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21 You build up the confidence to buy some flashy clothing, but then feel too self conscious to ever wear it

I have a lovely expensive violet evening dress which I'm too shy too wear out of an evening. I only ever wear in it my bedroom... - Britgirl

22 You fall in love with someone of the same sex

Why would you hate this, I understand it in terms of if you were a gay guy and you fell in love with a straight guy and you knew it was impossible for you to be together no matter how much you loved him. But falling in love with another gay guy, That is a really good feeling cause that guy can return your affection because you know he has that chance that he will fall in love with you because he is attracted to men just like you are. - DJSchollen

Whats wrong with homosexual? Its legal in all states now. - SamuiNeko

Wow. I don't even know what to say. I'll get hated for saying what I am thinking so...bye. - letdot52

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23 You find a spider on your wall
24 You miss a red light and have to wait longer than usual for it to change to green.

This seriously sucks where I live. I deal with lights that almost seem to go red at the wrong moments at the wrong times, and waiting up to three minutes feels like forever. Whoever plans the traffic where I live has no sense, as I and about 50 other cars are waiting at a light that never turns back to green.

And then to make things worse, sometimes they never seem to change back at all. This actually happens, I wish I were making that up but I'm not. - NuMetalManiak

25 You don't realize the toilet paper roll is empty until you reach for it

I have to take the pain to reach over into the cabinet and grab a toilet paper roll out of it's bag. - Pegasister12

Have you ever had it your OUT of toilet paper and the rest is in the basement? That's basically my life. - AbduZine

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26 You realize what someone said as you are asking "what?"

Oh why didn't I add this myself?! This is ALWAYS happening. It's so embarrassing. - Britgirl

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27 Someone farts in the car and it's too uncomfortable to admit you noticed so you have to keep driving with the windows up

Haha hasn't happened yet but it would be funny! - Britgirl

28 You're in the middle of an argument and realize you're dead wrong
29 You offer someone gum and they think you're implying something about their breath
30 Someone farts on an escalator and you have no choice but to go into the offending stench

My dad is usually the villian of this and I apologise on his behalf. - Britgirl

31 You try to eat and the food falls on you
32 When you try to kill a spider and you can't find it
33 Someone scares you from behind and they didn't mean it

This accidentally happened with my English teacher, she came up from behind to ask me a question, touched my shoulder, and made me jump because I could only get scared from behind. - Pegasister12

34 An ant bites you
35 Someone eats the food you were saving for later

This happens ALL the time to me! - Pegasister12

36 Your family comes over and brings those annoying cousins that never leave you alone

UGH! Tell me about it. Recently, my aunt came over with my older cousins and little nephew named Alex. Well, HE WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A SINGLE MOMENT CONSTANTLY ASKING ME, "Do you want to watch me play a game? " OR "Do you want to watch me watch videos" THE BATHROOM WAS MY ONLY ESCAPE FROM HIM. I was so glad when he got scolded by my older cousin Suzy to stop bugging me. - Pegasister12

37 You have an itch and your hands are occupied
38 When a random person says "Ching Chong" to you when you're an Asian that is not Chinese
39 Cream crackers suddenly break in your hand while buttering them

Now I have peanut butter all over me. Aw... - Britgirl

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1. Someone else takes credit for your hard work
2. You go to speak and forget what it was you were going to say
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3. You go to speak and forget what it was you were going to say
1. Someone else takes credit for your hard work
2. You go to speak and forget what it was you were going to say
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