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1 Snowy

I have a dog that is white for real and I had one on the game with a white colour

What a great name whenever I get out a name tag I wonder what should I name this dog and this one was the answer!

That's really good I would name my dog that as well

Before I saw this, my 2nd favorite wolf was named Snowy!

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2 Caramel

Caramel is a cute name I might name one of my dogs caramel

Caramel is a cute name it also reminds me of the chocolate caramel!

I have a cool Golden Lab Caramel

Love it!

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3 Spike

It is a wonderful name and there is a spike in Teenage mutant ninja turtle 2012

I have a friend that we call Spike when he's really MAD like REALLY MAD

Spike is a name like it's nice because maybe a dog looks spiky

Spike is a rlly cute name 4 a pup❤ I came here looking for a name for my minecraft dog, so thanks☺

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4 Max

I have a German shepherd named max it's a awesome name for a sweet and playful dog I LOVE IT!

I had a dog named Max, & he was the smartest animal I had ever known!

It's not something that's a little ridiculous like spike or cupcake or precious. That's not how you treat a dog. Dogs are supposed to be familydogs ppart of the family. Make them feel that way and give them a human name. Max is cute, short, and is a great name for dogs of all sizes and colour's. Maybe not he best name for a girl dog but it's perfect for a male dog

I just love it

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5 Peanut

I had a mod installed and my dog ate all the peanuts so I called him Peanut. He is still alive. Had him for 1/2 year

I like it so much

I love that name it is cute one of my brother's nick name is peanut

I name my peanut because its quiut name

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6 Bella

My grandma has a little beagle named Bella. I don't like her. - Lucretia

Bella is such a sweet name! It's like a rose.

Bella is a very beautiful name explicitly for a German Shepard


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7 Mocha

I have always had my mind set on mocha for a dog name I always thought it was unusual but now I guess not

I found a book with this name on it: "Puppy Place: Mocha"

Mocha is an awesome and an incredible name!

Super cute name ❤️

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8 Otis

Yes I love the name

Nice I'm gonna use it on minecraft to my dog

This name is ugly

My cats name is otis

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9 Kinney

Kinney is a lovely name and you stop bullying

Mean it is not ugly you are what if I don't want to look on YouTube its to far away and so are you

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10 Skylar

I have a puggle named Skylar. She is the cutest! - ChuckLaunching

Ii really like that name it is awesone

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11 Duke

I love this name! It reminds me of the book I read called "Duke". It's about a German Shepard going into war.

I have read that book to.

I love that name I'm going to name my dog that now!


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12 Willo

I like Willo because because I named my minecraft dog Willo and it sounds like a cute and clumsy name because my dog ( Willo) is clumsy.

My 2nd most active dog in Minecraft is named willo

I love the name Willo it is so cute.My real dog is a gray cocker spaniel called willow

I love it

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13 Meadow

I think meadow is a very nice name for a dog because it's really mysterious and creature like so it's got too be a music dog ( it is an adorable name)!

It's a nice name if you find it on grass

Deep in the meadow, under the willow.

I love this name I have three dogs in minecraft one called treasure one called precious and now one called meadow GREAT NAME FOR A DOG ❤️

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14 Bolder

It's a really good name!

15 Oakley
16 Blizzard

Blizzard reminds me off a really snowy day if you have a white dog a definitely think it's the perfect name,

I have five dogs in Minecraft and none were named so thanks! Amazing name!

A lovely name for a dog I will call it that and put a white caller on it

I like this because I do.The collar can be bonemeal

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17 Jobe

Cute name I like it

Noice. sounds funny LOVE IT!

18 Butter

Butter! It's my favorite

I meant it is really cute

I love the movie butter

I quite like the name butter because it is really cutr

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19 Buddy

I have a book about that it is about a little puppy

My dog is named Buddy. He's a pekingese mix.

My dog's name in real life is Buddy! Wow!

Yeah cute

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20 Lucy

My Great Dane was named Lucy and it was the best dog I've ever known

That is a good name for a dog that is a girl

I'm could lucy

Lucy is a great name for loyal dogs. If you want, you can have many dogs with names from charecters from I Love Lucy!

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