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1 Chad

I had a roommate named chad. He worked at a gym, told everybody he was better than everybody, did hella coke, and even took hormone supplements that made him grow bitch t*** which he then tried to pass for pecks. This is the type of guy that starts fights with smaller guys to make himself look more macho. In every sense of the word, Chad was a huge douche

Every single one of these comments hit the nail on the head! I work with a Chad and I can't stand him! Always talking about how he is better then everyone, nobody is smart except for him, always making sexual comments about every single woman, bragging that he gets all kinds of girls all the time (he's married by the way! His poor wife! ). He constantly talks and thinks he's hilarious. The more I ignore him, the more he has to try and get my attention. He thinks everyone loves him but there is not one single person here that can stand him! He makes me hate coming to work everyday! Definition of a DOUCHEBAG!

I know a douchebag named Chad, he is the biggest douchebag in the world.
He walks around with his shirt off, and at the gym he shows off to women


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2 Chris

Kris/Chris= major douche. I would know.. I married one.

This name is defiantly not the douchebag name. My sister is dating someone named Chris, and he is one of the most thoughtful, nicest, polite person I've ever met in my lifetime. - Luigibuscus

Chris- Derived from ancient celtic languages roughly translating to fat curly headed white guy who goes to prison for stealing his grandmothers crown vic then whilst in prison decides he wants to be a black man instead.

I disagree. I know a Chris and he's one of the sweetest people ever!

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3 Trent

Worse than Richard. Trent reminds me of someone with a really expensive car that his dad got him.

A kid named trent liked to tell girls he thought they were ugly so he could lower their self esteem and get them to hook up with him

I know a Trent, and he just uses girls for there asses! And after he gets everything he wants from a girl he acts like the girl is such a whore!

In English class, I was talking about my cousin Julia’s boyfriend Trent. This one kid automatically said ‘What kind of douchebag name is Trent? ’ I kind of know why he said that, but Trent is really chill.

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4 Brad

Brad is the name of every trust fund date rapist

He's the guy who tries to get your girlfriend to cheat on you. With him. While you're in the next room.

I knew a brad one time and he tried to "hookup" as he called it and when I said no to him he told me I better because of I didn't then I wouldn't know what I was missing out on because he was the best of the best.

Brad was the worst boyfriend I ever had...

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5 Guy

It's like calling a dog 'dog' - who would subject their son to a name like that?!

Say what? Guy. "Yo what up guy, my name is Guy! How ya doing'" Seriously, do not have this name

Really go over to some friends and say hi guys then guy will say hi thinking its him


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6 Brandon

If your names brendon your cool but Brandon's are douches. Can't believe what one letter can change

I know to people with this name and they are both incredibly obnoxious and vile.

The biggest douche I ever met was named Brandon Redman.

My student teacher's name is brandon. I like this name.

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7 Kyle

Every guy named Kyle I have ever met (in 34 years across 4 western states) has been a douchebag, including my own brother. I think a persons name has some bearing on their overall personality growing up. So please.. When naming your children, think back and ask yourself, did I know someone with that name, and where they a douchebag, if there was even one yes to that question, pick a different name

I knew a Kyle from Maine who is a deaf furry who kept stalking and harassing a lot of women, including online. And of course he lies about it. He also stole ideas from people online and tried to make it his own. He then posted videos on YouTube claiming he was bullied by people, when the opposite happened. He was lying about harassing people, lying about being disrespectful and rude to people, and tried to use his disabilities as an excuse to say he can do whatever he likes. He also liked using the term "coon" a lot to describe a raccoon, even though one of those online chats had black people in it. Horrible person.

There was this guy named Kyle that I went to middle school with. He was a total douche then, and when I met him again at a high school reunion, I found out he's also racist and sexist now. He tried to claim that the Constitution supported slavery. So yeah, a douche.

Kyles are ALWAYS, ALWAYS awful. In real life and in literature. It's pretty much synonymous with "giant douchebag" at this point.

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8 Paul

Paul plays defense like a douche. He also plays offense like a douche. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, he does everything like a douche.

Know a kid who's a douche named Paul he's a total smart ass and just an overall douche to others.

A Middle School Teacher that's A Complete Dick! Makes Fun Of The Students (Which He Even Makes Fun Of Them By Appearance Or Stereotype) And Is A Complete A-Hole! And Is The Worse Even Hits On A Female Teacher And Sits With Them At Lunch! He Also Is A Cheating Douchebag And Tries To Look Better Than Everybody Else And Will Someday Get His Ass Whoop By The Teachers Marine Husband And She Will Get Her Ass Whoop Litterly To For Dating Such A ScumBag That Doesn't Even Deserve To Be Who He Is!

