Best Divergent Characters

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1 Tobias Eaton

He is strong and brave, but human. He goes on a emotional journey. It is beautiful to watch

Tobias is the best, I swear. He's so perfect though he thinks that he's not perfect but tris. Honestly, I didn't cry when tris died, I cried by reading tobias's reaction.

I love him

He is a seriously complex person...Very brave caring smart selfless and awesome..I just love him..I even think he is better than tris

2 Tris Prior

i love her

No one is better than Tris. She is divergent for a reason and she doesn’t let it get in the way of her relationship with Tobias (Four).

How in hell is Tris Prior number one? Christina is better you limp noodles! She's stubborn and fiery and she's also deep and sweet. Tris sucks. She chose the Dauntless, who are completely and utter idiots, and she's special somehow? Ugh, I can't even!

Tris rocks. Nothing else to it

3 Uriah Pedrad

Amazing friend. funny but knows when to be serious. AAWESOMEE



He’s amazing and underrated

4 Christina

Stubborn, fierce, caring, sensitve, sweet perfect

Shes my favorite character because she's really witty and stubborn, but also has a deep side. This is shown when Tris kills Will. I also think that she's a really good friend, and to me, that means a lot.

Christina is the best character because she is brave and sticks up for herself. Just because Tris becomes really important she doesn't hide in her shadow, she is still determined. She is also really funny.

Christina is a really great friend and she never gives up. When Tris becomes more important in the divergent universe, Christina is still determined to be the best she can be and not hide in Tris's shadow and use her as a trophy or to get attention. I also love how confident she is.

5 Peter Hayes

Is it just me or would Cara and Peter make a really good couple?

He may seem like a jerk but when it really comes down to it he is on the right side.

He's an ass, but I usually like characters like that.

He is my favorite because he didn't like tris for most of the time and I don't like her so yar

6 Will

Best character in the whole series, too bad he died :(

Will is my BOI seriously one of the only likeable characters

Will Is my city

He is too underrated

7 Natalie Prior

Went to chicago though she was a GP. truly Abnegation. strong loving mother. underrated! I love her!

Hey, she has the same name as me - natalily

Tris's brave and heroic mother! (::::

Fierce, caring, she loved her kids no matter what. Too bad she died 😭

8 Lynn

Lynn is amazing. She's just such a complex girl, but she's got a heart beneath it all and that's why I love her.

I relate to her on so many levels. I wish she had a bigger role in the films!

9 Tori Wu


Yes - natalily

10 Myra

Why is she on the list, but not Peter? She barely made appearances in the books

I know how is she higher than Peter?

The Contenders

11 Edward

How on earth is Edward above Caleb and Peter he was in the first half of the book

12 Cara

Cara is totally the most underrated character in the trilogy. She was SO SMART, she betrayed her faction to help Tris and helped save her life, AND was a leader of the Allegiant. Completely underrated, best character in a series of boring characters.


She is sooo much smarter than the others

13 Caleb Prior

Caleb is my boi

To be honest I still like Caleb, he's not my favourite though. He may be a traitor now but who knows what's going to happen in Allegiant

To be honest he is a traitor

He betrayed his own sister!

14 David

David is the absolute most worstest character in the whole series how is he even in the top25

David is the most horrible character because he kills tris

15 Jeanine Matthews

I hate Jeanine! Why is she here?!

I love jeanine she is my fave

16 Andrew Prior
17 Marlene

MUFFINS! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

She was amazing and I loved how she was so confident and childish. One of my favourite characters for sure. Plus she likes muffins!

18 Eric

I love him

Seriously? How a he even a contender?

Damn, he should not be on here.

I respect him

19 Matthew

Es una de mis personajes favoritos

El y cara a sen un excelente pareja
En los libros y en triologia

20 Al

He was actually really cute. But of course Veronica Roth had to kill him off.

He just can't be forgiven.

I get you completely bud

21 Zeke Pedrad

Zeke should be at least in the top 5

Why doesn't anyone like him?

Zeke is a bae.

22 Drew
23 Tris

She's already on the list


24 Johanna
25 Molly Atwood
26 Caleb
27 Shauna

She's great - okay, her views may be a little controversial, but her relationship with Zeke and her friendship with Tobias is beautiful.

28 Evelyn Johnson-Eaton

Evelyn is cool, not my fave character, but I respect her.

29 Max

I don't mind a little violence

30 Aria
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