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1 Chad

Every single one of these comments hit the nail on the head! I work with a Chad and I can't stand him! Always talking about how he is better then everyone, nobody is smart except for him, always making sexual comments about every single woman, bragging that he gets all kinds of girls all the time (he's married by the way! His poor wife! ). He constantly talks and thinks he's hilarious. The more I ignore him, the more he has to try and get my attention. He thinks everyone loves him but there is not one single person here that can stand him! He makes me hate coming to work everyday! Definition of a DOUCHEBAG!

Chads are self centered, narcissistic, somewhat sociopathic and have moderate to low intelligence. Chads see themselves as brilliant, funny, amicable ladies men. They think women should understand females are subservient to men. Chads think they are special among men. Chads believe they will make the next great discovery and become billionaires due to their innate business acumen. Chads get jealous, mean and have a hidden inferiority complex. Chads think they somehow deserve the adoration of multitudes of beautiful women and riches beyond avarice. In truth, Chads are usually below average at everything in life and are laughed at for their ignorant braggadocious behaviors. Chads don't usually see that everyone around them sees them for what they are - douche bags.

I dated a Chad. After he went on a work trip with a female coworker, he was acting weird and awkward and kept cancelling plans on me. The only plan he was going to keep was the one that involved me helping him with headshots for job applications. I told him that was not OK, refused to help him with the project if that was the only reason we were going to see each other that week, and tried to talk to him about what was going on, but instead he ignored me for about a week before dumping me by Facebook message. Best part is we have mutual friends and any time we're at a party together, he'll go hide. Literally. And yes, he is an adult (according to his age, anyway). What a douche/weak-ass. I feel embarrassed I ever liked him.

Chad has perfected the art of being a douche. He exaggerates all the time. He calls himself a chef. His food tastes like low grade dog food. He says he was in the army and stationed in Iraq. He's way too big for that. Claims he was drafted by the Yankees. (That one's hilarious! ) He tells so many big tales, you can't help but think, "No way, not you! " Not one of his stories can be verified. And, if you know this douche, you know they aren't true. Chad is a total, complete, super mega douche.

2 Brad

I can't stop laughing... I'm a Brad, and I'm writing this in between sets on the bench at the gym. I googled "Is Brad a douchey name" and here it is. I'm a jock, did five varsity sports in HS (only good at one of them haha) and I'm in a frat. I work in sales, and constantly joke around that I'm a huge player with a tiny penis. One of those is false, and you can guess which. Nonetheless a good deal of my friends said they hated me before thinking I was a self-righteous ass, but now they say that I warmed up. But who knows? Maybe they hate me, whatever gotta get back to the iron so I can get rejected by your girl.

It's true. I'm a Bradford, but have went by Brad for most of my life. It's been tough trying to be liked. In movies/T.V./etc., Brad's are always douchey yacht owning college students or offensively offensive flaming homosexuals. Also, Brad was the brunette girl on Nickelodeons "Hey, Dude! "

I find it kind of funny how this is at number 4 to be honest because there's a Brad in Three Days Grace and he seems to be the most humble out of the 4 members, plus one of my best friends a few years ago was named Brad.

Brad's the type of guy that's a self proclaimed enigma. He rocks toe-shoes, rides a fixie and always talks about his new, superior diet. Boyfriends beware, many Brads have standup desks for the soul purpose of boning your girl.

3 Trent

In English class, I was talking about my cousin Julia's boyfriend Trent. This one kid automatically said 'What kind of douchebag name is Trent? ' I kind of know why he said that, but Trent is really chill.

Trent was made out to believe he was a star athlete because his dad was the coach. In reality he was terrible. Total douche whenever his suckiness would show too.

Trent sometimes mistaken for the animal called the sloth. It drags it's hands on the ground while moaning. Trent should be number one doiche vote people.

Trent would be the spoiled, preppy rich kid who goes to a private school, and wears sweater vests, polo shirts & khakis all the time.

4 Chris

Most abusive, cheating, lying douchebag who denies everything he does and blames his victims and then manipulates everyone around him. Master manipulators. Complete salesman. Narcicistic or Sociopathic! Watch out for Chris! He will wrap you in to his world then destroy you and then blame it on you.

This name is defiantly not the douchebag name. My sister is dating someone named Chris, and he is one of the most thoughtful, nicest, polite person I've ever met in my lifetime.

