Top Ten Don't You Just Hate It When... Moments

Don't you just hate it when you have those "Don't you just hate it when..." moments?

The Top Ten Don't You Just Hate It When... Moments

1 You go to speak and forget what it was you were going to say

You open your mouth to speak and suddenly you forget what you wanted to say. Instead you stand with mouth open, looking at the person you were going to speak to like some demented fish! - Britgirl

Happens so many times. Then you wrack your brain for what it was and can't remember until you're away from the person - EvilAngel

Sometimes I think faster than I can talk, and by the time I've got to the point, I've moved on in my mind. So frustrating. - PositronWildhawk

Hey, there's something important that I need to tell you... Oh.. I forgot. - Delgia2k

2 You think you're about to sneeze and don't

HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME! - FuffleyandPeetah

Suddenly, I felt an itch on my nose. I thought I was about to sneeze. I covered my mouth, ready to sneeze, and then...nothing happened... - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I love the feeling of sneezing - jmepa1234

For me I always look stupid when this happens. I get all prepared and everything and I wait for like 10 seconds and realize I'm getting weird looks...then I move on and THEN I sneeze without warning.. - mpgami

3 You run for a bus but it pulls away seconds before you reach it

I remember one time experiencing that. And it was the bus coming home from school.

That happen to me a lot

I think this happened to my younger brother when he was like in kindergarten or 1st grade one morning at our house. He couldn't hurry to catch the bus from inside so my mom had to take him to school. - creed99

I'm SURE the drivers do it on purpose... They see you in their mirrow while you're red-faced, puffing and panting and waving your arms about like a complete wally... Their timing is practised to perfection! Argh! - Britgirl

4 The internet connection fails

I get so stressed out. I went to bed when I was trying to do something important with my friends but of course the wifi failed. Happens every time. Then I woke up to them wondering where I was and I was like my wifi dropped and they said "awe sorry Cady" not sarcastic though haha. - The_Violist

This is so stressful! On my iPhone when I go to settings it says that there's no connection to the Internet but when I get on to Safari it works just fine. That's just ridiculous. - creed99

That happened to me once but it lasted for 3 DAYS. - Pegasister12

My internet is a piece of crap. I have to reset it so often. - letdot52

5 Someone else takes credit for your hard work

I'm not going to comment. I'll cry instead. Leave me alone. I'll be okay in a minute.. - Britgirl

This is my sister...all day everyday. - letdot52

6 You can't remember how that song goes

You're singing along, then you get to that pesky bridge that you can't remember the tune to. - PetSounds

"Oh that one. You know...duh de duh dum dum... Oh HOW THE HELL DOES IT GO? I ONLY HEARD IT THIS MORNING! - Britgirl

7 Someone gives away spoilers

I accidentally did that to someone once. It was 2 years after Allegiant came out and I told him the ending to the book (I was complaining about it thinking either he'd already finished reading them or by then he would've heard it from someone) and he hadn't somehow so I ended up spoiling it for him:/ - mpgami

I was once reading a very entertaining book and my friend comes up: "they all die in the end"

By friends little brother did that. I haven't had the chance to play Batman: Arkham Knight yet and while me and him were talking he told me that Red Hood was *********** so I've been pretty bummed. - letdot52


8 You forget where you left something

I've had this worse then probably anyone! One time, I had both my gloves, then I lose one glove for two weeks, finally find it, and then lose the other one! I finally find that one a week later. This was during the winter. Can you imagine how cold one hand would always be? I hated that winter. - AbduZine

Happens with my phone a lot. It's usually on my couch. - Pegasister12

Happens to me too often - Martinglez

It is so annoying!

