Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters


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1 Natsuki Natsuki

Sure, the other girls are great, but Natsuki is the most sane. She doesn't try to kill herself or anything. - ResonatingScreamS

Do I even have to explain

I find her to be annoying. - CaptainMowzker


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2 Sayori Sayori

She deserved to live

Best girl!


Sayori is best girl! (Watch out though, Mønïką might glitch this list and make herself number 1)

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3 Monika Monika

You guys are all gay voting for something else how dare you insult the queen you will all be banished under the new laws hail

I personally love monika because shes the leader of the group and that means she has the most power

Monika is the best.

Did you vote for Monika just because she was he prettiest? Well SCREW YOU! Monika is not only beautiful, but smart, talented, and even though she was a BIT of a psycho, she still won my heart. I knew right from the start she was my favorite and there would be more to her character than any of the DDLC girls. She is both overrated and underrated, because I feel even though everybody talks about Yuri and Sayori way more than her, and they get too much love for being sweet, shy, and “they deserved to live and Yuri shouldn’t have gone insane”,Just Monika”, from the end once she becomes self-aware, is very well-loved AND DESERVES TO BE. She manages to see through the fourth wall and hack some files! YOU GO, MONIKA! you're THE BEST DDLC GIRL EVER!

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4 Yuri Yuri

Yuri is love. Yuri is life. Yuri is a knife.

Yuri is best girl

Yuri is best girl... - CaptainMowzker

She should be #1 - PeppaPig

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5 Protagonist
6 Amy Amy

Amy? Oh, I heard something about her, we were closer than friends... But, I found out something about her, she likes spiders, that's why I am not friends with her.

We don't know if Amy is even real. Most likely, she's just a character made up by Natsuki to use in her poem. - ResonatingScreamS

7 Dan Salvato

He's the creator of the game, not a character. Plus, he hasn't even made a cameo in his own game like Scott Cawthon did in FNAF world or something. - ResonatingScreamS

8 Moistika

Not a real character. - ResonatingScreamS

9 Libitina

Best girl.Might be knifewife.So this might be Yuri.

10 Abomimonika
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