Best DJ Snake Songs

William Grigahcine, is a French DJ and producer mixing hip hop and electronic music.

The Top Ten

1 Turn Down for What

Great song n beats

Firing up another round of shots (shots, shots, shots...)
TURN DOWN FOR WHAT! bang! - Neonco31

With Lil Jon and maybe a 18+ video - MatrixGuy

2 Middle

One of Best lyrical song by dj snake

This should be number 1! - Neonco31

The drop ruins it but I love everything else. 8/10 - StarlightSpanks

3 Get Low
4 Lean On

Just superb man groove to this song

5 Bird Machine
6 Together
7 You Know You Like It


8 New Slaves
9 Let Me Love You

Ft. Justin Bieber the best one

Justin Bieber did not do too well because he's Justin Bieber
But the DJ Snake parts were fun to hear

10 Slow Down

(with Yellow Claw and Spanker - MatrixGuy

The Contenders

11 Lunatic
12 How Deep Is Your Love
13 Just for a Beat
14 What Frequency?
15 Never Turn Down (Moment In Bass)
16 Propaganda
17 Here Comes the Night
18 A Different Way

The best one is here at the bottom😞

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1. Middle
2. Turn Down for What
3. Let Me Love You
1. Turn Down for What
2. Get Low
3. Lean On
1. Lean On
2. Get Low
3. Turn Down for What

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