Top 10 Most Disturbing/Creepy Bosses in Video Games

A boss, otherwise known as a very difficult enemy to kill, is an enemy in games that you will encounter, most bosses require a number of attacks/strategies to defeat it. Anyway some bosses in games can be very creepy.

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21 Scissorman - Clock Tower
22 Onslaught - Marvel vs. Capcom
23 Monocolus - Team Fortress 2

Oh my gosh I'm lying on the ground laughing! I'm just voting this because no offense its kinda lame

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24 Jo Slade - Dead Rising

She's this overweight security cop who ties up several women in chairs and molests them because she's a sadistic lesbian.

25 Dylan Fuentes - Dead Rising 3

Dylan is a pervert and a sadomasochist who dwells in the basement of the porn store and uses his genital-shaped flamethrower aka the "Lust Cannon" strapped to his crotch as his weapon. His sin is Lust. Not to mention that he also has jagged teeth.

26 Mad Jack - Donkey Kong 64

I have nightmares of this boss but not because of it's design, it's because of how much it sucked!

This is a scary looking Jack-in-the-box. Just look at it's spiky hair and cybernetics.

That laugh is enough to give you nightmares...

27 The Broodmother - Dragon Age 2

Not only is this thing a beast of rotting flesh and breasts, the very process on how to make one is the most disgusting thing known to man. Darkspawn kidnap women, spew some stuff into them, violate them, then make them eat all of their kin. what?! - MKBeast

28 The Amalgamates - Undertale
29 Piggsy - Manhunt

he's NUDE!

It's a disturbing overweight man in a pigskin. yeah.

30 Larry Chiang - Dead Rising

An evil (but a little misunderstood) butcher who now considers humans as meat instead of the traditional livestock, since zombies broke out in Willamette. He caught the evil terrorist, Carlito, so he can test him out. He laughs constantly when you meet him and during the battle, he is hard as heck!

31 Sander Cohen - Bioshock
32 Twin Devils - Megaman 9
33 Snowdrake's Mother - Undertale
34 Saiki - The King of Fighters XIII
35 Endogeny - Undertale Endogeny - Undertale
36 Darlene Fleischermacher - Dead Rising 3

Her sin is Gluttony. She's this overweight woman on a scooter who has an endless food craving and vomits a lot! She's gross, she's hideous, she's ugly, and she makes me lose my appetite! Oh, and she won't let anyone share food with her, as she will kill anyone over it! She attacks with a giant spork and can run you over with her scooter.

She made me lose my appetite after I watch her boss battle. I never ate dinner again until I forgot about her and how disgusting she looks

Why did this have to be a boss I almost puked when I saw her

37 Brent Ernst aka "Slappy" - Dead Rising 2

Slappy is like Adam the Clown, except that Slappy is a kids' mascot. He framed Chuck for the zombie outbreak and killing his girlfriend. He attacks you with his two flamethrowers and tries to ram you on his roller skates, only to slip and fall, giving you a chance to finish him off. When he dies, he does a jumpscare like this:

38 Rakk Hive - Borderlands

His mouth looks just like a woman's birth canal! If look in its wiki page, you can tell that it's the first boss to be publicly revealed in promotional videos before the release date, but I suppose it's trivial. Not only that, but if you constantly attack it from behind, it spews out green acid from its anus! Yuck!

39 Bad Girl - No More Heroes
40 Dr. Steinman - Bioshock
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