Top 10 Don Bluth Movies

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1 The Secret of NIMH The Secret of NIMH Product Image

Best film I've ever seen.

Super underrated - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

2 The Land Before Time The Land Before Time Product Image

Best dinosaur film ever

I love this movie

3 Anastasia Anastasia Product Image

This is the film that inspired me to study the Romanovs and prove Alexeyev's theory to be true! I'm going to thank Don Bluth if I succeed!

The greatest non-Disney animated film ever

4 All Dogs Go to Heaven All Dogs Go to Heaven Product Image

This is a truly unique animated film with a connecting and emotional power.

This was my favorite animated movie of all time.

Doesn't deserve its rotten rating. It's so sweet

Another underrated classic film

5 Thumbelina Thumbelina Product Image

This and Anastasia are the most Disney-esque films

I LOVE this movie! It's ADORABLE!

I LOVE this film!

I LOVE this one! It’s adorable!

6 An American Tail An American Tail Product Image

This is the real "Never say never" song, not Justin Bieber!

7 Rock-A-Doodle Rock-A-Doodle Product Image

What an odd silly movie. Never seen it only seen reviews. But it looks nice and villains positivly LOATHES rock and roll.

Nostalgia Critic's review was hilarious

8 The Pebble and the Penguin The Pebble and the Penguin Product Image

A childhood favorite, because I love penguins

9 Titan A.E. Titan A.E. Product Image

It's an okay film, but it bombed and killed Don Bluth's career

10 Bartok the Magnificent Bartok the Magnificent Product Image

The only Don Bluth movie that is straight-to-video is a mixed bag of breathtakingly cultural animation and childishly hyperactive moments like Thumbelina, The Pebble & the Penguin and Rock-A-Doodle. - The Ultimate Daredevil

Not bad for a direct to DVD film

The Contenders
11 Banjo the Woodpile Cat Banjo the Woodpile Cat Product Image

I love this short originally this was going to be a movie but Don Bluth couldn't add anything else to the story but it is a cute film it is to bad that I wasn't born when it was released but hey thank God for the internet

12 The Small One The Small One Product Image

Please see Jambareeqi's review of Don Bluth shorts to see why The Small One is so awesome that it might have even surpassed the phenomenally high quality of the original The Land Before Time and The Secret of NIMH!

13 A Troll in Central Park A Troll in Central Park Product Image

Don't get fooled by the lush, fluid, great animation (to the point where it is the worst animated movie with great animation, go see Wordpress for proof).

14 An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster Product Image

madame mousey is my favorite don bluth villain

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