Most Disturbing/Violent Episodes/Scenes of the Amazing World of Gumball


The Top Ten

1 The Nest

Hot Dog Guy and Jeff Benson and Larry and the Cowboy and a lot of other people were seriously hurt. - Theawsomeyoutuber275

Very dark and disturbing episode. It's about when Evil Turtle pays eggs and they hatch and it then follows a very dark and sadistic sequence of the babies running around town attacking and maybe even KILLING everyone.


2 The Advice

Just watch it if you don't know what I'm talking about. - Theawsomeyoutuber275

3 The Girlfriend

The beginning scene, the scene with Sarah, and the scene with the teachers. - Theawsomeyoutuber275

4 The Uncle

The whole Rotten Cupcake getting crushed scene and the part with Ocho blowing people up, and what happened with Gumball and William - Theawsomeyoutuber275

5 The Wicked

Some of what Margaret does, and the end, even though she deserved it - Theawsomeyoutuber275

I loved this episode because this old bitch got rekt.

6 The Boss

What happened to Gaylord at the beginning and the end and the Newspaper Employee non canon death - Theawsomeyoutuber275

7 The Weirdo

Sussie eats a bug - Theawsomeyoutuber275

8 The Console

The grinding scene - Theawsomeyoutuber275

9 The Stories

The dodgeball scene - Theawsomeyoutuber275

10 The Donald

Not real

The Contenders

11 The Joy

The apocalypse and Frank and Bean get cracked twice answer me Alan pops - Theawsomeyoutuber275

12 The Third

The scene where Tina steps on Icho, Anton, and Idaho - Theawsomeyoutuber275

13 The Crapping

Everybody gets crushed by a giant turd - Theawsomeyoutuber275

LOL this one is fake...but funny hehehe

14 The Mystery

The end and what happens to Principal Brown

15 The Matchmaker

When Carrie has a piece of Teri and when Teri gets wet after kissing Darwin and when Alan sticks to Teri

16 The Coach

The flashback of sequence: Jamie peels and rips the limbs off of Banana Joe and eats a little bit of him with a little bit of Sarah, throws Anton into a lake and he gets soggy and eaten by ducks, and rips off most of Teri's leg and chews the piece of it up and spits it in her face.

17 The Vegging

Fenton hobo larry carmen and hot dog guy re dead - ihatetrump

18 The Puppets
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