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1 Blue Cat Blues From Tom and Jerry

Who the F@#$ Thought this episode was a good idea There is nothing funny about suicide. - egnomac

I think blues cat blues is the saddest episode in tom and jerry because it is the finale of Tom and Jerry show and we cannot see them again,
And the disturbing thing in this episode is they ruined my childhood and give me much tears

This is the most disturbing moment in cartoon Tom and Jerry commit suicide by sitting on the railroad tracks to be run be a train

What the- - Epikrika

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2 "You're Not Perfect" - Courage the Cowardly Dog

Still can't believe I had to add this... Does a CGI blue fetus disturb you? - Garythesnail

It slips up to courage while he's sleeping and tells him he's not perfect

A giant blue fetus alien tells Courage that he's not perfect

So flipping scary.

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3 Ren Beats George Liquor With the Paddle - Ren & Stimpy

In the episode George Liquor orders Ren and Stimpy to attack him Stimpy refuses but of course Ren doesn't hesitate and then stars viciously beating George with an oar and really takes great plesure in doing so, this episode was so violent Nickelodeon actually fired John K the shows creator. - egnomac

To be honest after seeing stuff like family guy and adult party cartoon this is pretty tame, but I guess by the time this came out it was pretty bad I guess

This scene was so violent that Nickelodeon never aired this episode on their channel!

Did u know, this scene was so disturbing, it never actually aired!

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4 Normal is Good - My Life as a Teenage Robot

This episode used to creep me out as a kid. Especially the ending.

That ending was just so creepy!

What was so creepy about it

According to rumours, a third "Raggedy Android" episode was going to be made, but Nickelodeon rejected it because it was too dark.
As if this one wasn't messed up already...

5 Speed Demon - The Power Puff Girls

The PPGs accidentally skip 50(? ) years during a race home and evil prevails in the decades they were gone. The broken citizens who once idolized the heroes now actively resent and blame them for everything bad that's happened. I still have a hard time not skipping "it's your fault"

The only bad thing about this episode is that the powerpuff girls now refuse to ever leave townsvile. You have to get out of town some time you know.

This episode was just creepy.

Creepy and sorta disturbing episode.

"Imagine if the world went to hell and it was your fault.
And you were like 6 when it was your fault.
And everyone was telling you that it was your fault."

Nevertheless, it's a good episode. - ndnprct3

6 Azula's Meltdown - Avatar the Last Airbender

After Mai and Ty Lee betray her at the Boiling Rock Azula delves deeper into madness banishing everyone who crosses her in one moment where she's doing her own hair she sees an image of her mother in the mirror. - egnomac

7 Zim Stealing Kid's Organs - Invader Zim

Especially the chase scene. How is this not number one?

He replaces them with everyday objects!

It is the most disturbing episode of invader zim

Needs to be number 1.

8 Pinky Pie Hallucinates From Party of One - My Little Pony

Pinkie pie wants to have a party but no one wants to. She starts going insane and having parties with inanimate objects. This episode is what made cupcakes!

Spell Pinkie Pie right

After Party of One, you will never look at Pinkie Pie the same way again.


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9 Linka's Cousin Boris Dies from a Drug Overdose - Captain Planet

A rare moment for a kids show, a character dies from a drug overdose. - egnomac

That's not good they should call the fad

10 Bev Bighead Tries to Seduce Rocko - Rockos Modern Life

There's a good reason why this episode was banned Mrs. Bighead tries to come on to Rocko not appropriate for a kids show. - egnomac

This episode was funny but had many adult jokes in it, like a lot of Rocko episodes

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11 Arnold's Nightmare From Part Time Friends Episode - Hey Arnold

Three episodes that scarred me more than this were arnold visits arnie, four eyed jack, And ghost bride.

12 Squidward Wanders Through SpongeBob's Replica - SpongeBob SquarePants

Ah. Squid's visit. The most horrifying episode of SpongeBob ever to hit the air. Basically, SpongeBob reconstructs his house to look just like squidward's house. And he traps squidward inside. Then the episode just goes WAY TOO FAR into detail of how disturbing this was. There was horror music, and it was just so uncomfortable to watch, because the implication was SpongeBob breaking into squidward's house enough times to replicate everything. And that SpongeBob is some kind of psychological stalker.

