Most Disturbing SpongeBob Episodes

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21 Nature Pants

Believe or not, this is the most disturbing episode, because I just saw an scene where SpongeBob gets attacked by jellyfish & when he decides to sleep, he got visited by poison sea urnichs

The part where patrick tells SpongeBob what to do was creepy because of the music. The music made me uncomforable

22 Idiot Box

Idiot box isn't as innocent as it seems. It's squidward falling deeper into his delusions until he cannot separate fantasy from reality...

I love this episode, it's not disturbing in my opinion

23 The Gift of Gum V 1 Comment
24 I Was A Teenage Gary

This was surprisingly the first episode to ever scare children because of SpongeBob's snail transformation. It's also a Season 1 episode... so yeah...

That episode is pretty creepy because of the transilation of SpongeBob. This is why they deleted squidward turning into a snail

25 Wet Painters

It was creepy because of Spongebob's eyes cracking and his irises falling out

I'm glad I wasn't the only one traumatized by that scene...

What? This is one of the best episodes ever

26 Mooncation

Like sands rocket but evil

I so agree I'm just saying

So disturbing and scary - Spongebobipod

Idiots like this epsoide

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27 The Graveyard Shift V 1 Comment
28 No Nose Knows

I thought the funeral for Pat's nose was disturbing. - Turkeyasylum

29 Planet of the Jellyfish

Who knew that a double reference Planet of the Apes and Invasion of the Body Snatchers could be so charmingly creepy?

"Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite."
"That's some good advice, Squidward."
"There will be plenty of biting this night. RAAH! " - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

30 The Inside Job

Plankton went into SpongeBob's brain this episode was pretty strange - PatrickStar

31 Squidtastic Voyage

This is the most disgusting trip ever!

32 To Love a Patty
33 The Sewers of Bikini Bottom
34 Penny Foolish V 1 Comment
35 The Great Snail Race
36 Patty Hype
37 Big Sister Sam
38 Frankendoodle
39 Help Wanted

This is the first epsoide but it was a little creppy with the dramatic music

40 The Bully

This epsoide funny I like the scream with Patrick saying is this pizza castle but at the end who wants to see flats kick his but

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