Top Ten Doctor Lite Episodes in Doctor Who

Doctor Lite means an episode where the Doctor doesn't appear or has a very limited role. Now not all of these are truly Doctor Lite, so you will probably see some really good episodes at the bottom that I used as fillers until more are made.

The Top Ten

1 Human Nature/Family of Blood

This could be cheating, but technically The Doctor doesn't appear a lot in this episode. Technically David Tennant plays John Smith in this episode. The Doctor goes into hiding in this episode while running from The Family of Blood. This is one of my favorite episodes and could be the best two-parter. One of my favorite villians and a overall well made episode.

2 Blink

To a lot of people Blink is the best episode ever. Honestly I disagree, but it is still really good. It's top 30 easily. Top 30 is good in case you didn't know.

3 Turn Left

Turn Left is a very unique episode, as The Doctor dies in the beginning. It also very good. It shows what would've happened if she turned right. Very good episode.

4 The Crimson Horror

The Crimson Horror is so underrated. Technically only like the first 15 minutes are Doctor Lite, but I'm still gonna count it. A very good episode.

5 Flatline

For some reason I keep falling asleep during Flatline. I know that's it's at least ok. One day I need to actually watch it all the way through.

6 The Girl Who Waited

I don't like The Girl Who Waited. The concept of the episode is stupid and the ending is stupid. Just a bad episode in my opinion.

7 Love & Monsters

Love and Monsters is literally my least favorite episode. I hate Love and Monsters. It has the worst villain and a horrible ending. The one character I actually liked (Ursula) got killed off.

8 The Last of the Time Lords

This episode is literally my favorite episode of you combine it with Utopia and Sound of Drums. Technically it isn't a Doctor Lite episode even though The Doctor doesn't show up a lot.

9 Father's Day

Again not a Doctor Lite episode, but it is still really good. The only reason I put it on here is because there are no more left and The Doctor does die near the end.

10 The Stolen Earth

Again not a Doctor Lite episode. The amazing first part of the epic Season 4 finale. The Doctor doesn't show up a lot in the first part, so that's the only reason it's on here.

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