Top 10 Most Disturbing Viral Videos of All Time


The Top Ten

1 2 Girls 1 Cup


This video goes far beyond disgusting. If you're tempted to watch it, please (bleep)ing don't. It will leave a scar on your life that you'll never be able to remove. Yes, I've watched it, and I'm still in disbelief of what I saw. - Mcgillacuddy

I think this video is the reason why I can't stand poop now - bobbythebrony

I'm so glad I didn't watch that video...

2 Pain Olympics

I only saw a small bit of this, then instantly turned it off. Why am I letting my curiosity destroy my life? - Mcgillacuddy

3 Boku No Pico Episode 1

It's very well-known amongst the anime community, and also the most hated. Seriously, I don't understand why the hell a living human being would make something like this. - Mcgillacuddy

I don't want to even think about searching for the thumbnail for the video. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

To hell with this garbage. Hope the creators fall off a cliff and die horribly. - TwilightKitsune

4 2 Guys 1 Horse
5 2 Guys 1 Hole

I'm not even gonna bother... - Mcgillacuddy

6 Late for Meeting

This video is actually quite amusing, but the first time I watched it, I got a small sense of dread. It's not really something to show to a little kid, in my opinion - Mcgillacuddy

7 Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (Unrated Version)

The uncensored version of this music video is still on YT. It's basically the same thing as the original, except the women are topless. - Mcgillacuddy

8 2 Kids 1 Sandbox

Ummm ya I think this one...

This makes men everywhere cringe. - SwagFlicks

9 Zebra Gets Caught by Crocodile Intestines Hanging Out.

This crocodile attack was pretty brutal, and you can get the full scoop on YouTube. The zebra escapes from the croc's grip, but... ugh, just go watch the video. - Mcgillacuddy

10 Teddy Has an Operation

I nearly barfed

Probably one of the strangest videos I've seen, and a bit creepy. Not scary, but creepy and ridiculous. - Mcgillacuddy

The Contenders

11 3 Guys 1 Hammer

Worst video you can possibly watch.
Stay away.


Why is this video only #18? it's a lot more disturbing than any of the videos on the top ten

12 Little Baby's Ice Cream "This is a Special Time"

An ice cream advertisement showing a girl, supposedly made of ice cream, slowly eating herself with a spoon. - Mcgillacuddy

13 Tub Girl

Ew. Like why would someone do that?

14 1 Man 1 Ice Pick
15 2 Girls 1 Finger
16 Walls Fall Out
17 4 Girls Fingerpaint
18 1 Man 1 Screwdriver

If you think 2 Kids 1 Sandbox is bad, you should check THIS video out

19 Jarsqatter

You realise this is the same thing as 1 Man 1 Jar, right?

It's a man shoving a jar in his as then the jar breaks in his ass and he calmly takes the broken glass out
How was this not added earlier?!

20 Tubboy
21 1 Priest 1 Nun
22 Obey the Walrus

Terrifying.. the stuff of nightmares. I was 17 when I first saw it and couldn't sleep for a week

23 11B-X-1371
24 1 Man 1 Jar
25 1 Guy 2 Spoons
26 Rubber Johnny (afx 237 v.7)
27 Teletubbies Say Eh Oh! - The Teletubbies
28 Ricardo Lopez suicide
29 Meatspin
30 Cake Farts

How is this not on this list? It's a video of a woman sans pants jumping onto a countertop and farting into a cake for 4 minutes!

31 Vomit Girl
32 Cursed Kleenex Commercial
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