9 You stub your toe

*Stabs pinkie toe on a wall*
5 seconds later...
Oh, that wasn't so bAAAHAAHAHH OWOWOWOWowoWO OW OW - 0w0uwu

And then you lose your balance, and hit your head because you're hopping about on one leg. Bugger! - Britgirl

You get so mad and the rage fills you. But you don't have anyone to get mad at or hurt because of it, so you just rage inside. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Sometimes I stub my toe and I get mad but is hurts so bad so I scream and get mad - Derp_88

10 When you are in a group project and someone else makes you fail

I once lost a debate because the TEAM CAPTAIN got mad at us for not having our rough drafts done by the morning after we got the debate topic and we get to the debate and she doesn't have anything to go off of. She said "oh, I don't have anything I know what I'm gonna say." And she ended up supporting the other team in her rebuttal. And she took my friends cards saying "I'm just gonna look over them and make a couple edits if needed" and my friend told her not to use pen just use light pencil and this girl handed it back with sharpie marks all over it. She added at the very beginning "I'd like to first thank our wonderful, amazing, spectacular judges and the opposing team, and my hardworking, amazing teammates for being here today." Yeah. We lost the debate by 5 points. - mpgami

This never happens to me,not to brag but I always breeze through my homework, and when I do homework with someone, I give them all of the answers.

In my best subject I got a 8 (C) because of one girl. - AnonymousChick

I know! You're planning to get a good grade for a subject,you try very hard,but then every things gone just because of what others did. - SamuiNeko

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11 Your best friends love something you really hate

On the contrary, it's embarrassing when you love something most of your friends hate.

Example: This one girl's heart sank as she heard her friends talk about how Justin Bieber sucks. She secretly loved his songs...

My friends like rap and pop, whilst I like alternative. They tell me I should listen to that crap, but I want to surpass the average human lifespan. - Merilille

I have a friend that likes Justin Bieber,thankfully she's not a fan of him anymore. - SamuiNeko

Many of my friends like the movie Labyrinth. I don't knwo how though...because that movie flippin sucks. Just go watch Wall-E people! - letdot52

12 You can't think of a tenth item for a TheTopTens list

You're on a roll, you're doing well and then the tenth item looms and your mind goes.. @.@ - Britgirl

13 A restaurant is out of the one thing you went there to get

One time my grandma took me to the drive thru at McDonald's to get me a milkshake but when we got up there to ask the employee, he said the machine was broken! I'm never going to order another milkshake there again. - creed99

I once went to Chik-Fil-A and they were out of chicken. Not kidding. - letdot52

That's like going to an ice cream shop and they don't have ice cream. - 0w0uwu

WHAT?!?!?! - AbduZine

14 You get up to get something, you forget what you needed to get, and the split second you sit down, you remember

So right! Why does this happen?!?! One day I'm going to pretend to sit down and catch the spiteful wonder of the world on the hop. Ha! - Britgirl

I sit down and get all comfy in my couch, ready to watch my favorite show, and I realize that I forgot the popcorn in the microwave. - Pegasister12

This happens every time I watch T.V. and get up to Anyway I get up and can't remember what I wanted to get and I come back and when the commercials are over I remember what is was A...uh..never mind but I remember and I have to miss part of the show - mpgami

15 You don't realize the straw shifted in your drink and spend a few moments trying to find it with your mouth looking like a horse eating grass

So awkward, especially when you're a woman and trying to be demure, feminine and sexy! Haha - Britgirl

I do that all the time. And I look really ridiculous when I do it. - Pegasister12

16 You get beat up by a girl

One time I was standing and this little girl kicked me like what ;-; - 0w0uwu

17 You have to go grocery shopping and you really don't want to

Call me weird, but I love grocery shopping. - Pegasister12

WE HAVE ENOUGH FOOD! - Ihaskitty1234

18 You like someone but they don't reply

Say something I'm giving up on you... - SamuiNeko

Happened to me way too many times

19 You're about to win a Pokemon match and the opposite guy gets a critical hit

Happens way to much - wyattmedlock

Story of my life. - RiverClanRocks


20 You don't realize you've been standing in the wrong line until you get near the front

...And the queue you're supposed to be in is a mile longer! Oh... - Britgirl

21 You build up the confidence to buy some flashy clothing, but then feel too self conscious to ever wear it

I have a lovely expensive violet evening dress which I'm too shy too wear out of an evening. I only ever wear in it my bedroom... - Britgirl

