Top Ten Best Divergent Factions

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1 Dauntless

Dauntless sure were the baddest and coolest of all. Ready to face any damn challenge without a sense of fear. If needed, they can protect the entire society

Dauntless can protect themselves. No other Factions can.

I like dauntless once I took a quiz I am half dauntless half amity

I think that this is the best fraction because they are dareing but they are also some what kind they are also free

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2 Erudite

Being smart is enough to put them at the top of the game.

Home of the wise. I mean sure, some of them are psychopaths, but knowledge is important.

Intelligence is key

This is the best faction

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3 Amity

Amity takes the unity from the other factions and combines it with just being nice and helpful! As I see it, the best possible outcome of someone's aptitude test.

Amity is kindness and that's just awesome

Amity is so much better than all these

You should just be happy

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4 Candor

Candor members, those who stay anyway, don't lie. - JustaLittleProBenedictArnold10

The original faction of Peter, who is undeniably the best character in the series

We are honest. But we also had baby Peter.

Christina and Al and Molly and Drew and Peter were from here. :P

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5 Abnegation

Abnegation #3 not 5...

Abnegation is the best! You literally spend your whole life helping other people. There's nothing that beats that. Plus the uniform is SUPER comfortable.

I would like to eat cheezburger, not just cheez and bread thank you very much!

6 Factionless


7 Idiots Rule
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