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1 Gregory

It was his first dog and it was his 2nd day playing

I love all of his dogs but of course I had to choose Gregory!

Gregory is his first dog and he was so special. I believe we all cried when he died (I really did)

I Love All Of His Dogs But Of Course I had to choose Gregory Because Gregory is a brave dog I'm so sad when he was shot by a skeleton..

2 Barnaby

In a random episode I watched stampy went out of the dog house whispering that barnaby what's his most favorite dogs and survived every single video. Who votes for barnaby!

He is so cool, funny, stupid, cute, good, fancy. And survived every video. But like all the other dogs they are in great danger, because hit the target!

Barnaby was the dog he had longest and he still has his famous red collar. He seems like a good dog to have in Minecraft.

Barnaby is the cutest and loyalist dog he has! VOTE FOR BARNABY

3 Gregory Jr.

Because I think he is in love with lunar and he is a pirate in my opinion

He is my 2nd favorite because he reminds me of gregory

Gregory junior is the son of Gregory which Gregory died no!

He has to be in the top 5 because he is the son of gregory

4 Sherbert

He is a really fast pup and is really good at the doggie assault course. He is a really fit and healthy dog

I had to choose I so I chose Sherbert if I could I would choose all your dogs alive or even dead they are all so love able and you know why because they are with you

Sherbet is adorable! Little baby Sherbert!

Sherbet ice cream is my favorite so it have to be sherbert

5 Oreo

The name reminds me of oreo cookies

I think it's a awesome name

Oreo is my favorite biscuits so that's my favorite dog name

I like the cookie to I guess that's why stampy gave that name

6 Duncan

Mittens and Duncan have something that every other pets don't

I love cats and dogs, and when a dog doesn't chase the cats tail you can tell there is something special with Duncan and Mittens!

The dog who loves Mittens

It was a tough choice between Duncan and Lunar so I picked randomly. Duncan is very innocent and he is my favourite dog. Partly because Mittens is my favourite YouTubers' cat.

7 Aqua

Aqua is my favorite because he always stood near water. But he died doing what he did best. He drowned

Aqua is the cutest

I really like aqua and its really sad that he/she died. In my games I always have Aqua and Gregory as dogs.

He died doing what he loved.. He drowned:( RIP AQUA

8 Snowwolf

Snow wolf was so good sometimes but really cute he or she will be always in my heart.

Never herd of that dog but I bet he was a good one"

Who is Snow wolf? (Tilly Greene)

I don't which dog that is which series is that

9 Peter

It was so weird how Peter and the other dogs turned in to statues

I remember Peter from Quest To Kill The EnderDragon!

I think Peter is from "the quest to kill the Ender Dragon" series with IBallisticSquid, I think he is a very cute and basic dog!


10 Corey

I love Cory he always wondering around and being so curious

Corey is so cute! He is a very curios dog and also very cheeky

Still alive which is great

I think that is a good dog did you think?

The Contenders

11 Weenie

He doesn't have a dog called Weenie, my friend Thomas Semple put this on.

He's a dog? Since when?

Stampy has no dog that name

Weenie is a funny name because me must like weeniers (hotdogs)!


12 Benjamin

It reminds me of Benjamin Franklin but I live in the US and I never knew him

He is one of my favourite dogs you have

I love this name Benjamin

I love this dog

13 Ackwer

Her name is aqua not ackwer

She never gets in trouble

In episode 109 you forgot that Ackwer died

No he died on episode 135

14 Larry

I vote him cause he likes doing the cake dance.

Can you put in a video every day

Is soon funny

Cake dance do the cake oh yeah Larry your one of my favorites in Slw

15 Lunar

Lunar is cute, and one of the youngest dogs, well, youngest at the moment. I hope she lives long, it was tense when she got caught on fire but lee saved her, I think the bites Was a "Thank you, My Hero! "

Luna is so cute and she makes her self well her self with surviving what we all thought her death but she has a companies stampy in lots of things as she is sort of a mortal or a god as she survived what if it was anyone's else's death they would of died

I like the dog but not the name, her name should be Comet.

Thanks lee for saving her I love her only girl

16 Lucky

I think Lucky is the toughest dog whilst fighting Hit The Target

Wait- that's MY dog in real life's name! Cool!

Lucky died a very brave death

My dog is called lucky to

17 Snowy

He died in the episode "Accident in the Lava Room"... He is cute...

