Best of Doomcraft's Scam Helpers In Growtopia

The Top Ten

1 Doomcraft

Doomcraft has been banned

Wow I Found Out Who's Being Making All These Lists Of Doomcraft It's Maxamillion He Just Wants To Be Better Then Anyone

Everyone on this list is on Doomcrafts friend list and is a scammer and lier

Doomcraft is a scammer there is no maxxamillion growtopian

2 agentbro

Agentbro quit and now is called "8951"

Agentbro is currently banned

8951 no longer exists and now is brosucker2

3 pixelkiller5
4 HoonTRON
5 friekfriez

Friekfriez is now owned by another player due to 270 days inactivity

6 Brother1
7 Timing
8 X1985
9 LordAres
10 Cukuzz

The Contenders

11 Qura
12 Lelldejeniro
13 @Opopolisy
14 Grow58
15 Killer29
16 Jacob257
17 Elijah257
18 AlpXp
19 V3ssal1us

V3ssal1us is a scammer watch out and he is active

20 Goam
21 Deathgem1

Quit and sold

22 EpicDude29
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