Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters


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1 Natsuki Natsuki

Natsuki:I'M NOT CUTE

Me: Yeah you are

Best girl in the game

Do I even have to explain

Because she is natsuki dude!

One word: Cute

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2 Sayori Sayori

She deserved to live

I just love Sayori. The saddest part in the game is her death. - Solacress

Best girl!

This is my friend's wife. she is lovely.

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3 Monika Monika

If Monika didn't exist, we wouldn't have gotten the best ending in all of horror game history. She may have been the main antagonist, but she was an amazing one. - Solacress

You guys are all gay voting for something else how dare you insult the queen you will all be banished under the new laws hail

I personally love monika because shes the leader of the group and that means she has the most power

Just monika

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4 Yuri Yuri

Yuri is love. Yuri is life. Yuri is a knife.

Yuri is best girl

Yuri is best girl... - CaptainMowzker

Why she is 4th :( She deserves to be 1st

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5 Protagonist
6 Amy Amy

Amy? Oh, I heard something about her, we were closer than friends... But, I found out something about her, she likes spiders, that's why I am not friends with her.

7 Dan Salvato
8 Buffsuki

She protecc
She attacc
but most importantly,
She be thicc

9 Libitina

Best girl.Might be knifewife.So this might be Yuri.

10 Moistika

The Contenders

11 Abomimonika
12 Creuset

One of the better original characters, but technically a version of feMC...

13 Elyssa

Why is Natsuki in top AGAIN?

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