Top 10 Most Disturbing Mario Bosses

The Top Ten

Elder Princess Shroob - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Definitely the creepiest-looking boss in the series.

The Shadow Queen - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

She just looks really unsettling, and the scene where she devours the whole audience is really scary!

Mimi (1st and 3rd fights) - Super Paper Mario

It's creepy how she becomes eyeless, then the spins her head around and cracks her neck, then spider legs come out of her head, where her neck would be. Creepy.

A little girl who literally cracks her head and spins her head around and turns into a is this not number 1?!

The scene where she cracks her neck and spins it around is just frightening, and the spider design is horrific.

Her Head Spin Gave Me Nightmares For 5 Days

Bowletta - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This sounds ugly. What game is she in?!

Bowser with boobs...need I say more?

Final Antasma - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

He looks a bit scary, but the only truly disturbing part of the fight is when he chases you through a dark red room full of black holes, while shooting fire at you. Kinda terrifying...

Macho Grubba - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

This is actually EXTREMELY disturbing. Basically Grubba pretends to be a good guy, but in reality he sucks the power out of fighters who find out who he actually is and adds their powers to himself. He's basically a serial murderer.

The fight itself isn't TOO scary, but the buildup is. He absorbs the power of champions to become buff. That is just flat-out disturbing!

Cackletta's Soul - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This thing gave me nightmares for about a week! Thankfully, I am not afraid to peg this as one of the hardest and most disturbing bosses of all time.

Superstar Saga, such an easy, lighthearted game...until here. Not only does it almost look as if you're fighting in hell, but just LOOK AT HER!

Holy buckets! this thing gave me nightmares before and now we are getting a superstar saga remake, sweet merciful crap!

Bowser - New Super Mario Bros.

This wouldn't be on the list, but this particular Bowser fight gives you the lovely image of Bowser's skin melting off his body.

Super Dimentio - Super Paper Mario
The Piano - Super Mario 64

Never found this scary to be honest.

Its not a boss technically

Y’all can have your opinions,but this thing is super creepy.

Mario: time-a to play the piano
Mario: Oh noo!

The Contenders

Cortez - Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door
Golden Diva - Wario Land 4

The music doesn't exactly help either

Gooper Blooper - Super Mario Sunshine

How was this not already on the list, this boss has you ripping of tentacles of Gooper Blooper and then ripping of a cork from his nose, talk about disturbing and brutal, how is Bowser from NSMB even on the list? They don't show you when his skin melts off, they just show Bowser in lava and then Dry Bowser, that wasn't at all that disturbing compared to this boss

Y u do this to the squids, Mario?

Spoiled Rotten - Wario Land 4

Her "desperation face" really is the stuff of nightmares indeed

Eely-Mouth - Super Mario Sunshine
The Manta Storm - Super Mario Sunshine
The Ruined Dragon aka The Lord of Lightning - Mario Odyssey
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