22 You fall in love with someone of the same sex

Being Bisexual & Homoromantic, I can relate to this but in a good sense - 0w0uwu

Why would you hate this, I understand it in terms of if you were a gay guy and you fell in love with a straight guy and you knew it was impossible for you to be together no matter how much you loved him. But falling in love with another gay guy, That is a really good feeling cause that guy can return your affection because you know he has that chance that he will fall in love with you because he is attracted to men just like you are. - DJSchollen

Whats wrong with homosexual? Its legal in all states now. - SamuiNeko

What's wrong with love? - Pegasister12

23 You find a spider on your wall
24 Your family comes over and brings those annoying cousins that never leave you alone

UGH! Tell me about it. Recently, my aunt came over with my older cousins and little nephew named Alex. Well, HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A SINGLE MOMENT CONSTANTLY ASKING ME, "Do you want to watch me play a game? " OR "Do you want to watch me watch videos" THE BATHROOM WAS MY ONLY ESCAPE FROM HIM. I was so glad when he got scolded by my older cousin Suzy to stop bugging me. - Pegasister12


25 You miss a red light and have to wait longer than usual for it to change to green.

This seriously sucks where I live. I deal with lights that almost seem to go red at the wrong moments at the wrong times, and waiting up to three minutes feels like forever. Whoever plans the traffic where I live has no sense, as I and about 50 other cars are waiting at a light that never turns back to green.

And then to make things worse, sometimes they never seem to change back at all. This actually happens, I wish I were making that up but I'm not. - NuMetalManiak

26 You don't realize the toilet paper roll is empty until you reach for it

Have you ever had it your OUT of toilet paper and the rest is in the basement? That's basically my life. - AbduZine

I have to take the pain to reach over into the cabinet and grab a toilet paper roll out of it's bag. - Pegasister12

I take my own paper now. :P - Britgirl

27 You realize what someone said as you are asking "what?"

Teacher: Do you know what 2+2 is?
Me: What? Oh ye-*
Teacher: 2+2 is four, because, if you add the (*me screaming inside*) two numbers the... - 0w0uwu

Oh why didn't I add this myself?! This is ALWAYS happening. It's so embarrassing. - Britgirl

П"� of my life. My brain automatically does it..

Friend:Do we have French next lesson?

Me:What? Yeah

Another scene-

Friend:*laughing* You really did ask her out!

Me:What yeah yeah what what what yeah wait yeah what yeah wait oh yeah what yeah

28 Someone farts in the car and it's too uncomfortable to admit you noticed so you have to keep driving with the windows up

Haha hasn't happened yet but it would be funny! - Britgirl

29 You're in the middle of an argument and realize you're dead wrong
30 You offer someone gum and they think you're implying something about their breath
31 Someone farts on an escalator and you have no choice but to go into the offending stench

My dad is usually the villian of this and I apologise on his behalf. - Britgirl

32 You try to eat and the food falls on you
33 When you try to kill a spider and you can't find it
34 Someone scares you from behind and they didn't mean it

One time I was in school, (I'm home schooled by the way) and my cat jumped onto my lap, and it startled me so bad - FuffleyandPeetah

This accidentally happened with my English teacher, she came up from behind to ask me a question, touched my shoulder, and made me jump because I could only get scared from behind. - Pegasister12

35 An ant bites you
36 Someone eats the food you were saving for later

This happens ALL the time to me! - Pegasister12

37 You have an itch and your hands are occupied
38 When a random person says "Ching Chong" to you when you're an Asian that is not Chinese
39 Cream crackers suddenly break in your hand while buttering them

10 pounds of crums appear on me - 0w0uwu

Now I have peanut butter all over me. Aw... - Britgirl

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