Best DJ Krush Songs

DJ Krush is one of those artists that one would much gladly listen to without feeling the need to share his music with others. He is a Japanese-born DJ, instrumentalist, and record producer whose music is mostly associated with the Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop genres.

The Top Ten Best DJ Krush Songs

1 On the Dub-ble

I personally feel as though if you can enjoy and fully appreciate the artwork behind the music of Krush, then you will not come across one track of his, that you won't enjoy. - BeaverCleaver

2 Dig This Vibe
3 Duality
4 Day's End

You are droopy, you are too tired to wanna fall asleep, you are drifting off, until the calming trumpets and light tinkling of the song slowwwly putt you... to slee... z - BeaverCleaver

5 Doomsayer
6 Polygon
7 3rd Eye
8 Strange Light
9 La Luna Rouge
10 Final Home
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