Chris- Derived from ancient celtic languages roughly translating to fat curly headed white guy who goes to prison for stealing his grandmothers crown vic then whilst in prison decides he wants to be a black man instead.

An educated idiot. Can talk for hours about reform, yet is the type of person who has no idea where anything is.

5 Brandon

Brandon is a name for a55h0les. Brandons are soft, mediocre whimps - but they are SO cocky like they are the smartest, toughest and coolest people in the world...only they aren't. They aren't even the best at sucking! Brandons are basically mediocre at everything except they are the best at maintaining a gigantic unearned ego.

When I was in sixth grade, there was a kid named Brandon in my school who thought he was the greatest person in the world just because everyone called him "The Ninga Kid." What a punk.

I know five Brandons. Four of them are horrible people and oblivious to it. While I must admit that I found them all likable at first, eventually they proved to be true douches.

I'm not being rude, but Brandon is a very plain name. I know a lot of people who have that name, and yeah it sounds like a douchey name.

6 Guy

Knew a kid named Guy, whose father was rich because he was a real estate salesman. He thought he was hot because his family drove really nice cars, and whenever he got into fights, his older brother would step in, backing him up.

The only plus side is that you can't forget his name. The only problem is, you want to forget the person who has the name.

It looks like people here don't understand that this name originated in France around the 10th century.. way before the word "guy" came into use.

I think a boy named "Guy" would be saying bro or guy in each sentence.
Example: "What's up bro! " or "What's up guy! I am dating a girl to just use her."

7 Blake

Douche name on steroids, should be above Chad. The Blake I knew was charming but had a creepy 1000 yard stare in his eyes. He had a sense of humor that seemed edgy at first but after awhile you'd realize what it really was: his capacity for cruelty showing through. He knew what to say to seem like he was connecting, but really it was just a strategy to find your weak spots for the attacks later. Basically, he was a sociopath.

I had a class with a boy named Blake. He was a mega douchebag. We had a class discussion on how different cultures view body hair, and his first comment was "I would never sleep with a girl a bush." Also, we could be talking about animals, and he would go on a rant about how weed doesn't hurt people. Regardless of the validity of his statement, something obviously screwed him up.

Fell in love with a boy named Blake. He knew for four years and treated me badly. Now he's with another girl and refuses to talk to me. I wish I had never met him.

Blake makes me feel like a douchebag married a douchebag, had babies and they married other douchebags and had babies and named the baby Blake.

8 Paul

My dad's name is Paul. He's really nice. I'm just saying, don't judge someone by their name. It can be really offensive to people with these names who are completely nice. Even if you have known someone who's a jerk with one of these names, not everyone is the same.

I went to school with a kid named Paul. He would always call people by their stereotypes. I wore black ONE day and he called me "The Oh-So Depressed Goth Girl" for ten years.

Paul plays defense like a douche. He also plays offense like a douche. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, he does everything like a douche.

No! This needs to be taken off. Like Paul McCartney and St. Paul are awesome. Why would you guys say that about the name.

9 Brody

It has Bro right in the name. If you name your kid this expect them to be put in the special ed class and get horrendous tattoos. Also don't be surprised when they get in trouble for grabbing with out permission.

Brody is a common name of college douche bags, who get drunk every weekend with beer bongs and wear their hats backwards while using the word "bro" in every sentence.

The name speaks for itself. I'm only here because I heard a kid was named Brody at my daughter's swim lesson. I thought, "god that is a d-baggy name."

I knew a Brody, he was in my Reception and Year 1 classes in primary school. He shat on the table.

10 Justin

I know a guy named Justin and he's a mysogynist and brazen. He thinks that he's right and the world is wrong. Before he got to know me, he'd argue with me when I have an opinion about something or disagree, even with a reason, and gets defensive about it. Even my boyfriend found his behaviour distasteful and that's this own friend.

We have one for a celebrity. Justin Bieber? Type in his name, and mostly you'll get "WHY JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS." Other than that, that's the only douche I know with that name. To be honest, I'm rooting for you guys, because nobody deserves a douche/sociopath/narcissist in their life. Be yourself as always, and kick his ass to North Korea if you know he's acting a little funny. Chances are he's a psycho with insecurities.

