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1 Snowy

I have a dog that is white for real and I had one on the game with a white colour

What a great name whenever I get out a name tag I wonder what should I name this dog and this one was the answer!

That's really good I would name my dog that as well

Snowy is an sweet name

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2 Caramel

Caramel is a cute name I might name one of my dogs caramel

Caramel is a cute name it also reminds me of the chocolate caramel!

This si the best name for a minecraft dog caramel is so cute!

I named my dog in mine craft Caramel!

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3 Spike

It is a wonderful name and there is a spike in Teenage mutant ninja turtle 2012

I have a friend that we call Spike when he's really MAD like REALLY MAD

Spike is a name like it's nice because maybe a dog looks spiky

Spike is a rlly cute name 4 a pup❤ I came here looking for a name for my minecraft dog, so thanks☺

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4 Max

I have a German shepherd named max it's a awesome name for a sweet and playful dog I LOVE IT!

I had a dog named Max, & he was the smartest animal I had ever known!

It's not something that's a little ridiculous like spike or cupcake or precious. That's not how you treat a dog. Dogs are supposed to be familydogs ppart of the family. Make them feel that way and give them a human name. Max is cute, short, and is a great name for dogs of all sizes and colour's. Maybe not he best name for a girl dog but it's perfect for a male dog

I just love it

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5 Peanut

I had a mod installed and my dog ate all the peanuts so I called him Peanut. He is still alive. Had him for 1/2 year

I like it so much

I love that name it is cute one of my brother's nick name is peanut

It is so cute

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6 Bella

My grandma has a little beagle named Bella. I don't like her. - Lucretia

Bella is such a sweet name! It's like a rose.

Bella is a very beautiful name explicitly for a German Shepard

I have a massivery sharpie dog named bella

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7 Mocha

I have always had my mind set on mocha for a dog name I always thought it was unusual but now I guess not

I found a book with this name on it: "Puppy Place: Mocha"

Mocha is an awesome and an incredible name!

Super cute name ❤️

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8 Skylar

I have a puggle named Skylar. She is the cutest! - ChuckLaunching

Such a cute name

Best name! - OakleyTheBeagle

Ii really like that name it is awesone

9 Kinney

Kinney is a lovely name and you stop bullying

Mean it is not ugly you are what if I don't want to look on YouTube its to far away and so are you

I love this name


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10 Otis

Yes I love the name

Nice I'm gonna use it on minecraft to my dog

This name is ugly

My cats name is otis

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11 Duke

I love this name! It reminds me of the book I read called "Duke". It's about a German Shepard going into war.

I have read that book to.

I love that name I'm going to name my dog that now!


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12 Willo

I like Willo because because I named my minecraft dog Willo and it sounds like a cute and clumsy name because my dog ( Willo) is clumsy.

My 2nd most active dog in Minecraft is named willo

I love the name Willo it is so cute.My real dog is a gray cocker spaniel called willow

I love it

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13 Meadow

I think meadow is a very nice name for a dog because it's really mysterious and creature like so it's got too be a music dog ( it is an adorable name)!

It's a nice name if you find it on grass

Deep in the meadow, under the willow.

It’s so cute! I decided to make this one of my names because I am working on a world that has 10 wolves!

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14 Oakley

Nice name

awesome - OakleyTheBeagle

15 Bolder

It's a really good name!

16 Blizzard

Blizzard reminds me off a really snowy day if you have a white dog a definitely think it's the perfect name,

I have five dogs in Minecraft and none were named so thanks! Amazing name!

A lovely name for a dog I will call it that and put a white caller on it

I like this because I do.The collar can be bonemeal

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17 Jobe

Cute name I like it

Noice. sounds funny LOVE IT!

18 Butter

Butter! It's my favorite

I meant it is really cute

I love the movie butter

I quite like the name butter because it is really cutr

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19 Buddy

I have a book about that it is about a little puppy

My dog is named Buddy. He's a pekingese mix.

My dog's name in real life is Buddy! Wow!

Yeah cute

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20 Lucy

My Great Dane was named Lucy and it was the best dog I've ever known

That is a good name for a dog that is a girl

I'm could lucy

Lucy is a great name for loyal dogs. If you want, you can have many dogs with names from charecters from I Love Lucy!

21 Newman
22 Cooper

My Labrador Retriever was the best dog I could ask for. He had a brown nose and white, creamy fur. You could see his muscle outlined in every inch of his body. He was very muscular and strong. Cooper had beautiful, hazel colored eyes and was one of the best dogs I've ever had.

I have read the book cooper so I'm naming 2 minecraft dogs 1 is snowy and the other it going to be meadow or cooper but I might do cooper cause the book I love animals

My dogs name is cooper and my other ones Henry. They are red toy poodles - Hollybrewer

Great name, should be number 1

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23 MIA
24 Cheeto

So cute and sounds yummy!

Cool but what about gino

Lol so cute! I love it

I named my dog this because I'm in love with cheetos! thanks 4 the idea! 😂

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25 Coffee

I named my dog it and it is the best name ever

I named one of my dogs in minecraft coffee!

It's a cute name and an awesome bevrage!

26 Melow
27 D.O.G.

Why would you name your dog D.O.G

28 cosmo

I really like the name Cosmo because it sorta sounds like a comet. It is a good male name

I really like Cosmo it is like spacey!

That's Such An Adorable Name Thanks For The Name

i love it

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29 Snuzzle the Muzzle

Snuzzle the Muzzle?! What kind of name is that!?!?

Awesome name! I'm going to name my dog this

I don't know

cool name - ChuckLaunching

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30 Libby

Such a cute name!

My dog is libby

31 Bailey

My beagles name is bailey it is the best name ever

My Dogs name is that

I like it and coco

My name

32 Tiger

I think that Tiger is a cute name, especially for a dog that is very energetic!

I have a puppy named Tiger!

I have already called one of my dogs in Minecraft Tiger, it is so, cute

Tiger,cute name

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33 Zoey

My friend has a teddy bear/shih tzu/corgi, and she is the cutest thing ever and her name is Zoey!

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34 Cam

Awe so cute! #loveit!

35 Newton
36 Barkley

This is one of the cutest dog names I have heard of. BRANDON I'M OUT THERE FOR YOU!

I love that name! It is a pawfect pun for dogs. I am recommending this to my friends. Not only am I recommending this but I am also naming my dog this in Minecraft!

37 Cookie

This one is nice. Would suit a small dog. Sweet. My favourite on here. - Britgirl

Cookie is an adorable name I just named one of my dogs in minecraft cookie

Great name I give this name to my dog on Minecraft

Cookie is a very sweet name

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38 Forrest
39 Dozier
40 Gabbie

So cute I don't know why no one would write something about it

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41 Molly

That is Stacy plays dogs name

I love this name! Number 1 - AwesomeSause

Thanks for the name

You know Stacyplays? She is my all-time favorite Youtuber! I never met anyone who knows her besides me.

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42 Ginger

Great name my dog is named Ginger!

I took ginger for my cat in Minecraft. I LOVE dogs but I was in a jungle

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43 Ala-Bama
44 Angel

Very very pretty now for male stuff!

Super cute name!

I love this name because it's so cute

I love this name so much I literally use this name every time and the name Willow when I play mine craft. 😂

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45 Fireball

Becase if it had a red color


46 Luke

Just because it's a cute name


That's MY NAME

47 Keemstar
48 Zip
49 Daisy

I love the name daisy because there's a flower that's named daisy

I have a dog named Daisy and I just love the name.

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50 Stampy

I'd imagine most kids would want to name their dog Stampy - naFrovivuS

I like the name stampy like Stampy The Cat

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