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1 Vincent and the Doctor

Beautiful episode!

Pure emotion with time travel.

What could be better.

Unlike most 11th stories it's about something real.

Beautifully written with a perfect third act

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2 The Doctors Wife

This episode is epic! :D Ever since the first ever episode back in 1963, we have known about the TARDIS, and now we finally get to see her. Well worth the 50 year wait - MadManWithABox

The chemistry between the Doctor and Idis is amazing. I also love House, as he was both creepy and menacing. Nothing to complain about in this episode at all, apart from being in one of the most forgettable seasons in the show.

One of the best episodes of the eleventh doctor

This is my favorite episode of all time!

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3 The Eleventh Hour

Amazing Episode I love it

It was the perfect way to start the series. It's quirky, funny and light-hearted, a lot like the 11th Doctor. It represents our characters perfectly and introduced them in the best way imaginable.

4 The Impossible Astronaught/Day of the Moon

The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon is my favorite set of episodes in Doctor Who. The beginning was absolutely crazy and intense and confusing. It really set the mood for the whole episode! I loved how it was set in America. The plot and setting was awesome. Canton Delaware was a phenomenal supporting character. I really liked River and The Doctor's relationship in this episode. And talk about plot twists! I don't want to spoil too much, but the endings for these episodes were totally unexpected.
And I was going to say something else, but it seems like I forgot...

This is my all-time favorite episode - even above Day of the Doctor! The plot was incredible, the acting was at its peak, and the Doctor-River flirting was hilariously quotable! It was so funny, so rich, so real. Plus, bonus points for introducing the Silence (and a whole plot arc! ) I laughed. I cried. And I thanked the world for bringing Steven Moffat into existence.

But not spelled like that.

5 A Christmas Carol

It was sweet, funny and simply fantastic.

The best Christmas special by far. A truly great entry for the eleventh doctors time in the TARDIS.

This was boring - XtremeNerdz12

6 The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

I've always loved these two episodes... They really showed Eleven, River, Rory, and Amy at their best. Also, it had action, romance, adventure, drama, flirting, comedy, and SO MANY FEELS. Just brilliant.

Just great. One of the more complex besides the doctor's wife (close second) Just bloody brilliant

I especially love the ending.

Complex and mindblowing. Simply amazing.

7 The God Complex

A quirky and unusual episode, that does an excellent job of building suspense and making a creepy and somewhat disturbing atmosphere... Overall, very well executed and probably my all time favourite episode!

8 The Time of the Angels/Flesh and Stone

An epic story and very good. Amy kissed the doctor at the end! Watch this it is truly amazing - cameronbrown

It was hard to choose between this, the eleventh hour, and the wedding of River Song. - mister83e

Love the angels. One of my favorite episodes.

You cannot beat a Weeping Angel but when the pandorica opened was pretty epic, and the god complex was pretty cool, same with a good man goes to war.

9 The Angels Take Manhatten

When the weeping angels are not even scary anymore, just overused

I will never watch this episode without crying. It is well written and over all just heartbreaking.

This episode made me cry, it was heart-breaking and is my favourite episode of all time

I LOVE creepy stuff, making doctor who my absolute favorite show. Weeping angels-nothing can beat that

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10 The Girl Who Waited

I think that this episode is just heartbreaking. It shows that travelling with the Doctor is not all fun and games and get rid of the villain. It shows that it can be truly heartbreaking. I think the acting from the trio (especially Karen Gillan) is phenomenal! I hope they do more episodes like this!

This episode was my second favorite of all time, the first being the wedding of river song. The ending made me cry and the part where the two Amy's talk about Rory, amazing!

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11 The Lodger


This was funny and adorable. It was one of those episodes that highlight 11's character perfectly.

12 The Day of the Doctor

I LOVED this episode. The Day of the Doctor brought together all twelve (No sir, all thirteen! ) to save Gallifrey, and it was just amazing.

I literally stood up and saluted this episode along with all the 12 Doctors... actually all 13. This IS the Best episode in Doctor Who

The Day of the Doctor was the first episode of Doctor Who that I watched!

