Top Ten Doctor Who Monsters and Villains

A collection of the Doctor's deadliest foes from across time and space, including enemies from the various audio dramas, books, comics and various other forms of media, not just from the show.

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1 The Daleks

I shouldn't really have to explain why they are the best. If you never showed the weeping angels again, people wouldn't mind. They were a good one off story and when they tried to reintroduce them for a second time it fell flat on its face. The Daleks are the obvious choice for people who actually watch doctor who and not vote the weeping angels after they saw "that one episode".

The Daleks are the most popular of the Doctor's foes. They have been in the show since the start and will be there to fight the Doctor until the end. I know people love the Weeping Angels, but they were good in Blink, but really should have appeared that one time.

The Daleks appear more than all of the other villains and are pretty much the most powerful.

Why is everyone using caps lock in their sentences on a online ranking thing.

2 The Master

He's great because we can actually understand his motivations- time travel was so powerful that he misused it and it turned him evil, which is meaningful to viewers as opposed to the Daleks which I feel are kind of boring because nobody can relate to being an emotionless warrior.

The ideal Doctor Who foe. A polar opposite of our favourite Time Lord, the Master is stunning, intelligent, manipulative and is one step ahead of the Doctor (well, not all the time, but you get my drift). Personally, I hope he returns in the next series of the show.

I love him. Or her. Missy's beautiful too. The Master and the Doctor are perfect enemies, but also perfect friends.

He's plain EVIL! The doctor forgave him and the master just went against him again! Why is he so evil?

3 The Cybermen

This is coming from a person who has watched the episodes including the cybermen after classic who but the cybermen are one of the best villains in all of doctor who from when I first saw them in Rise Of The Cybermen/Age Of Steel to their latest appearance in World Enough And Time/The Doctor Falls. I love them because they are scary and their concept is so unique, humans that have been removed of all emotion and their only goal is to make rest of humanity like them. I admit that from series 6 onwards they have been in very meh stories (Excluding World Enough And Time/The Doctor Falls) and they have become a little overused but this still doesn't phase me too much as long as they don't keep going down this path

The best. Why? Well, the daleks want to wipe out every body else out. but the cybermen are gems because they want to remove emotion and not wipe everyone else out, but convert them into more cybermen. this is genius. And, as well as being the only remaining species, you get more of yourself as a bonus. Also, In nightmare in silver (spoilers! ) They are shown to be able to half convert and have super speed. they are the perfect villan.

One of the most unique foes in the Doctor Who universe. Not to mention, there are two versions, the Mondasians (Classic series) and the 'Pete's World' (Modern series).

I'm 16 and I've been watching doctor who for at least 10 years now and the Cybermen

4 Weeping Angels

Almost every single time they appear in an episode, the Weeping Angels seem to gain an additional power. That being said, the Weeping Angels are pretty badass - the only way to defeat them is to get them to look at one another, and even then (Though they will never move again) it can never be told if they have died, or have just...not continued to exist.

I'd like to point out that they are not "kind" killers. In Flesh and Stone, the Bob angel said that he was making Amelia scared, "For fun, sir."

They just really freak me out! Really sad what happened to Rory amd Amy... also the face the y pull when they are about to touch the person! O. O

My favorite Doctor Who villain is at #1. That describes the Weeping Angels they are the best

5 The Sontarans
6 Davros Davros is a character from the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was created by screenwriter Terry Nation, originally for the 1975 serial Genesis of the Daleks.

A timeless nemesis, Gave me Goosebumps when he returned in the season finale of series 4

Just look at him this guy all evil

He is so scary!

7 The Silence

The very idea of these creatures is genius! Once you look away from them you forget all about them - it means they may have influenced the entirety of human evolution since the stone age, if not further back. Also, they look and sound as scary as Hell!

The only Doctor Who villain that could actually exist in the real world, and no one would ever know.

The source of my nightmares... I freak out now whenever I see Sharpie marks on my hand!

It's creepy because you never remember them, so they could be anywhere

8 The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors should definitely be in the Top 10, I fell in love with them for the first time when I saw them in Seeds of Death.

9 The Vashta Nerada

Oh no, I'm so sorry, I have 2 shadows.
hey, who turned out the lights? hey, who turned out the lights?

Talk about silent but deadly

They were weird and deadly

The coolest monsters

10 Raxacoricofallapatorians The Slitheen are a family of massive, bipedal extraterrestrials from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and are adversaries of the Ninth Doctor and later Sarah Jane Smith.

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11 The Silurians

I find them very interesting because they're not exactly evil, and they have a good backstory.

12 The Zygons
13 The Autons The Autons are an artificial life form from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who and adversaries of the Doctor.

Manakins freak the hell out of me.

Love em so underrated

14 The Sea Devils
15 The Ood

In my option, Planet of the Ood is one of the most underrated Doctor Who episode in it's 52 years


They aren’t really villains they just keep getting possessed

16 The Beast
17 Omega
18 The Great Intelligence
19 The Midnight Entity

Creepy and nearly caused a group of people to kill The Doctor who was powerless to do anything

20 The Family of Blood
21 The Eleven

Renegade Time Lord who retains the personalities of his previous incarnations in the Big Finish audio dramas, he's one of the most unique villains of the franchise and even briefly become a companion of the Eighth Doctor.

22 The Abzorbalovians


23 The Valeyard

They do say your worst enemy is yourself, and this incarnation of the Doctor is a perfect example of that.

24 The Monk
25 Sutekh
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