Doctor Who Villains from the Classic Series Who Should Return to the Revived Series


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1 Omega

They really should explain how the hell the Silence made a TARDIS, and Omega is the best candidate. As he is one of the first people to invent these and may have escaped the Time War, as he is trapped in the anti-matter universe, it would be fulfilling for him to return.

2 The Sea Devils

Yeah they should, they're the ones that used to scare me - EvilAngel

If the Silurians have returned, so should their Aquarian cousins. They were great in the Classic Series, but should be given modern treatment.

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3 The Yeti

Why bring back The Great Intelligence without the Yeti? - RickyReeves

4 The Rani
5 K1 Robot

I actually quite liked the robot, a return to the revived series could be quite awesome though. - RickyReeves

6 The Meddling Monk
7 The Zarbi
8 Sutekh the Destroyer
9 The Celestial Toymaker
10 The Krynoid

The Contenders

11 The Wirrn
12 The Mara
13 Fenric

The Curse of Fenric is one of my favorite Classic Doctor Who stories and he's possibly one of the darkest villains I've seen on the series. Though knowing Steven Moffat, he's either gonna kill him off or make him an ally for the Doctor, which I'd absolutely hate to see.

14 The Terileptils

They were great in the Visitation and they need to appear again!

15 The Jagaroth
16 The Destroyer
17 Sharaz Jek
18 Fendahl/Fendahleen
19 The Weed Creature
20 The Spiders
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