Top Ten Doctor Who Moments

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The Top Ten

1 Rose meets the Doctor (Rose, S1,E1)
2 The Doctor meets the Last Dalek (Dalek, S1, E6)
3 Pete Tyler sacrifices himself (Father's Day, S1, E8)
4 Gas Mask transformation (The Empty Child, S1, E9)
5 The Ninth Doctor regenerates (The Parting of The Ways, S1, E13)
6 Doctor vs Sycorax Leader (The Christmas Invasion, S2, E.X)
7 Cassandra takes over Rose and The Doctor (New Earth, S2, E1)
8 Sarah Jane returns (School Reunion, S2, E3)
9 Reinette dies (The Girl in the Fireplace, S2, E4)
10 The Doctor and Rose are separated (Doomsday, S2, E13)

A reminder of just how important Rose was to the Doctor. Not a dry eye in time and space.

The Contenders

11 Who's guilty? (The Unicorn and The Wasp, S4, E7)
12 The Doctor rescues Donna (The Runaway Bride, S3, E.X)
13 The Face of Boe saves New New York (Gridlock, S3, E3)
14 The Doctor imprisons the Family of Blood (The Family of Blood, S3, E9)
15 The Doctor talks to Sally (Blink, S3, E10)
16 The Master gases the cabinet members (The Sound of Drums, S3, E12)
17 The Doctor and Donna through the window (Partners in Crime, S4, E1)
18 Martha and The Doctor reunite (The Sontaran Strategem, S4, E4)
19 The Colasanto family get sent to the Concentration Camp (Turn Left, S4, E11)
20 The Earth is flown back home (Journey's End, S4, E13)
21 The Doctor's First Regeneration (The Tenth Planet, CS4, Story 2)

I needed to end this bias against the Classic stories - LarkwingFlight

22 "Have I that right?" (Genesis of the Daleks, 1975)
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1. Rose meets the Doctor (Rose, S1,E1)
2. The Doctor meets the Last Dalek (Dalek, S1, E6)
3. Pete Tyler sacrifices himself (Father's Day, S1, E8)


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