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21 Panic Attack

dude, if they were just an instrumental band, I would like them just the same. (in fact, that's the reason I listen to LTE's stuff more often. ) that's how good EVERY dt guitar solo is. but this is their best.

My dad's cousin is the lead singer... But that solo is amazing

oh gosh. when I listen to this solo I think I'll have a panic attack myself. amazing and truly depicts the feeling and mood of the song.

22 Octavarium

This divine solo, ending this masterpiece... After 20 mins of the true Dream Theater, John Petrucci pulls this wonderful guitar solo that, for me, is better than "The Best of Times". Such a feeling. This gives me chills. It really does.

This is easily their best song and solo

Oh come on the ending had a amazing solo but I do aggree under a glass moon is the best solo

23 A Rite of Passage
24 The Ministry of Lost Souls

The outro solo that goes from 12:50 to end... in my opinion the best solo of DT!

25 Learning to Live
26 A Nightmare To Remember

Come on guys dis 1 should be ahead col guitar I really was scared when I first heard it

27 On the Backs of Angels

This is my favorite solo OF ALL TIME! Every single note is perfect and I love the epic build up

28 This Dying Soul
29 The Count of Tuscany

How is this gem not higher up?! I always tear up when that last solo starts up! My favourite indeed.

30 Endless Sacrifice
31 The Root of All Evil

How can you say no to this one?!

32 Illumination Theory

The guitar solo at the end. How could you guys miss this out? Yes it's short but it oozes with emotion, amplified more with the string orchestra for the background, feels like listening to "Made in Heaven" music.

33 A New Beginning
34 Wither V 1 Comment
35 Pull Me Under
36 Hell's Kitchen

THE BEST dream theater guitar solo is hells kitchen, unfortunately nobody added it. So I did.

37 The Shattered Fortress

Surprised this wasn't here, definitely one of my favorite Petrucci solos.

38 Forsaken

Make Me Cry. Watch a Live Performance John Rules...

39 To Live Forever
40 Take Away My Pain
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