Most Disturbing Dreams


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1 Repetative

There must be a reason for these dreams but I think I'd rather not know the answer. - Britgirl

I kept having dreams where I got my diaper changed..AS AN ADULT! AND I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A FETISH OF ANY KIND! what what what!

2 Floating

I love these dreams where I'm floating inches above the ground. A beautiful sense of freedom - Britgirl

3 Spiders

I'm no arachnophobe, but I can imagine that dreaming about hundreds of spiders at once can be horrific. - PositronWildhawk

4 Getting Lost

I don't like these. Sometimes I can see my front door but can't find a way to get home - Britgirl

5 Globes

These dreams where large globes and planets suddenly appear in the sky just terrify me. - Britgirl

6 Unknown Faces

I don't know much about this, but I've heard that the faces you see in dreams are always faces you either know well or catch from the corner of your eye. I've always looked around looking for these faces again, but to no avail. - PositronWildhawk

Hum... I wonder who would those faces belong to! - keyson

And even sometimes with no faces at all! - Britgirl

7 Mirrors

I don't like seeing my face in dreams. Me, staring back at me is just creepy weird! - Britgirl

8 Predicting the Future

Once I had a dream where my relatives and I went to CA for a wedding and it happened for real several months later. The difference between both is that we were in LA in the dream and San Francisco in real life.

9 Transport
10 Fighting

I have two types of fighting dreams: the ones in which I utterly defeat my opponent, and the ones in which I am weak and my punches are slow. Both are incredibly disturbing. - PetSounds

I've been shot, stabbed and beaten in these dreams. - Britgirl

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? Extreme Reaction to Report Card Comments

I had a dream where I was in a school and the teacher was being pulled out of class/left for a while. I decided to get a drink. Then the teacher magically appeared in the classroom with the door closed and lights off suddenly. When I entered the room and sat down he gave me a cut up Manila folder that said “Attendance: 99% didn’t return” on it. I threw a massive tantrum telling him that I was just getting a drink and that my mom would be extremely disappointed at me if she saw that comment and I got in trouble with the teacher.

? Porn

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11 The Past
12 Being Chased

Frightening indeed! Especially if where you're running to goes nowhere. - dureckl

I had dreams where I was being chased by dogs and zombies

How come in dreams we can never have the Upper hand! - Curti2594

Awful. Especially as it's difficult to run in dreams. - Britgirl

13 Killing Your Own Family/Being a Mass Murderer

I had a dream where I shot and killed my own family because they were all yelling at me extremely harshly...It was scary!

14 Death
15 Being Kidnapped by a Gang of Fat People

I've had this dream so many times and there's always these animals that save me from the gang's grasp.

I guess this is why this is called the top ten most DISTURBING dreams. - Victinimon

It's easy. Just toss a McDonalds burger at them then escape. - AlphaQ

16 Adult Baby/Porno

I had very strange dreams where I was naked as an adult and even GETTING MY DIAPER CHANGED as an adult!

17 Having Sex with a Chihuahua

Always have those, creepy

18 Falling

Once I had a dream where my little cousin and I were riding the ferris wheel at Disney's California Adventure. In the dream, the ride started before we put our seatbelts on, and I slipped and nearly fell out. Later, we put our seatbelts on, but even with it on, it wasn't secure enough and this time I slipped out and I fell OUT of the seat and luckily the dream ended before I died/got injured.

Well if you fell 1mm it's pretty harmless but if you just finish rock climbing a 1000 km mountain without any equipment and then fall off. That scary - AlphaQ

19 Naked In Public

I had a dream where I was naked and topless in a high school bathroom stall surrounded by my mom, a random student, and a special ed teacher from my high school

I can steal someone's clothes. As long as it's not a bikini. I usually find this dream easy to solve - AlphaQ

20 Someone You Like in Trouble

I’m the one who gets in trouble a lot in my dream. It also happens in real life, which is EVEN MORE disturbing!

21 Eating the Number Seven

Such a terrible dream. I always find myself in tears. Seven is my favorite number and watching myself eat it makes me depressed.