Justin just sounds cocky. The type of person that does nic3 things just to look better. Sore loser, cares about looks, thinks there better and will prove it. If you are a Justin, eitherntou are actually a cool dude, or I care little to not big about you.

Justin was the greatest narcissistic and manipulative douche I've ever encountered in my whole life. He was an emotionally abusive scumbag. He also cheated. I got the hell out of there. Worst "relationship" of my life.

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11 Zack

Zack from Ghost Adventures. Wears shirts a size too small just to make his mediocre 'muscles' look bugger, wears those dumb ass hats which only actually look good on short, adorable girls (teenage, though), never lets anyone (Nick, Aaron) talk, and taunt the ghosts as if he were invincible! In my school, the typical Zack has 1 (or both) ears pierced, wears pants so low they show off his American Eagle boxers, and if they're white, they act black.

I know a guy named zack and he is the douchiest person I have ever met always trying to get the ladies but never can. Always wearing a gold chain to school with a ball cap turned sideways and wearing a polo with tight sweatpants and he has his socks pulled over them. Douchiest guy ever

I know a Zac. He's literally the human version of the Annoying Orange. He even sounds like him. I want to rip my ears off every time he's near.

Remember that episode of TAWOG where a personality called "Zack" tried to take over Gumball?

12 Mike

My dad's name is Mike and boy is he rude. He just got a divorce and married someone else who is 29 years younger than him. During the wedding he promised to help me get my cow to the fair. It was like 2 weeks after (they were in Florida-they're flight was 2 days before the fair which means he could make it). But he was out with his wife. UGGHHH

The manager at my old workplace was named Mike and he was a COMPLETE douchebag Mcnozzleton Johnson Jr, and a very mean alcoholic to boot. He would always (and still does) come into work piss-ass drunk, but he was in good with management and got away with it.

I sit next to a Mike in class. He is a complete douche and I hate him. My BFF has a crush on him. He does look good, and is funny, but he is the worst. I hate the name Justin too, because he sits on the other side of me and is worse then Mike.

I have a co-worker named Mike, he's the dept. lead for the designers. He thinks he's god's gift to creative and design, has a cute dog that he dresses up in a star wars costume and parades him all around the office like he's the Westminster Dog Show. I don't think he knows how to shut off his computer.

13 Chaz

Chaz is the guy who will do anything to hide his rare form of young adult erectile dysfunction. Such as purchase a 12" lift kit for his Dodge Durango along with a "Merica" bumper sticker.

Frat guy douche. Four popped collars, cargo shorts, and boat shoes.

It's like chad, but he's from the nineties and changed his name.

Chaz is a white skater jerk from Utah who thinks he's hot crap.

14 Kyle

I knew a Kyle from Maine who is a deaf furry who kept stalking and harassing a lot of women, including online. And of course he lies about it. He also stole ideas from people online and tried to make it his own. He then posted videos on YouTube claiming he was bullied by people, when the opposite happened. He was lying about harassing people, lying about being disrespectful and rude to people, and tried to use his disabilities as an excuse to say he can do whatever he likes. He also liked using the term "coon" a lot to describe a raccoon, even though one of those online chats had black people in it. Horrible person.

Every guy named Kyle I have ever met (in 34 years across 4 western states) has been a douchebag, including my own brother. I think a persons name has some bearing on their overall personality growing up. So please.. When naming your children, think back and ask yourself, did I know someone with that name, and where they a douchebag, if there was even one yes to that question, pick a different name

Every time Kyle messed up he would always say sorry then do the exact same thing. He would cry about how his friends hated him and threaten suicide constantly when they called him out on his BS. He harassed tons of women but has "youtube fans" so he can continue doing what he wants since 99.7% of his fans are below 10 years of age.

There's a kyle in my arch grad classes...he likes to think that just because his daddy is a professional architect he knows everything better than any other student. he's a dick. I've made it my mission to steal the chick he's so totally into so that I can try and knock him down a few pegs. it also helps that she finds him wholeheartedly ANNOYING.

15 Dimash

Seems alright to me

16 Jeremy

Met a Jeremy who's in a band at age 42 and still ghosting 21 year olds because he's emotionally incapable of being straight forward. Teaches English (secondary alternative school). Super insecure. Basically the epitome of douchebags, I guess it's not something you grow out of.

