Top Ten Most Disturbing Fetishes

There are several sick human beings with their fetishes. Some of them are strange, disgusting and just plain god awful.

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21 Menophilia

Sexual attraction to menstrual blood.

22 Wet and Messy

Sexually attracted to slime? Eww and why would you like people's X areas

23 Macrophilia

If you've ever read the giantess portions of Alphys VS Undyne, you probably know very well how disturbing this fetish can be. - xandermartin98

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24 Incest
25 Crush Fetish

It's disturbing, there are videos of people out there crushes cats, dogs, bunnies and many more animals just so they can have their sexual fantasies.

I really hate people now, I hope the people who run animals over for FUN get the worst karma possible - Puppytart

Dumbest fetish ever. - mayamanga

This one should be in the top 5 at least. The fact that it involves people stepping on, smashing or running over live animals is innatley psychopathic. it is literally one step down from straight up murder and many serial killers engage in this fetish as adolesscents. Maybe some people aren't into doing it themselves and just watch others but it is still disturbing.

26 Transvestic Fetishism

I don't know about that. In fact, most of the people who have this fetish are straight men who do it in private.

This isn't even disturbing. Most people do this in private and aren't gay men.

27 Nasophilia
28 Objectophilia

Being attracted to inanimate non-sexual objects.

I think I know someone who has this fetish

I kinda get the feeling that Jimmy Page has this

But that's a lot of fetishes

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29 Climacophilia

A sexual fetish for falling...not really disturbing, kinda just bizarre

As long as they don't jump off buildings or push others...

30 Boobs Fetish

Aren't men normally attracted to breasts? - Mcgillacuddy

Plain gross, they have milk in them

Butts are better. Boobs are just more boring chest butts.

I don't have anything against boobs to be honest. It's normal for men to be attracted to them. However vore on the other hand is just... ugh *VOMITS* DISGUSTING.

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31 Penis Fetish

Lots of women are atracted to this

Lmao there is nothing wrong with dis - top10epic

32 Trypophobia
33 Erotophonophilia

Sexual pleasure by killing someone, the idea of that is more disturbing the no. 39... - Lucretia

34 Autozoophilia
35 Cuckoldry
36 Absorption Fetish

From what I've seen, it's similar to vorarephilia (number 9 on this list), but involves absorption.

37 Sneeze Fetish
38 Drowning Fetish

You could die from that

39 Gerontophilia
40 Feederism
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