Top 10 Dora Spinoffs That Should Exist

The Top Ten

1 Killing Dora

I will kill Dora with a bunch of weapons

It exists, but it's a fan-fiction series so it's not official. It was uploaded by DeviantArt user "ALEXst69fortress" (me) - AlexImmortal420

2 Dora Gets Grounded

I hate grounded videos of my favorite characters, but I like grounded videos of Dora The Explorer

Already happens

3 1000 Ways to Kill Dora

Instead of 1000 ways to die, it would be 1000 ways to kill Dora

Created by the same people who created "1000 Ways To Die" - AlexImmortal420

4 The Many Ways to Abuse Boots
5 Dora the Exploder

It's happening! - Maddox121

6 Dora and Friends Go to Hell
7 The Misfortunes of Being Dora Marquez
8 SpongeBob V.S. Dora
9 Comparing Everyone to Dora
10 Dora Rages at Video Games
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