Most Disturbing Dreams


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1 Repetative

There must be a reason for these dreams but I think I'd rather not know the answer. - Britgirl

I kept having dreams where I got my diaper changed..AS AN ADULT! AND I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A FETISH OF ANY KIND! what what what!

2 Floating

I love these dreams where I'm floating inches above the ground. A beautiful sense of freedom - Britgirl

Nowhere near disturbing. I think it's fun - FireWasp2004

3 Spiders

I'm no arachnophobe, but I can imagine that dreaming about hundreds of spiders at once can be horrific. - PositronWildhawk

4 Getting Lost

I don't like these. Sometimes I can see my front door but can't find a way to get home - Britgirl

5 Globes

These dreams where large globes and planets suddenly appear in the sky just terrify me. - Britgirl

6 Unknown Faces

I don't know much about this, but I've heard that the faces you see in dreams are always faces you either know well or catch from the corner of your eye. I've always looked around looking for these faces again, but to no avail. - PositronWildhawk

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7 Mirrors

I don't like seeing my face in dreams. Me, staring back at me is just creepy weird! - Britgirl

8 Transport
9 Fighting

I have two types of fighting dreams: the ones in which I utterly defeat my opponent, and the ones in which I am weak and my punches are slow. Both are incredibly disturbing. - PetSounds

I've been shot, stabbed and beaten in these dreams. - Britgirl

10 Being Chased

Frightening indeed! Especially if where you're running to goes nowhere. - dureckl

How come in dreams we can never have the Upper hand! - Curti2594

Awful. Especially as it's difficult to run in dreams. - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Being Kidnapped by a Gang of Fat People

I've had this dream so many times and there's always these animals that save me from the gang's grasp.

I guess this is why this is called the top ten most DISTURBING dreams. - Victinimon

It's easy. Just toss a McDonalds burger at them then escape. - AlphaQ

12 Having Sex with a Chihuahua

Always have those, creepy

13 Someone you like in trouble

I’m the one who gets in trouble a lot in my dream. It also happens in real life, which is EVEN MORE disturbing!

14 Eating the Number Seven

Such a terrible dream. I always find myself in tears. Seven is my favorite number and watching myself eat it makes me depressed.

How's that disturbing? The number 7 is like an ordinary number. All numbers are pretty much equal-ish - AlphaQ

15 Watching Godzilla Rip Your Leg Off
16 Falling

Well if you fell 1mm it's pretty harmless but if you just finish rock climbing a 1000 km mountain without any equipment and then fall off. That scary - AlphaQ

17 Naked In Public

I can steal someone's clothes. As long as it's not a bikini. I usually find this dream easy to solve - AlphaQ

18 Sometimes the sound repeats and then the thing you see randomly changes
19 Being Over Water With Sharks

I've been having these dreams a lot lately

20 Somehow getting pregnant in front of everyone you know
21 Plane Crash
22 Deceased Relatives

My mom, aunts, and grandma kept having dreams of deceased relatives like my late grandfather and they say that not only it is creepy and that it scared them, they also swears that it symbolizes something pretty disturbing (I'm not sure what it means to them, but they constantly say that it means something about the deceased wanting them to be dead? )

23 Suicide

I had a dream that I was thinking about committing suicide because my relatives constantly called me stupid, bad and useless, and that they don't want me anymore.

That was INCREDIBLY disturbing and scary!

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