Love the song and the Doctor's speech

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13 A Town Called Mercy

I honestly don't see this episode talked about much and that really upsets me as I really like this episode the TARDIS team are amazing, Jex is a good well he's not really a villain or a hero he is just a good character who feels guilty for the pain he has caused to people, the gunslinger whilst being the antagonist throughout this episode was just out for revenge and didn't want to hurt anyone else unless it was absolutely necessary and the ending with Jex blowing up his own spaceship with him in it is sort of his redemption as he saves everyone from the gunslinger. The bit I don't like is where the doctor basically tries to kill Jex which is really out of character even if Jex did kill people the doctor would just take him to a sort of intergalactic prison or something he never kills anyone. - TheGamingLad

14 Night Terrors

I thought the Weeping Angels were losing their scariness factor then BAM! Along comes this beauty of an episode. One of the only Doctor Who episodes to make me scream in horror, I had nightmares!

15 A Good Man Goes to War/Lets Kill Hitler

Not higher up because" Lets Kill Hitler " wasnt all that good. " A Good Man Goes to War" was amazing though. - Badwolf

I hated both parts - XtremeNerdz12

16 The Beast Below

This episode was broing - XtremeNerdz12

17 The Snowmen

My first episode ever and we meets clara and find out she's oswin! So cool - Nicolaskeough

This was boring - XtremeNerdz12

18 Amys Choice

The twist at the end that reveals a darker side to The Doctor is absolutely brilliant, as well as terrifyingly chilling - what Classic Who is known best for! But instead of Cybermen as Daleks, the terror lies in The Doctor himself. Both the realities and the choice Amy is faced with does add to answering the long-lived question of Rory or The Doctor. But also sparks these thoughts in your own mind; what would you choose? The perfect, normal life with your perfect husband, or travelling through the whole of time and space with The Doctor?

Great episode! I hope that the Dream Lord revisits the show, because he was such a great villain!

Toby Jones. Just Toby Jones. And crazy angry old men.

19 The Time of the Doctor

"I'll always remember when the Doctor was me"... - IronSabbathPriest

Matt smith regenerates into peter capaldi!

20 Closing Time

I just loved this episode. It was hilarious, and it featured the return of Craig!

Doctor (to Stormaggedon): No you can't just call him "not mum", he's your dad!
Craig: "Not Mum"?
Doctor: Yes that's you. I'm "also not mum". everyone else is, pesants. quite a shame really.
I Love Stormaggedon the baby! - Icegirl119

21 The Name of the Doctor

Oh for god's sakes! - Icegirl119

22 Victory of the Daleks
23 Asylum of the Daleks

Its in my opinion the best episode because it was very powerful moving and a good story it really made the daleks look threatening and the end was quite possibly the best doctor who has had. All in all 9.5/10 awesome episode

24 The Rings of Akhaten

Best speech ever and it had very funny moments

How people slay this episode is beyond me. It's simply beautiful writing. Exceptional.

Love the song and the Doctor's speech

25 The Wedding of River Song

This episode is awesome come on! Best episode of doctor who not only for the eleventh doctor but ever! This bit here is only for the quality thing! Blagy boo boo

26 The Dalek Generation
27 The Light Keepers The Light Keepers
28 The Crimson Horror

By far the most exciting, funniest and weirdest episode of season 7. The part where they show Mr sweet made me jump out of my seat. - Elysium

29 Borrowed Time Borrowed Time
30 The Chartwell Metamorphosis The Chartwell Metamorphosis
31 Young Winston Young Winston
32 The Jago & Litefoot Revival The Jago & Litefoot Revival
33 The Child of Time
34 A Good Man Goes to War A Good Man Goes to War
35 The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe

Are you kidding me this was fantastic it really shows that no one should be alone even if it's better that you are and finally he has a nice Christmas dinner

36 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
37 Cold War
38 Hide
39 Nightmare In Silver

This was a PERFECT re-introduction to the Cybermen. The upgrades and new powers they have were executed perfectly, Neil Gaiman's writing wa spot-on, and Matt Smith gives the performance of his career.

40 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
41 Touched by an Angel
42 The Golden Ones
43 The Calendar Man The Calendar Man
44 The Time Machine
45 The Hounds of Artemis The Hounds of Artemis
46 Living History Living History
47 Paradox Lost
48 The Chains of Olympus
49 False Coronets False Coronets
50 Night of the Humans Night of the Humans
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