Top DNA Sequencing Platform Providers

The Top Ten

1 Bioviva Sciences

Bioviva have expertise in Gene therapy and DNA Sequencing which helps in curing or correcting a disease at it basic level, and also has the ability to cure many incurable diseases with its latest biotechnology. - charleywilson415

2 DNAtix

DNAtix is a great project that is sure to change the shape of healthcare forever.

The first ones in the world to introduce Anonymous Full Genome Sequencing!

DNAtix is a game changer

DNAtix is an innovative company in the genetic testing space, integrating two cutting edge technologies. It has developed adirect-to-consumer genetic platform for the era of whole genome sequencing. - charleywilson415

3 uBiome

UBiome’s SmartGut™ is the world's first sequencing-based clinical microbiome screening test, providing detailed and accurate information to help you understand your gut health. - charleywilson415

4 Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd is developing a disruptive, proprietary technology platform for the direct, electronic analysis of single molecules. The technology is adaptable for the analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins, small molecules and other types of molecule. - charleywilson415

5 GeoSpock

GeoSpock is committed to extending the reach of our technology, bringing the same speed, scalability and simplicity advantages to applications including weather modeling, facial recognition and DNA sequencing for healthcare. - charleywilson415

6 Sophia Genetics

Sophia Genetics is the leading European company in Data Driven Medicine. Sophia Genetics aspires to leverage on NGS technologies to better diagnose individuals, prevent disorders and enable optimum treatments. - charleywilson415

7 Foundation Medicine

Foundation Medicine is a cancer diagnostics company at the forefront of bringing comprehensive genomic analysis to routine cancer care. - charleywilson415

8 Genapsys

GenapSys is enabling a new era of genomic testing and a new paradigm of how we engage the molecular world. We are developing a cost-disruptive, easy-to-use DNA sequencing device. - charleywilson415

9 DNAnexus

DNAnexus is a maker of cloud-based software used to manage data gathered from DNA sequencing processes. It aims to support genomics at an organization through extreme flexibility in configuration to support specific analytics and reporting with advanced security and compliance. - charleywilson415

10 Pacific Biosciences

PacBio develops comprehensive solutions for scientists that propel the field of genomics, improve science and research, and create positive impact globally. - charleywilson415

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