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21 Frieza's Transformations - Dragon Ball Z
22 Sabrina and Her Creepy Doll - Pokemon
23 Takashi's original owner gets shot to death - Akira

Aside from the stuff that happens in Elfen Lied, this is one of the goriest moments in anime

24 Sena's Footjob - Chaos Head
25 Light goes crazy after he's found out by Near - Death Note
26 Shinji Jerking Off Over Asuka's Comatose Body - The End of Evangelion
27 Luke Valentine's Death - Hellsing Ultimate
28 Mutilation Scenes - Elfen Lied
29 The Mid-Production of A Rape Scene - Perfect Blue
30 Akito Grabs Sana By the Neck - Kodocha
31 Tetsuo's Mutation - Akira

I just can't get it out of my head!

32 The Dog Fight - Parasyte the Maxim

Definitely one of the more disturbing parts of the anime, watching Migi and the infected dog fight, you should it for yourself, it's not normal. Parasyte episode 1

33 Tetsuo's Nightmare - Akira

That was creepy as hell. Not disturbing; just creepy

34 Titan gets head punched off - Attack on Titan
35 Kitaro's left eye is his father - Gegege no Kitaro
36 Imperfect Cell Powers Up - Dragon Ball Z

The yellow aura of wailing souls is really disturbing if you think about it

37 Ciel sees an eye lodged into Hannah's eye - Black Butler 2

The entire second season has a few disturbing moments. But this is the worst, what makes it even worse is Ciel screaming with agony. That image is planted in my head

38 Centipede - Tokyo Ghoul
39 Cerberus Attack - Blood-C

I know Nene and Nono weren't that likable, but their deaths were brutal as hell! Seriously, she got ripped in half!

40 Death by Dominator - Psycho-Pass

I don't know what's it's more of: awesome or disturbing

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1. The Abuse and Death of the Puppy - Elfen Lied
2. Nina Tucker is Turned into a Chimera - Fullmetal Alchemist
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