The ending where Squidward goes crazy and serves his burnt casserole is quite terrifying. There's also a controversial portrait of a crying clown, but I never actually saw it. The entire episode involves an exact replica of Squidward's house, and there isn't really any humour... it's like the writer woke up from a scarring nightmare and wrote his thoughts out in Celtx.

That sponge is a stalker - blackflower

13 Ed Attacks his Friends - Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
14 Parker Gets a Tapeworm After Eating a Raw Burger - Mr. Meaty

It was a terrible day to see this moment (I saw it on a top 20 video) in my opinion Mr Meaty is stupid! I HATED THE SHOW! It's a pretty raunchy show. It's really unsettling and another guy gets a tapeworm inside of him now. This is what cause my fear of worms (most medical ones but worms in genral

Its f-ed up

15 Horsefly Closeup - SpongeBob SquarePants

That used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid. I'm surprised no one has been that episode it was a horsefly not a butterfly whoever dumbass didn't know the difference

It was banned in some countries, but not the country where I live (USA) I never found the close up creepy

I was 4 and it gave me nightmares for a full week... I'm 11 and it still haunts me TO THIS DAY! - TheTester101

Gross - blackflower

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16 Love Bird Suicide Planning - Looney Tunes

I remember a Looney Tunes cartoon episode I saw as a kid that begins with a mouse attempting suicide

17 Cat Turning Inside Out In Teeth for Two - CatDog
18 Courage Plays Dead Bodies Turned Puppets - Courage the Cowardly Dog

This freaked me out! courage finding out that the great fussili was turning all his actors into puppets.Then Eustace and Muriel turn into Puppets Muriel:Oh I don't feel quite like myself

19 Ren Describes What He's Gonna Do To Stimpy And Sven - Ren & Stimpy

This scared me because we already know Ren is messed up! But in this one he makes the audience feel uncomfortable saying all these disturbing things he's going to do to Stimpy and Sven always ending with " Ya, that's what I'm gonna do! "

This scene was funny to me...

20 Spongebob rips off Squidward's toenail - Spongebob Squarepants

It wasn't Spongebob himself that did it Squidward moved the sofa and then the horror happened

Actually kinda funny, but yeah it's quite disturbing - Epikrika

21 Katara's Vows Revenge From The Southern Raiders - Avatar the Last Airbender

A lesson that tells that revenge is really very bad. - Kiteretsunu

This was my least favorite Avatar the Last Airbender it brings out Kataras dark side as she decides with Zukos help to find and kill the soldier who killed her mother. - egnomac

22 Puppet Corpses - Courage the Cowardly Dog

It was creepy courage was pretending Muriel and Eustace were still alive.But since the puppet master was made them puppets they were dead at the end.

0_o I was haunted forever!

23 Imperfectcell - Dragon Ball Z

Beginning of the episode shows a man slowly get absorbed by a Cthulhu looking creature. The reaction and detail of the man are what add to the disturbing feel of the episode

24 "HOW ABOUT A HUG?" - The Simpsons

It almost felt like watching a scene from the Simpsons tree house of horror segment. - egnomac

Melted Homer, the face of Dead Bart

25 Psycho Twilight - My Little Pony

Yup. Twilight is crazy. WHY isn't THIS NUMBER 1

She's gone mad, I tell ya.

26 Dr Facilier's Death - Princess And The Frog
27 "I'm not Tommy!" - Rugrats
28 The Lich - Adventure Time The Lich - Adventure Time The Lich (formerly named the Lich King in the original pitch and "His Hero," and referred to as Sweet Pig Trunks in his baby form, or just Sweet P for short) is a powerful undead being and a major antagonist in the American animated series Adventure Time.

The Lich has to be almost the most disturbing character in the intire show.

29 Ren plots to murder Stimpy in his sleep - Ren & Stimpy

So what they're not actually friends? - Epikrika

30 Ren Becomes President - Ren & Stimpy

Is it disturbing because he blew up a whole country?