Ex boyfriend named Jeremy, couldn't stop lying & cheating to save his life, he thinks he's the king but has a huge inferiority complex!

I know a guy named Jeremy who goes around sleeping with girls, and then expects them to stay with him after he's broken them.

My brother Jeremy shared a list of ass names with my name on it... Seemed like a douchebag thing to do... Turns out, I was right.

17 Kayman
18 Scott

My ex was an insecure, abusive, controlling, immature, condescending, hypocritical douchebag who was arrested over 4 times for the same thing, and never learned his lesson. Although my brother is a Scott and he's the best husband and brother anyone can ask for! Totally selfless, giving, and mature. Now my best friend started dating a Scott, and he's a total keeper. Mixed feelings on this name

I agree on this name, it's like they are destined to be a douche out the womb once given this name. Had a crush on a guy with this name and he put me through hell and treated me poorly. He was an arrogant, egotistical, selfish, ass. I told him that to his face and then had the nerve to call me crazy!

Lifelong history of dealing with douchey, loser Scotts. It just seems like an unstoppable trend. I've asked others and they almost always agree after a moment to consider the Scott douches in their own lives.

I have a friend who's ex-husbands name is Scott. And when he's sober he's fine. But drunk, COMPLETE 180.

19 Aiden

I only know one Aiden, and I don't like him. He keeps calling me, asking me "do you want to join my YouTube company? " I keep declining his calls, but the message doesn't seem to get across to him. When we do talk, he will often make sexual jokes and show images of porn on the call camera.

20 Dick

Dick is the kind of asswhole who has to be the best and lets everyone know it. He is the leather jacket wearing can't let go of daddys hot rod driving hair gel slicking badboy your daddy hates. he's the kind of guy who likes to talk about his enormous dick to the ladies. he's always got that teeth showing grin on his face to let everyone know "hey I'm an asswhole." he's the guy who puts on way too much axe body spray on the bus and gets yelled at for it he's the guy who will sleep with a girl and tell everyone he hit that 12 hours ago. he's the guy you don't want to take to a bar or be in his zip code for that matter. Just a popular dickhead everyone knows and hates.

Dick: My name is Richard Grayson, but all the kids in the orphanage call me Dick!
Batman: Well children can be cruel

My name is so cool alright! You beta males cannot make fun of me! I am Dick! Big Dick!

I personally like da name. I think da mother of dis child was like damn he has a big dick (unlike most of yo boisss) so imma name him Dick...

21 Charles

I know someone named Charles, he always wore red head phones, and for some reason he thought the best way to solve things were to run his helicopter into buildings.

If you know you I'm talking about you are a legend!

I knew a kid named Charles in school. He would always pick on me. He only stopped when I lost it and blew up in his face. The detention was worth it to knock him down a peg.

Oh my god he is a sore looser all the time and will always make bogus calls. Besides it sounds like you try to be fancy but aren't.

I know somebody named Charles... they're one of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met

22 Shawn

The only Shawn I ever met had a head the size of a watermelon and an ego to match.

Looks like a creepy guy who lives in a van.

23 Jake

The penultimate mama's boy. Not accountable to anything, he's free to run amok while being given everything asked for, all 100% expected. Parents are merely an ATM, he winds up on Twitter in various states of inebriation. Lasts less than a month in college, will transfer at least 4 times by sophomore year before getting a job in father's 'landscape' business.

I knew a Jake recently, and he was the worst person I ever met. I lost over $6,000 because he kept using the Victim Card on me by asking me for money and making up stories. And when I finally say No, he would continue asking me until I either cave or outright ignore him.

I knew a Jake who cheated on my best friend with her sister and neither of them realized it was the same person. They both ended up pregnant and Jake hasn't paid any child support for Alexa or Avery.

Oh shut up and stop stereotyping my name.

24 Ceyden
25 Richard

He tries to spoil everything in Harry Potter for me or just anything I read. He is also a little egotistical prick who thinks he is nice but almost everyone knows he is not.

Usually the name of that deadbeat a-hole father who sits on the couch watching football all day, fat wearing a greasy tank top, yells at his wife and hits his kids.

I love the name Richard. It's a classy name. But I don't like it shortened to Richie or God forbid, Dick.

Its like the movie with the little boy that has the name Richie Rich or Richard Rich. Very Douchebaggy

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