Top Ten Most Disturbing Horror Film Moments

The Top Ten

Torture Victim Drinking Vomit - Audition
Eye Vs. Splinter - Zombie
Guts - City Of The Living Dead
Room 237 - The Shining
Host Dead - Videodrome
Frank's Resurrection - Hellraiser
Lawnmower Scene - Braindead
Annie Breaks Paul's Legs - Misery

I would never ever wanna meet someone like annie in real life.

Died Of Weird Baby - Eraserhead

This was one of the weirdest movies ever, so I liked it. - Blue_Devereaux

Head Spinning - The Exorcist

The head spinning part was fictional. William friedkin stated that there was no report of head spinning that happened to roland doe while he was possessed.

How was she able to do that without splitting her neck open?

The Contenders

Norris Transformation - The Thing
Face Peel - Poltergeist

This movie made me sick...

The champion of freaky moments in horror movies.

Fountain Of Blood in Bed - A Nightmare On Elm Street

Way more scarier than the blood going down the drain in Psycho.

Death Of Captain Rhodes - Day Of The Dead
Transformation Scenes - The Fly
Vomiting - The Exorcist
Crucifix Mutilating - The Exorcist
Blood Going Down The Drain - Psycho
Pamela Voorhees - Friday the 13th Part III

The Friday the 13th movies don't scare me, but this one scene really got me.

Jack's Death - Friday the 13th (1980)
Clown Choking Scene - Poltergeist
Dallas in the Vent - Alien
Operation - The Human Centipede

It just horrible. It ruins them. worse than death

Glenda - Seed of Chucky
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