 51? By far my favourite song from Disturbed, awesome lyrics and I can relate to this song.

48.. Just sad, one of my favorites by them. I just love the chorus the way he sings it.. Puts emotion into it. Listen and vote for this song.

When I first listened to "indestructible" I thought this was one of the singles and I don't know why it wasn't

Deceiver is probably the best underrated song from disturbed, it has a beautiful intro, a verse that is like unexpecting cause it's quick, and the chorus is just epic

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92 Overburdened

Hell is still overburdened, I must stand and wait in line. Hell is still overburdened now have I been so determined Malign. Seriously, this is one truly amazing song. The slow beginning may have stopped some from listening, but I seriously think this is one of their very best. Better than down with the sickness for sure.

Great vocals, heavy guitar, amazing solo, and has an amazing meaning. You definitely should listen to this song if you're new to Disturbed. Its what got me into the band. HELL IS STILL OVERBURDENED

HOW the hell is this not higher up? This song would be at least 4th in my list. it has awesome solos lyrics and beat, hell is still overburdened

This is retarded. This song is top 5 easily. I get goosebumps every time.

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93 Living After Midnight

That is not what we could expect from the band but still awesome!

94 Shout 2000

The fact the song isn't in the top ten makes me wanna shout.. It should definitely be higher than it is..

This song is awesome. The best cover and by far the most addictive Disturbed song. No doubt

You people are unbelievable! How could possibly this song is not in the top ten?! This song is a pure perfection. It's so pumping and somehow weirdly motivating. You really should give it a try. I know that Down with the sickness is a hell of a song but Shout 2000 totally outshine it.

I know it's a remake but come on. It is way better than the original.

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95 Enemy

Holy! "/$% this song just amazing! Love this one

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96 My Child

Great guitar, powerful lyrics, and one of the most depressing meanings from any song. Without a doubt one of the best.

Best on Asylum, come on!

This song should be number 1.this song is better than stupify and prayer.

97 Darkness

This song deserves higher rank... Though it is slow and all but it is beautiful..

This song is so beautiful it made me cry a little bit. Definitely deserves a higher spot - MetalFoREVer1228

Every metal band has a soft spot. This song is good even though it doesn't follow the band's known genre

How in the world is this #77? One of their best songs for sure

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98 Fire It Up

This song is crazy underrated. I gets way too much hate, just because it's about weed. Black Sabbath wrote many songs about drugs, snowblind. Sweet Leaf. Hand of doom. But disturbed tries it and gets crazy backlash. I love this song

Cut the first 30 seconds off the song and we'll talk.

99 The Eye of the Storm
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