Top Ten Best Divergent Factions

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1 Dauntless

Dauntless throws knives. Enough said.

I honestly think that Dauntless is the best faction. They are badass and carefree. They train hard and work hard and they basically define "Faction before blood" - MusicGazer

Dauntless is all brute, instincts, reflex, intelligence, and pure bad ass skill, you can't compete with one.

Dauntless can protect themselves. No other Factions can.

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2 Erudite

Maybe their thirst for knowledge can turn to greed sometimes, but knowledge IS power. Most problems can be solved most easily with some intelligence, which is really worth a lot.

They had war with abnegation and forced dauntless to war.

These are the smart guys, eh? At least I think so. - HezarioSeth

Intelligence is key

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3 Amity

Amity takes the unity from the other factions and combines it with just being nice and helpful! As I see it, the best possible outcome of someone's aptitude test.

Being nice and helping others and farming is the most awesome in my book!

Amity is so much better than all of the others

Amity is so much better than all these

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4 Candor

The original faction of Peter, who is undeniably the best character in the series

We are honest. But we also had baby Peter.

Christina and Al and Molly and Drew and Peter were from here. :P

We have amazing characters, ice cream, are allowed pets and believe in honesty, so if a Candor says they’ll do it, they’ll do it. In Candor lies are not allowed, great to those who need the truth. Candors know how to detect lies (awesome skill) and like debating. They always speak their mind and will not shut up. You will always know the facts. This is what I like about Candor.

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5 Abnegation

Abnegation is the best! You literally spend your whole life helping other people. There's nothing that beats that. Plus the uniform is SUPER comfortable.

Abnegation #3 not 5...

I would like to eat cheezburger, not just cheez and bread thank you very much!

6 Factionless
7 Idiots Rule
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