How's that disturbing? The number 7 is like an ordinary number. All numbers are pretty much equal-ish - AlphaQ

22 Watching Godzilla Rip Your Leg Off
23 Vomiting

I had a dream that in a gym at a high school a kid randomly vomited a lot everywhere and the teachers cleaned up the mess and one teacher poured a bucket of water on the vomit and it splattered everywhere. The even more disturbing part is that I SWEAR THAT I COULD SMELL SOME OF THE PUKE THAT WAS IN MY DREAM WHILE I WAS ASLEEP! In the dream the puke was like chunks of scrambled eggs with water.

I had a dream where I puked as a 2 year old

24 The Paranormal

Once I had a dream where a figure of a Victorian maid was in the middle of my kitchen

25 Sometimes the Sound Repeats and Then the Thing You See Randomly Changes
26 Being Over Water With Sharks

I've been having these dreams a lot lately

27 Somehow Getting Pregnant in Front of Everyone You Know
28 Plane Crash
29 Deceased Relatives

My mom, aunts, and grandma kept having dreams of deceased relatives like my late grandfather and they say that not only it is creepy and that it scared them, they also swears that it symbolizes something pretty disturbing (I'm not sure what it means to them, but they constantly say that it means something about the deceased wanting them to be dead? )

30 Suicide

I had a dream that I was thinking about committing suicide because my relatives constantly called me stupid, bad and useless, and that they don't want me anymore.

That was INCREDIBLY disturbing and scary!

31 Inanimate Objects Coming to Life Inanimate Objects Coming to Life
32 Stabbing
33 Getting Arrested

I had a dream where I was being handcuffed while the NYPD was chasing my dad through an abandoned building/parking lot

34 Parents are Dead

I had a dream where I woke up meet to my dad’s dead body in an autopsy room?

35 Blood Everywhere

Once I had a dream where I was at a dentist office and there was blood all over the floor

36 Losing Body Parts

I dreamt that my teeth fell out

37 Getting in Trouble

I had dreams where I get in trouble and got yelled at by relatives and mom. What’s even more disturbing is that this also happens to me in REAL LIFE!

38 Poop/Diarrhea

I had dreams where I had diarrhea in my diapers as a 2 year old

39 Attacked by Cat Woman
40 Chased by Dogs
41 Bloody Diaper

I had a dream that when I was 2 years old I had a bloody diaper and I told it off and smeared it on my bed

42 Being Watched by a Strict Babysitter

I had a dream where my cousins and I were sleeping in my room and their parents hired a strict and young Vietnamese nanny/babysitter who would watch over all of us and make sure that everyone was in bed even though it was only like 11 PM

43 Aggressive Dog

I had dreams where my 7 and 9 year old cousins and I own dogs. My cousins have an aggressive husky while I have a well behaved Shiba Inu. In the dreams I was invited to a family gathering at their house and I brought my Shiba. During the party the husky constantly tried to attack and bite me and my Shiba. We were very frightened by it (especially my Shiba)

44 Computer Virus

I had a dream where this site blocked me for “excessive cursing and threats” using a pop up and then random gay porn popped up in a bunch of word documents and whenever I tried to close them, new ones would constantly pop up

45 Crazy Random Mashup

I had a dream where my relatives were at my house. 2 of my cousins were playing a game, and one had a baby bottle of milk. He got scared of a big, and I told him to shut up. He screamed and then my mom went psycho and screamed at me and I screamed back and went on a rampage, destroying things and gave everyone the double middle finger. Also in the same dream I pooped in my bed AS AN ADULT!

It scared me when I woke up. I also had to check my bed for poop to make sure that I was dreaming.

46 Flooded House

I had a dream where my family came back from somewhere. In the dream, there was a fire at a nearby house, and when we arrived home, firefighters and police were present, and they told us that it’s not safe to go inside because it has been flooded (I don't know how) and our stuff may be water damaged. I PANICKED in the dream because I was so worried about my stuff. Later we were allowed inside. Luckily, they all seemed to be OK. I then packed as much as I can to move to a nearby shelter.

I never finished packing afterwards cause I woke up from my dream afterwards.

47 The Pigs
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