Because he was my favourite dog

He died like all other snow, lava

I loved Snowy. Not an suprising death. (Tilly Greene)

18 Stampygoodnose

Shouldn't he be a dog he was never in a video

It's sad he was never in a video. He must have been a lovely dog.

It's a shame stampygoodnose never made it into a video

Stampygoodnose didn't live long :(

19 Fluffy

Fluffy is amazing

Love you fluffy I have a dog called fluffy
Love you stamps


Fluffy is very great dog of stampylonghead he drove the ss stampy/stampy' ship now he lives in the pick a pet pet shop.He is sooo cute

20 Sparky

Such good dog can not believe he died

Lee bear look at video

Sparky is very cute

Love Love Love his name

21 Bengy

I've heard of Bengy in the video.

He is the smartest of the pack

Because he is a very funny dog

I think bengy is cute

22 Pony

So funny when running they need to go back too the cave to get het

23 Cookie

Um who's Cookie?

24 Mittens

Mittens is the Most awesome Cat IN Minecraft! Woo!

This is a dog list.

She is a cute cat and she is my favorite CA in ALL Minecraft history so yea Who's with me?

25 Tiny

Poor tiny he was the only baby dog that died

poor tiny

so sad

26 Guilty Bark

It was two zombies that's why zombies are my 2nd worst enemy chase seafood hips first

Sad Guilty Bark died :-(

He died when stampy was working on his club house I think cause 2 zombies killed him

Stampygoodnose was a lovely dog

27 Spring

My favourite is spring because he is very protective and cute. At first I liked aqua but she died so its spring

Loved him first it was Aqua but after the accident it has to be spring #vote for spring

Spring is fun and protective and very cute VOTE FOR SPRING

Because his name just plants that grow in the spring

28 Sam (Sky Den)

Why fall off why!

Who was sam

29 Benton

Benton was my best dog he went mines with me we had fun we play games but he die in lava I was sad please please vote no fun no mines no games

Did anyone know that Benton and Duncan are brothers? Well, I do!

So cute they video of the farmer and his dog Benton" Benton BENTON BENNNTONNN GET OVER HERE!


30 Bowser

I said the one below this-Kristen

The Forgotten One!

Generic dog. Stampy's biggest fan killed him.

I'm now Stampy's biggest fan but that's sad!

31 Jolly
32 Cedric

I loved Cedric... I liked how he acted (and his name) He deserves to be #8 at least.R.I. P Cedric (the dog)

Because of his name

Wait Lee left Stampy - Kristen

Cedric was the oldest dog before he died, and the dog was crizmon azoths. I loved crizmon azoth fir some strange reason?

33 Chicken

Drowned like lots of dogs"""

First dog born on chirstmas day like the golden child

He got stuck in the water stream in stampys house

34 Luna

Luna is my favorite dog because she is so cute she was tamed in 2015

Luna oh Luna I love you-Kristen

Wait a minute isn't she luner

35 Flap
36 Norman
37 Tommy
38 Ocean
39 Fido

I never heard of Fido

40 Page
41 Benson

Because he made me laugh when stampy was about to say he had a video where no one died then benton when killing everyone

He NEVER takes him, Stampy needs to take him for 7 straight videos!

Who is stampy's most loyal dog

I LOVE Benson because he might be stampys 2nd loyelest dog.

42 The Arbiter

The Arbiter is stampy's best dog named after something from halo he is super cool R.I. P the arbiter

I feel bad for him so I'll vote for The Arbiter

Why is he last?! He is my favourite puppy!

I like The Arbiter because he is a character from halo and Stampy wanted to take him to the moon but he died the video after Oreo

43 Flippy

Flippy is An awesome speedy dog

I like Flippy because He is very Strong and Very Fast.

I like him as he is the fastest and strongest dog.

Flippy is adorable and fun a Common dog stampy takes so I vote flippy

44 The Big Dog

It doesn't exist

The Big dog was Lee Bear

That's L for lee

So funny

45 Drip

I like the name of drip

46 Destroyer

What the hell or f you c k

47 Chips

I have voted stampy

Do not no him.

48 Brains (Novakov city tour)

He a smart dog he knows what to do when he is in fire

49 Porky

Should of crept right

He died cause he didn't trust stampy and keep right and died when he was building his slime farm

Porky come back! 😭

50 Coco
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