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21 Fear Her

I really do love this episode. A lot of people just glance over it, becase it isn't too important with regards to the underlying plot of series 2, but it's still a perfectly good episode. A brilliant one, in fact.

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22 Journey's End
23 The Beast Below
24 Listen
25 Dark Water/Death in Heaven
26 The Parting of Ways
27 The Day of the Doctor

I just watched it. Very important episode. David Tennant comes back!

28 The Next Doctor
29 The Zygon Invasion
30 The End of Time

SERIOUSLY?! 20?! I absolutely LOVE the Master in this (he's so evil and insane) and I almost cried when David regenerated. It had a cool storyline and I think it's hugely underrated.

31 The Impossible Planet
32 The Big Bang
33 Victory of the Daleks
34 Asylum of the Daleks
35 Voyage of the Damned
36 The Girl Who Waited

I think that this is one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever! Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is just unbelievable. This episode shows what it's really like with the Doctor - that it's not all fun and games and kill the villain. It shows how much of a pain it can be, and the trio are excellent in the episode!

37 The Runaway Bride
38 42

This episode was really underrated. The episode brought its usual sci fi brilliance and added emotion and drama whilst keeping the intensity of the count down. It's got all you want from a doctor who episode: a space ship, a villain with a catchphrase well developed sub- characters, drama with a hint of romance and an impossible mission against time.

39 Rose
40 The Sound of Drums
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