Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters

The Top Ten Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters

1 Natsuki

She's normal, and she's super cute. Also she seems book smart, so that's cool.

The only one that doesn't go total psycho, and the only one that doesn't kill herself. Also she cute

When you first play DDLC, you have an ultimate decision to make: which "Doki" to choose. Actually, it's not that important, but you know what I mean. Wether which character to choose, we can mostly agree that Monika was the least interesting (don't worry Monika fans, I said "was"), and we can't pick her anyway. And while Yuri and Sayori were very cool, my favorite character at the beginning of the game was Natsuki. She has so much attitude, and she is pretty relatable too. She prefers when poems or any kind of litterature is simple but effective, and because of that she really likes manga. I should also mention that she is... wait! I don't think I should say that. What if she saw this?... Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah! Also, she is pretty smart. I mean, she sent a poem to communicate to you in secret near the end of the game!

Natsuki is also one of the few tsunderes that have an explanation to be a tsundere. Her friends don't like manga, and they don't respect her when she reads ...more - Eclipsmon

Shes awesome and doesn't really like you in the beginning. Woman powa! (i'm a boy)

2 Sayori

She wanted you to be happy, she didn't care if she lived or died as long as you were happy, when she saw you hanging out (no pun intended) she saw no meaning as you can be happy with Nat or Yuri.

I really want to say what I think about this character, but you'll have to wait longer for that. If you know me, you know why. - Eclipsmon

Poor girl, "she's depressed and she's stressed and she's feeling blue, so-" SAVE SAYORI, SHE CUTER THAN YOUUUU!

Best girl, kind and cute much like me with food and being lazy. My list is

3 Yuri

Yuri is forever best girl, she is kind, smart, sweet, and shy
She can be scary, but that's why I love her! - MasterHand

Only smart and mature people can understand how best yuri is

I love Yuri sooo much and I've been loving her for so long and no one as ever took her place. I just love how caring and shy she

And I don't understand why she gives herself cuts when she's so amazing I know she has anxiety and doesn't have a lot of friends but she's so amazing to me. I'm surprised Monika is my second favorite after what she did...

I'm sorry people, but Yuri is my least favorite "Doki".If you think that's an insult though, someone said once: "Every Dokis are best Dokis, but you can have your favorite". Anyway, Yuri is a very good character. She loves novels, and she is very shy. By the way, I should mention that I really like how the personalities of the girls are strucured. Yuri and Natsuki are opposite without one being necessarily worst than the other, while Sayori is the middle ground. Anyway, Yuri is quite cool, and the fact she is actually a Yandere that cuts herself was a shocking revelation. - Eclipsmon

4 Monika

You see people seems to find Monika overrated because of all the memes. However, they seem to forget that just because a character has lot of memes doesn't mean it's popular. In fact, in Garbodor's case, it can mean you are hated. This list confirms that Monika is actually, the least popular "Doki" in the game, by being number 4 on the list for now. So that's why I think Monika isn't overrated. That being said, I really like Monika. I guess that if you are reading this list you already know what happens at the end, so I will be spoiling.

At first Monika is shown as a nearly perfect, and therefore the least interesting! (LOL) However, when you play through the game you see there is something wrong and then you discover that all the bad things in the game, all the characters being deleted, was caused by her. And the reason she did this is because she knows that she is in a video game, and that her friends of the litterature club and her are just programms. Because of that, she ...more - Eclipsmon

Monika is the best girl, objectively so, because she's literally the only girl in the game. People act as if she's a psycho murderer Yandere. But those who think so apparently didn't get the game.

Monika is BY FAR the best character in the game. Her story is the saddest, mentally she's the most resilient, she's the kindest, she's the most intelligent, and she's the Hero of the game.

I honestly can't see why anyone would vote for anyone besides Monika aside from ignorance.

She is like all the other characters literally, except she is discarded; left alone until the end to rot and be tormented by the players inability to simply love her. So is twisted, by the agony of watching her friends take her love, into taking over the game and breaking the fourth wall in hope for a future with the player ( Also the song "Your reality" is depressing as hell)

Despite knowing that this was just a simulation, she chose to love MC.
But couldn't she have hacked the game and given herself an ending? - RoseWeasley

5 Protagonist

Even though he is clearly the worst character in the game, he is more interesting than most protagonist in video games I know. - Eclipsmon

Even he's here? - BorisRule

We don't know how he looks like - ElSherlock

He’s rlly kind and thoughtful, way too underrated and kinda hot

6 Buffsuki

She ate so many cupcakes and had a growth spurt- wow! DADSUKI, WATCH OUT!

buff natsuki

She thicc dude

Why? - ElSherlock

7 Dan Salvato

Sexyy as heck

doki doki

8 Flowika
9 Moistika
10 Abomimonika

The Contenders

11 Amy

I was friends with Amy but then natsuki didn’t like her so I stopped being friends with her too

There is only a poem about her she couldn't be the best character I think - OrangeRin

Amy? Oh, I heard something about her, we were closer than friends... But, I found out something about her, she likes spiders, that's why I am not friends with her.

12 Sansica

Um, Sure

13 Libitina

this is monika

Best girl.Might be knifewife.So this might be Yuri.

14 Protagonist Pen
15 Chibi Sayori
16 Chibi Natsuki
17 Chibi Yuri
18 Alyssa

She is cool

19 Creuset

One of the better original characters, but technically a version of feMC...

20 Elyssa

Why is Natsuki in top AGAIN?

21 Yri

It is Yri!

22 Dadsuki

He's mean - ArcticWolf

23 Juliette
24 Karen
25 Sansika
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