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1 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

The Donkey Kong Country Series Has Good Music(Mostly DKC1&2)

Easly the best one in the trilogy, there's enough content, fun levels and best soundtrack! - darthvadern

My favorite game ever. So nostalgic to me... and damn, David Wise.
Tops the others in every possible way, but here some nuances / exceptions :
- DKC3 has better level mechanics, bosses, map system and side quests
- DKCTP has more environment diversity, and is nearly as good musically
- both aforementioned games are graphically as good as DKC2, if not better

This is my second favourite game of all time personally. It's also the game that made me aspire to become a video games composer. One day...

2 Donkey Kong 64


Childhood at best. A collectathon even more. But it's a one of a kind Donkey Kong game and no matter how bad it ages or how old it gets, it will always be NUMBER 7TH BEST RANKING on the Nintendo 64 Sales list... Number 1 on my Nintendo 64 list. I don't think anyone could top this game, but it can't surpass the original DKC series.

Such a hard choice! This one has to be the best because of the world design! Not only that but it's the last good donkey kong. (tropical freeze and the Wii one are good but they will never compare to rare wares donkey kong games. )

It aged badly on some areas (although less than what people consider the "best game of all time") so I don't think it deserves the number 2 spot. - DensestPotato

3 Donkey Kong Country

Supa funny

The best donkey kong game!

The first game on my gameboy... I played it for YEARS, and I still do to this day. Can't get enough of this legendary game

Such a fun game.. DK is useless Diddy is way better! - BimmyJim

4 Donkey Kong Country Returns

The first dk game I have ever played and best

Best Donkey Kong game to date!

This game is no joke - thunderstar1124

This one was the one I grew up with. It gave us a challenge. And that's what I enjoyed the most.

5 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Easily the best Donkey Kong game. It has 2 new characters, an awesome soundtrack, really fun gameplay, and not-to-hard to reach collectibles.

My nostalgia would say otherwise, but I think this is honestly the bat Donkey Kong game to date (let alone Country game). The gameplay has been really refined here from both the old (original DKC trilogy) and the new (DKC Returns). While I did like Donkey Kong Country Returns, it pales in comparison to this masterpiece of a platformer, and I'd say that it's because Tropical Freeze feels completely new and creative with almost EVERY one of its levels, which is something that the games from the original trilogy strived for (maybe DKC3 to a lesser extent).

This game is often criticized for being shorter than Returns, but I honestly think that it's for the better, since I find that Returns drags on a world or so too long. This game ends right when it needs to, in my opinion, and if you still are craving more after that, you have an extra (though small) world that rewards you with Hard Mode, where you can play as any Kong individually. Speaking of Kongs, I also love the choices ...more

Bashmaster is the coolest boss, and the music for his battle is INSANE!

No matter the Nostalgia of the original trilogy, this is hands down the best Donkey Kong Country game ever

6 Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Although it was the weakest of the trilogy, it was still pretty awesomne and as well-done as the other two. - darthvadern

What to say? My favourite game of all time from when I took for the first time a controller.
I'm a big fan of all DK games and seriously, this game is VERY underrated.
I played all of theme, and nobody equaled the "emotion" I felt when I played this.
It has the best gameplay of the DKC trilogy, it has fantastic levels in my opinion, it has a great soundtrack (not the best of the trilogy), it has great secrets, this game has a lot things to do, and they are all funny.
For me, the only three games that maybe can overcome this are: DKC2, DK64 and DKCR. But this will be always my favourite.
STOP underestimate this game!

The forgotten game of the trilogy. DKC3 was played by few due to being released for the SNES about four months after the N64 was released. Although the soundtrack and challenge of the second game is much better, the third has many more things to do. The overworld is huge, and the graphics were very well made. The mini games were both funny and entertaining. A very overlooked game. Highly recommendable.

Better than the 2nd one

7 Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The controls feel great, the OST is AMAZING for 2004 Gamecube, and punching enemies with the controller, Donkey Konga Bongos or (If you own the Wii version) the Wiinote and Nunchuck

You move with bongos - MarioBros11

I love this game so much! - Spongehouse

This sure is a great game - LuigiGamerX

8 Donkey Kong

Seriously, how the hell was this not on here before I added it? It literally began the franchise - MarioBros11

9 Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Barely any different from Wii version - MarioBros11

I got this for Christmas years ago.

10 Donkey Kong Land III

Most underrated video game evaaarrr!

The Contenders

11 Donkey Kong Jr.

This is a great, and incredibly underrated game

No. It was bad. - MarioBros11

12 Donkey Kong Land 2
13 Diddy Kong Racing
14 Mario vs. Donkey Kong
15 Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber

Favorite DK game. Awesome level design

16 Donkey Kong: King of Swing
17 Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast
18 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Switch

Its on like donkey kong

19 Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
20 Donkey Konga 2

Is this any good? I never played it

21 Donkey Kong Land

This game is the worst, terrible physics, screen crunch up the ass and overal not worth it when you can grab the gba remake. Its not like the other dkl games where they are different enough for people to appreciate too, its different in all the wrong aspects. - DensestPotato

22 Donkey Konga 3
23 Diddy Kong Racing DS
24 Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Lamest idea ever - MarioBros11

25 Donkey Kong King of Swing
26 Donkey Konga
27 Donkey Kong 1981
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