Top 10 Best Dogs of Stampylongnose

Stampy had many dogs, and we especially miss some when they die, so I gathered my Top 10 favorites and made a list of them.

The Top Ten

1 Gregory

He's Stampy's first dog EVER, and died off set!

2 Gregory Jr.

I like Gregory Jr. a lot even more than Gregory Gregory is my 2nd favorite Personally I think greogry of a hero because he survived all of the episodes and seems to make his father proud and his background story is so amazing which is why he's my favorite

My favorite was georgy but he died so I went with georgy jr

Don't have a reason, just really special.


3 Luna

She's a Christmas Cracker!

She was so cute

4 Barnaby

He's the oldest dog alive. I am glad for him.

Baranby is the best dog in Stampys Lovlly world

5 Oreo

I like the name, I guess that's it.

6 Aqua

Died ironically, but there's a better way to put it, He died what he loved doing most.

7 Duncan

He likes Mittens, and is still actually alive.

8 Sherbet

I love Sherbet, I watched Episode 155, and I saw him as a suprrise puppy, which died, but lived a great life.
R.I. P Sherbet

9 Snowy

They all lived one day!

10 Lucky

Apparently, the name was a lie, because he died in the fire, we never saw the fire coming!

The Contenders

11 Cory
12 Fluffy
13 Bengy
14 Benton
15 Fuffely
16 Mittens
17 Pepper Pot
18 The Big Dog
19 Flippy

Did the best in the Doggy Assault Course at only 35 seconds!

20 Esther

A very bouncy and funny chicken

21 Weenie
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