Best Doctor Who Audio Dramas

This is a list for Doctor Who audio dramas. Please do not add spin-off stories or stories that don't feature the Doctor to this list. I have a separate list for spin-off material.
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1 Spare Parts

Glorious Cyberman Origin story - Deserves to be on TV. So creepy to see the Cybermen slowly becoming what we later know.

The perfect introduction to Big Finish. Impactful, full of great performances and moving all throughout.

The creepiest of them all... "my little Vonnie..."

Simply the best Cyberman story ever

2 Master

An excellent character study of the Master. It has great characters, twists and atmospheres. The deaths champion stuff at the end is a little silly though.

One of the best audiobooks I've ever heard, period.

Wonderfully creepy

3 Jubilee

A wonderful use of both the Daleks and time travel, with an insight into the potential consequences of travelling with the Doctor.

A deliciously dark inversion of the Daleks and how their ideas are present in our society.

Really dark but superb story

4 The Holy Terror

This is so tongue in cheek yet sometimes so brutal and its very very intelligent drama too

5 The Silver Turk

Really creepy and full of such atmosphere

6 The One Doctor

Probably the funniest ever Doctor Who episode. The best way to describe The One Doctor is a big DW themed hug. It has charm and wit in abundance, you'll be in stitches throughout.

A laugh out loud, rollicking fun adventure.

for a comedic story you wont get any finer than this

laugh a minute

7 Time in Office

It seems such a strange combination to have a Gallifrey story be a comedy, but this does such an amazing job. Stellar throughout.

8 Legend of the Cybermen
9 The Two Masters

I've listened to this one over and over and every time I hear the Doctor's moment of triumph, I giggle like a schoolgirl with joy. Every. Single. Time.

10 Out of Time
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11 The Chimes of Midnight

An unparalleled classic. Creepy, magical, and expertly ties into the Charley drama

I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of Charley and her introduction is fantastic.

Creepy and funny in equal parts

Just one of the best creep fests ever done in Doctor Who

12 A Death in the Family

Wonderful story, full of heart.

The best who story of all time.

13 The Marian Conspiracy

Both a great introduction to Evelyn and a fantastic historical.

this is by far my favourite story. it’s funny, clever and is written beautifully.

14 Absent Friends

The central premise of this story really truly made me pause and think.

An amazing breather episode for Liv and Helen that wrings so much emotion and character development out of them

15 Day of the Master

A difficult concept done beautifully.

16 The Kingmaker

This audio adventure makes my ears happy.

17 The Harvest
18 Davros

My favourite ever Doctor Who story. A quite simply brilliant character study of Davros with outstanding world-building, atmosphere and side characters. It is simply faultless.

A wonderful examination of what makes Davros tick.

19 Terror Firma

The Eighth Doctor vs. Davros - what's not to like?

20 The Scorchies

Amazing, 70's style, mad little fun adventure

katy manning is excellent.

21 The Eleven

Such a wonderful opener to Doom Coalition, and a great introduction to one of the best villains in Big Finish.

22 The Trouble with Drax

A delightful caper!

23 The Foe from the Future
24 Peri and the Piscon Paradox

For sorting out the Peri and Brian Blessed thing this story is flawless

Just perfect!

25 The Rocket Men
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