I found this scene more side-destroyingly funny than disturbing.

31 The Intro - Rocko's Modern Life

The intro isn't disturbing.

32 Heather Loses Her Top - Total Drama Island

This was on a kids channel you know.

33 Squidbob Tentaclepants Ending - Spongebob Squarepants

Imagine seeing this at 7 years of age. - ndnprct3

34 Ren splitting in Half - Ren & Stimpy

Ren's Bitter Half was by no means a nasty and disturbing episode, but the scene when Ren has the formula on him after shaking the vile and it splashes all over him, causing him to split was just plain disturbing, especially with the usage of "Night On Bald Mountain" playing, the scene doesn't last very long but boy was it creepy.

35 Rocko's Friends Film Him Nude Descending A Staircase - Rocko's Modern Life

"He ain't dressed for the OCCASION, if ya know what I MEAN..." - xandermartin98

Surprised that they got away with this.

36 Plankton Attempting Suicide - Spongebob Squarepants

That was seriously disturbing. And very unpleasant to watch. The worst part is, he didn't deserve the treatment he got, and the episode positions him as an antagonist. Not helping is the fact that a nightmare drove this plot point into effect. Yes, plankton is driven to suicide by a nightmare about getting eaten by a whale and seeing his dead relatives. And Mr. Krabs was planning this only so he can stop plankton from attempting thievery. By driving him to suicide.

Characters driving others to suicide AIN'T FUNNY! Mr. Krabs should have gone to jail

Not for kids - blackflower

37 Peter Disembowels a Beached Whale With a Forklift - Family Guy

How can, and I hate to say it, evil things like this exist? - Epikrika

Ok this, but also Brian's hallucination. - MaxStickies

38 Ren talks about his past - Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon

Ren Seeks Help is considered to be the worst cartoon episode of all time for a reason.

This episode in general ruined my childhood.

39 Gumball Squirts Lemon Juice In Nicole's Eyes and She Likes It - The Amazing World Of Gumball

This was not scary

40 Bambi's Zombie Mom - MAD

That's a knock off of bambi cilv


41 "I'm not Stu!" - Rugrats

The creepy baby from Angelica's Worst Nightmare is even worse.

Yes please

42 Spongebob Killing Clams - Spongebob Squarepants

This is actually rather disturbing, especially as Spongebob literally rips one in half. It only gets worse when you remember Rock-A-By-Bivalve when Spongebob looks after a scallop called Junior. They end up setting him free into the wild, so it's entirely possible one of the scallops was Junior himself, if not the very one Spongebob rips in half... - Rocko

The scene shows SpongeBob brutally snapping innocent hungry clams in two over a Krabby patty, A KrabBY PATTY.

I'm seriously surprised PETA didn't sue this show for that one scene.

Always questioned this scene - Epikrika

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43 Grandma Face - Pickle and Peanut

Is this referring to the face she made in "Gramma Jail" while she was by the checkout? Because if it is, I can see why it's on here. - Rocko

44 Billy's Real Life Looking Eyes - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

That one was creepy. but the entire episode seems scary enough

45 Count To 10 - Sesame Street

I really freaked out when I first saw this. The freaky sounds are bad enough. The face isn't overly creepy, but in an alternative version (found on YouTube) he gradually gets closer until he's right against the screen. Those sounds the first time he counts the numbers are horrifying, and the scary thing is there's no explanation for why this appears mid-show. Sure, developers, you're trying to teach kids to count to ten, maybe make a song or something next time, because this is horrifying.

The distorted sounds, creepy voiceover, strange visual patterns, and overall dark animation makes it look like something out of polybius. I can easily understand why so many small children were disturbed by this since it's almost out of touch from the rest of the brightly colored and cheery show

46 Cartman Craps Out His Mouth - South Park
47 The Groke - Moomin The Groke - Moomin


48 Arnold Visits Arnie - Hey Arnold

I love this episode, but did have a bit of a creepy disturbing vibe.

Such a disturbing episode.

49 President North West's Face Jumbling - Gravity Falls
50 Alan's Live-Action Face - The Amazing World of Gumball
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