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1 Natsuki

If you can't tell that this tsundere is best girl, then there is something wrong with you:
1.) She's sassy, but not to the point of being annoying.
2.) She didn't kill herself (jumpscare doesn't count because she's fine after)
3.) Monika only made her aggressive, she didn't really mess with her that much
4.) She's cute (but don't tell her that)
5.) She can bake cupcakes that are probably Amazing
6.) She is beaten by her father so you automatically feel sympathy for her
7.) She's an otaku
8.) She really does care about everyone, best example being when she gives you the letter about something being off about Yuri in act 2 (this scene honestly is the scene that solidified her as my favorite)
9.) The scene of you and her baking is the cutest scene in the game
10.) Her poems are great, the poem about Amy and the spiders giving her a great background as no matter how hard she tries, she is always made fun of by people because she reads manga.
11.) She loves ...more

Natsuki is cute. She is the youngest one, but that doesn't mean she is stupid. I really like her design, and I love that red hairband!

Natsuki is adorable and pretty funny. I mean most tsunderes are just hillarous. She also cares about everyone! And the fact that she roasted her dad. I am never gonna forget that

Natsuki is so friggin adorable! Her hair style, her small boobs, and her tsundere personality! She's 2nd on my Doki Doki Tier List! Why would you not like this cute pink girl?

2 Sayori

Legit such a nice and kind character who was hiding all of her scars in order to make MC happy. So sad and I kind of kin her because I have a habit of doing that sometimes.

She's the cute and lovable girl that is you best friend since childhood. She only wants what's best for everyone and it's very admirable how she is so happy although she's depressed

-she always acts happy, when shes doing really bad on the outside
-she just wants YOU to be happy
-the most selfless creature omg
-shes your childhood best friend
-she shouldn't have been deleted :(
-okay I may have cried when she died. it was definitely the saddest death
-her sunshine poem tho
girls with crazy hair in the game are the best

She wanted you to be happy, she didn't care if she lived or died as long as you were happy, when she saw you hanging out (no pun intended) she saw no meaning as you can be happy with Nat or Yuri.

3 Yuri

Yuri is best girl in my opinion because I like how she is so calm and then just becomes a psycho. Like, you would never expect that from a girl like her even though it is not her fault that her file was messed up. I like the fact that her ending fits nothing like her in act one. I would expect for her to end more like Sayori backside I feel like that’s just more her attitude. She is not really should I say loud, so her stabbing herself and cutting herself is not really what I was expecting until I noticed that she was a literal psychopath

Yuri is clearly one of my favs because, even though she is a yandere, that is what makes her incredible. She doesn't deserve to be as hated as she is (unlike some other girls like Monika or Natsuki) and her kind, gentle soul is what makes her the best girl in the game. Other than Protagonist Pen and Dadsuki, that is.

Yuri is my best girl because I also got her in the test! She is very calm and sweet, she is also very caring!
P.S Mc as a crush on her..
But as soon as I was finishing the game
I saw her stabbing herself like how I kinda cut myself.., But also Yuri has a very positive mind (I know mine isn't long but HEHE)

Yuri is the best person because she has a loveing heart and cares (also natsuki) and if you have a poetry class yuri could give you a hint of a few notes.

4 Monika

( SPOILERS) Monika Is one of the perfect yandere waifus.
She's awfully sweet too. When you delete her, she gets mad at you, but apologizes and brings them back. Then when she realizes there is no happiness, she sings 'Your Reality' Which is one of the best songs I've heard. So No. She isn't a evil yandere like yuri,

Even though Monika does delete everyone she doesn't deserve hate for that! All she wants is you, the player, this is like one of the only games where a fictional girl wants to be with you. And she's pretty cute!

Well, yeah, Monika is pretty popular (in-game and internet) but that isn't why I voted her.

Psychopath? No. She did realized that deleting her friends are messed up and eventually brought them back.

Monika is the best girl, objectively so, because she's literally the only girl in the game. People act as if she's a psycho murderer Yandere. But those who think so apparently didn't get the game.

Monika is BY FAR the best character in the game. Her story is the saddest, mentally she's the most resilient, she's the kindest, she's the most intelligent, and she's the Hero of the game.

I honestly can't see why anyone would vote for anyone besides Monika aside from ignorance.

5 Protagonist

Even though he is clearly the worst character in the game, he is more interesting than most protagonist in video games I know.

Just wanted to mention that he talks less and less as the game goes on to make it like you're in the game and not playing as protagonist anymore

We don't know how he looks like

I don't know why but I always und up liking protags

6 Dan Salvato

Props to the amazing man who made this amazing game

If Dan was a character in the game, would date

He created DDLC sooo yea. I voted for him.
Doki Doki Literature Club is an awesome game!

Thanks, Dan. This game rocks.

7 Buffsuki

1/10 - Better than the original.

Would she bake..
..buffcakes? - RoseWeasley

She thicc dude


8 Flowika

I played the game, and I said to myself, "You are gonna have a bad time."

9 Moistika

Better moist

10 Amy

Amy? Oh, I heard something about her, we were closer than friends... But, I found out something about her, she likes spiders, that's why I am not friends with her.

She might like spiders but...

Okay, I don't know how to defend that.

Ew, are you friends with her? You probably rub each other on spider poop. Freaks.

Doesn't she represent Yuri?

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11 Abomimonika
12 Chibi Sayori

Sayori is cute and this can double the cuteness.

Chibi version of my favorite

All the chibis are adorable

She’s looks cute

13 Chibi Yuri

I like all chibis

14 Chibi Natsuki

all the chibis are so cute

15 Libitina

Best girl.Might be knifewife.So this might be Yuri.

Because she are yuri(it’s a theory) and she are mysterious ;_;

this is monika

16 Sansica
17 Protagonist Pen

the hottest of them all

18 Sayonika

She’s Sayori and Monika

19 Yri

Yuri she is my favorite because she is calm and nice and has a gentle heart and you would never expect it and she turns psycho and that's when surprised me and when I took the test I got Yuri it has surprised me when she stabbed herself and I was in shock

20 Sansika
21 Elyssa

Why is Natsuki in top AGAIN?

because ShE ArE Mysterious ;-;

22 Karen
23 Creuset

One of the better original characters, but technically a version of feMC...

24 Alyssa
25 Dadsuki
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