Top Ten Dopest Rap Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

There are some dope rappers that really deserve to be heard, but just can't get off the ground. This is to try and get some attention on these rappers. So there's a couple rules for the initial ten. First off, most of these will be taken off Rap Nation, and since it's a big channel, the songs will have to have less than 7,500,000 views on YouTube.

The Top Ten Dopest Rap Songs You Probably Haven't Heard

1 Golden God - Kyle Lucas

It was tough between this and The Adventure, but this one's more obscure so I chose this one. To warn y'all who worship Trump as a god, this song takes a shot at Trump. Also, can I just say the people who's opinion on a song could change if the person talks negatively about their view on politics shouldn't be reviewing music. - hiphopgod

2 The Adventure - The Pro Letarians

Dude, you kept on E-Mailing this to me to tell me how great and underrated it is. - spiritofhiphop

3 Montreal - Caskey
4 Lost N***** - Quest
5 Recruit - Lido & Santell
6 1999 - SAINt JHN

If you like hard rap, you should like this one - hiphopgod

7 The North - Mat Johnston
8 Red Freestyle - Kaiydo
9 Motel 6 - Jelani Ameer
10 Speaking Crazy - Moh Flow

It was between this and Tim North's "F*** Luck" but I ended up going with this one because this one just feels harder - hiphopgod

The Contenders

11 In My Feelings - Drake
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