Top 10 Most Disturbing Moments In Anime


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21 Mutilation Scenes - Elfen Lied
22 Toothbrush Incest - Nisemonogatari V 1 Comment
23 Chihiro's Parents Turn into Pigs - Spirited Away
24 Akito Grabs Sana By the Neck - Kodocha
25 Tetsuo's Mutation - Akira

I just can't get it out of my head!

26 The Dog Fight - Parasyte the Maxim

Definitely one of the more disturbing parts of the anime, watching Migi and the infected dog fight, you should it for yourself, it's not normal. Parasyte episode 1

27 Tetsuo's Nightmare - Akira

That was creepy as hell. Not disturbing; just creepy

28 Takashi's original owner gets shot to death - Akira

Aside from the stuff that happens in Elfen Lied, this is one of the goriest moments in anime

29 Titan gets head punched off - Attack on Titan
30 Kitaro's left eye is his father - Gegege no Kitaro
31 Goosh Goosh - Tokyo Ghoul

It's not Tokyo GHOUL; its from Tokyo TRIBE. And unless you want to throw up, I don't recommend watching the scene

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32 Imperfect Cell Powers Up - Dragon Ball Z

The yellow aura of wailing souls is really disturbing if you think about it

33 The Ending - School Days

It's so disturbing it gave me cancer

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34 Ciel sees an eye lodged into Hannah's eye - Black Butler 2

The entire second season has a few disturbing moments. But this is the worst, what makes it even worse is Ciel screaming with agony. That image is planted in my head

35 Centipede - Tokyo Ghoul
36 Cerberus Attack - Blood-C

I know Nene and Nono weren't that likable, but their deaths were brutal as hell! Seriously, she got ripped in half!

37 Death by Dominator - Psycho-Pass

I don't know what's it's more of: awesome or disturbing

38 Terraformar Kill Scenes - Terra Formars
39 Oberon Rapes Asuna - Sword Art Online

This scene left me shuddering. All the while Kirito was pinned to the ground with his own sword, and could do nothing but watch his girlfriend gets molested by this creep.

40 Death of Sears's Mother Followed by Necrophilia - Hellsing Ultimate
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1. The Abuse and Death of the Puppy - Elfen Lied
2. Nina Tucker is Turned into a Chimera - Fullmetal Alchemist
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