Top 10 Doctor Who Companions and Doctors from the Reboot

With 'The Reboot' I mean the doctor who reboot series which started in 2005. No classic Who allowed!

The Top Ten

1 The 10th Doctor The 10th Doctor

Ah, the 10th doctor. Definitely my favorite doctor. He's awesome, has an awesome performance and David Tennant portrayed the Doctor really well. - Kiyomi

2 The 11th Doctor The 11th Doctor

A funny and entertaining doctor, with some pretty cool lines and some very good performances. - Kiyomi

3 Rose Tyler Rose Tyler

One of the best companions. Very badass, especially in 'Rose' and 'Parting of the ways'. That was an awesome season finale! - Kiyomi

4 Amy Pond Amy Pond

Smart and brave companion, with a tragic but interesting backstory, and good development. - Kiyomi

5 The 9th Doctor The 9th Doctor

Christian Eccleston had a good performance, it's so unfortunate that he was only the doctor for one season. Nonetheless, he was great. - Kiyomi

6 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald

A complex and interesting companion. Nice performance and overall a good character. - Kiyomi

7 Donna Noble Donna Noble
8 Martha Jones Martha Jones
9 Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness

Despite his relative lack amount of screen time, I like this companion. He's badass, and more of an action hero. - Kiyomi

10 The 12th Doctor The 12th Doctor

He isn't that awesome or anything, but he can be pretty cool at times. - Kiyomi

The Contenders

11 The 13th Doctor The 13th Doctor
12 Rory WIlliams Rory WIlliams
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