Top 10 Dorkly Videos

Oh, Dorkly. While some of their videos aren't the best, they are still great. So which one is the best? The only criteria for this list is that it must be on the Dorkly YouTube channel.

The Top Ten

1 Mario Goes Berserk

True Classic

Should've done that in World 1

No More Mr Nice Guy

Go, Mario! Destroy them! DESTROY THEM ALL!

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2 SimCity: Monster Hates Your City

Citizens of Jimtopia! The end of days is upon you! Prepare to meet your wait. You built a prison next to a hospital. Seriously?

3 Pokemon Rusty: HM Madness

Fun fact: This episode was referenced in Gym Fight where Blaine's T.V. talks about a forest fire in route 17. THE MORE YOU KNOOW!

4 Inbred Yoshi
5 Problem With Starter Pokemon
6 Rejected Sega Intros
7 Tails Can't Die
8 Ice World Problems

"At last, the Mario brothers! Now to finally destroy you once and for a- oh no, it's wolves! " - Bowser - ModernSpongeBobSucks

9 Sonic Goes Berserk

"Calculating the odds of success. *Beeping* Please tell my wife I respect her. *shoots himself in the head" - Metal Sonic - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 Plants vs Zombies: Wall-nut Gets Bitten

The Contenders

11 Why Yoshi Isn't Allowed in the Castle

That one was funny!

12 Sonic Meets With His Agent
13 Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters
14 Gex Meets With His Agent

There's never going to be a sequel to Gex 3. Gex is now a Pokemon.

15 If Dr. Robotnik Had An Assistant
16 If Dr. Wily Had An Assistant
17 If Bowser Had An Assistant
18 Power-Up Mix-Up
19 Power-Up Mix-Up (Part 2)
20 Power-Up Mix-Up (Part 3)
21 Bowser Wants a Gun
22 If Sega Owned Mario
23 If Nintendo Owned Sonic
24 Mario vs. Green Hill Zone
25 Donkey Kong Doesn't Back Down
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