Top Ten Most Disturbing Things Done by Black Metal Musicians


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1 The Murder of Euronymous

Looking at this list see why people listen to chart music, its easier and not morbid.

If Varg knew that Euronymous was up to no good, why didn't he call the police? Would've spared him a 21 year prison sentence.

Euronymous ' actions were pure evil, only ignorant people who don'tknow anything about metal, say "murder of Euronymous was so black metal ", you don't know the conditions that led to that killing. He was planning about killing varg, he was so happy when our Dead died..In fact he encouraged Dead to kill himself.
Made stew with the parts of his brain and made necklaces of his skull - Ananya

Even if Varg murdered him, it's a good thing that he did. Euronymous was a self-indulgent prick who only cared about making the world fear him, even giving Dead the idea to kill himself. - Caleb9000

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2 Faust Stabbed A Gay Man to Death

Faust from Emperor, stabbed a gay man 37 times, and the justification he gave in court was that the man "made a pass" at him. - winner333

The drummer of the band Emperor stabbed a gay man 37 times, for supposedly "making a pass at him". - winner333

3 Dead's Suicide and Euronymous' Reaction

I need to get off this frkken list now

Mayhem's vocalist, Dead (yep, that was his name), committed suicide in the bands' house by slitting his wrists and shooting himself with a shotgun. His suicide note simply read "Excuse all the blood. Cheers."
On entering the house and finding Dead's dead body, what do you think Euronymous did? Call the cops? Pass out with shock? No! He pulled out a camera and clicked a picture of the corpse to use it as the band's next album cover. - winner333

One of the most vile and cruel things done in the history of music. Even if Varg murdered him, I'm kinda glad he did. - Caleb9000

4 Murder of Sandro Beyer

Two members of the band Absurd, murdered a 15 year old called Sandro Beyer. Sebastian Schausell, who was one of those two, says that he did it because he heard a voice in his head saying "tote Beyer", which translates to "Kill Beyer". - winner333

5 Gaahl Tortured A Man

Gaahl, the vocalist of Gorgoroth, locked a man in his house and tortured him for several hours. According to the victim, Gaahl injured the man and collected his blood in a cup and then threatened the man that he would drink it. - winner333

6 Gorgoroth's Black Mass In Krakow

Gorgoroth performed a black mass in a concert in Krakow and used 80 liters of sheep's blood and displayed sheep heads on stakes. The band was charged by the police for "cruelty to animals". - winner333

7 Shining's Concert In Sweden

Violent black metal in its purest form. - JoLeKosovo

One of the most violent concerts in history. A description would probably get this list deleted. - winner333

What happened there I need to know! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

8 Stalaggh Abducted Mental Patients For Vocals On Their Album

The band Stalaggh abducted 7 mental patients from a mental institution for "guest vocals" on an album. They gathered the patients in an abandoned chapel and asked them to scream for several hours. - winner333

But it turned out well.

Brilliant, a way to make more money - CerealGuy

9 Church Burnings

Church burning are performed by black metal musicians and fans both. Over 50 churches have been destroyed, including some historically significant ones.
To end on a positive note, I hope people understand that not all of the metal community is like these people. The people mentioned in this list belong to the bare 2% of the total metal-heads and are universally frowned upon. - winner333

L support that

10 Neo-Nazism

A very small group of black metal artists identify themselves as neo-Nazis and make music that is referred to as National Socialist Black Metal. They have been heavily criticized by most prominent musicians in the black metal scene. - winner333

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11 Silencer's Nattramn Attacks 5-Year-Old With An Axe

That was his older brother who axe that girl not nattramn and His brother was in a psychotic rage and. Nattramn was shocked by his brother's suicide and never got over it

He never did that
Leave him alone already... - Ananya

12 Jon Nodtveidt's satanic suicide.
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1. The Murder of Euronymous
2. Gaahl Tortured A Man
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1. Murder of Sandro Beyer
2. Faust Stabbed A Gay Man to Death
3. Shining's Concert In Sweden


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