Top Ten Best Dota2 Characters

Whad you would say about characters on Dota2? Who is the most good, fearless, invincible and honorable character on the game?

The Top Ten

1 Faceless Void
2 Juggernaut
3 Drow Ranger
4 Pudge
5 Invoker

This dude deserves #1 position. He can adapt any situation.

6 Night Stalker

I think night stalker have deserve to be stronger. in dota one u can ply as strong carry with him. but in dota2 ns not even in carry labal2 list. not a good tank, sup, nuker, carry or.... and his talent tree is really really S U C K S. but all fear night and night stalker because fear of death absence in his character and nature.

7 Riki

Riki is overall really good. I mean he has his downs but if you really use him right you can really get a lot of kills. Like seriously has the power to stay invisible all the time? That's insane. I mean some heroes can turn invisible, but not for as long as you want (Well Templar Assassin can stay invisible as long as you don't move, but that's different). He also has his Blink Strike which make him teleport to an enemy to kill him when he has a low amount of health, or you can go to an ally to get out of a pinch. All I'm saying is, Riki is a cool character and in my opinion he is the best.

8 Tiny
9 Spirit Storm
10 Bloodseeker

The Contenders

11 Huskar

The fire

12 Rubick
13 Kunka
14 Lina
15 Doom
16 Troll Warlord
17 Tinker
18 Sniper
19 Axe
20 Mirana
21 Shadow Fiend
22 Spirit Breaker
23 Naga Siren
24 Ursa
25 Phantom Assassin
26 Razor
27 Venomancer
28 Luna

For Selemene and the Dark Moon!

29 Viper
30 Meepo
31 Zeus
32 Warlock
33 Phantom Lancer
34 Broodmother

She can insert her babies into enemies, duh!

35 Tidehunter

Kraken is damn good in range!

36 Earthshaker
37 Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit is good once you know how to use it.

38 Enigma
39 Spectre
40 Windranger
41 Necrophos
42 Skywrath Mage
43 Wraith King
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