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1 Natsuki Natsuki

The only one that doesn't go total psycho, and the only one that doesn't kill herself. Also she cute

Definitely best girl

Natsuki best grill.

Shes awesome and doesn't really like you in the beginning. Woman powa! (i'm a boy)

2 Sayori Sayori

I think shes the best she is so nice and amazing

Sayori's death is the only thing that made me cry.

Best girl, kind and cute much like me with food and being lazy. My list is

Best girl,! Deserve #1. My sweet bunshine, I love you.

3 Yuri Yuri

Way better than Monika - ElSherlock

Best girl so yandere

I love Yuri sooo much and I've been loving her for so long and no one as ever took her place. I just love how caring and shy she

And I don't understand why she gives herself cuts when she's so amazing I know she has anxiety and doesn't have a lot of friends but she's so amazing to me. I'm surprised Monika is my second favorite after what she did...

Best girl

4 Monika Monika

She is like all the other characters literally, except she is discarded; left alone until the end to rot and be tormented by the players inability to simply love her. So is twisted, by the agony of watching her friends take her love, into taking over the game and breaking the fourth wall in hope for a future with the player ( Also the song "Your reality" is depressing as hell)

No, just, no! I hate this character!

It wasn't fair that she didn't have a chance to be loved. Monika was forced to sit on the sidelines while all her friends received the chance to be with the one they loved. When Monika finally gets that opportunity to be with the protagonist, she is refused that possibility.

The best girl

5 Protagonist

We don't know how he looks like - ElSherlock

Even he's here? - BorisRule

What a great Doki Doki character voteing for me

I imagine his kinda hawt

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6 Amy Amy

There is only a poem about her she couldn't be the best character I think - OrangeRin

Amy? Oh, I heard something about her, we were closer than friends... But, I found out something about her, she likes spiders, that's why I am not friends with her.

7 Buffsuki

Why? - ElSherlock

She protecc
She attacc
but most importantly,
She be thicc

8 Dan Salvato
9 Libitina

Best girl.Might be knifewife.So this might be Yuri.

10 Sansica

Um, Sure

The Contenders

11 Moistika
12 Abomimonika
13 Creuset

One of the better original characters, but technically a version of feMC...

14 Elyssa

Why is Natsuki in top AGAIN?

15 Yri

It is Yri!

16 Dadsuki

He's mean - ArcticWolf

17 Flowika
18 Alyssa

She is cool

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1. Sayori
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1. Natsuki
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