This is so my father lol!

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9 Blake

Only 2 kinds of people are named Blake: a*holes and those who will become a*holes. While being an a*holes and a douchebag are not the same thing, they are very much related. A*holes cannot simply do nice things for others. Any nice act they perform will come off as douchebag behavior because it is self-serving.

Douche name on steroids, should be above Chad. The Blake I knew was charming but had a creepy 1000 yard stare in his eyes. He had a sense of humor that seemed edgy at first but after awhile you'd realize what it really was: his capacity for cruelty showing through. He knew what to say to seem like he was connecting, but really it was just a strategy to find your weak spots for the attacks later. Basically, he was a sociopath. - violetcakes

I had a class with a boy named Blake. He was a mega douchebag. We had a class discussion on how different cultures view body hair, and his first comment was "I would never sleep with a girl a bush." Also, we could be talking about animals, and he would go on a rant about how weed doesn't hurt people. Regardless of the validity of his statement, something obviously screwed him up.

I knew a dude named Blake. Not trying to be rude but I laughed in his face when be brok his leg - Manlypants

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10 Kevin

Kevin is either a nice soft kid, or an ass. I've got an uncle Kevin. He hasn't eaten a vegetable as long as he's lived and he's alcoholic. He refused to change his diet and now he's blind from diabetes

Does not take responsibility for his own actions, blame shifts, lies, and attempts to always come across as innocent, even if all evidence says otherwise. Doesn't own up to anything. Very predictable, boring, and low testosterone. Is self-conflicting and very indecisive. Stuck in own ways, sloppy, tired all of the time, and old.

They are either the sweetest little beans. Or fire breathing dragons who will curse your descendant for eternity. And then laugh at how funny they were afterwards.

Not my name SOB I'M A SACRED BEING - Kevinsidis

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11 Brody

Brody is a common name of college douche bags, who get drunk every weekend with beer bongs and wear their hats backwards while using the word "bro" in every sentence.

Brody is a douche especially if his best friends name is Skyler.

I knew a Brody, he was in my Reception and Year 1 classes in primary school. He shat on the table.

One letter away from grody.

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12 Ryan

Ex boyfriend who is in the military. I spent so much money and time on seeing him and supporting him, just to have him leave me because "having a girlfriend in the military is too difficult." Guess what? A month later he is with a girl who he told me was "just a friend and looks like a man."

Ryan is that ass hole you all hate but don't remember why until you spend 5 minutes in a room with him then you wanna get away from that annoying little piss ant.

My mom dated a guy named Ryan. He didn't tell her he was an alcoholic until they had moved in. He had two different ex-wives and a child with each. He cheated on my mom numerous times through a Facebook account. Grade A jerk.

The douche from "The Office"

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13 Mike

Mike thinks he knows EVERYTHING and is quick to let you know in a loud voice. What he lacks in intellect, he attempts to cover up with crude humor. Total douchebag.

I sit next to a Mike in class. He is a complete douche and I hate him. My BFF has a crush on him. He does look good, and is funny, but he is the worst. I hate the name Justin too, because he sits on the other side of me and is worse then Mike. - Cutiegirl123

Mike is the douchebag who takes steroids, takes selfies of himself in the gym mirror, then refers to himself in third person all the time as 'your boy' or 'Iron Mike'.

Mike Matei, enough said - xandermartin98

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14 Justin

We have one for a celebrity. Justin Bieber? Type in his name, and mostly you'll get "WHY JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS." Other than that, that's the only douche I know with that name. To be honest, I'm rooting for you guys, because nobody deserves a douche/sociopath/narcissist in their life. Be yourself as always, and kick his ass to North Korea if you know he's acting a little funny. Chances are he's a psycho with insecurities.

I know someone named Justin. Total douchebag. He wears the uniform: sleeveless basketball Jersey, gym shorts, and really expensive shoes. Also, every famous person named Justin is a douchebag.

Justin was the greatest narcissistic and manipulative douche I've ever encountered in my whole life. He was an emotionally abusive scumbag. He also cheated. I got the hell out of there. Worst "relationship" of my life.

Lol surprised this name didn't make it to #1 or on the top ten, there is someone by that name who gets hated on this website

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15 Chaz

Chaz is that douche that invites you to his kegger that gets busted by his mom

Chaz is the guy who will do anything to hide his rare form of young adult erectile dysfunction. Such as purchase a 12" lift kit for his Dodge Durango along with a "Merica" bumper sticker.

Pink polos, popped collars.

This guy was a douche who had the name of Chad but was so douchey he upgraded to his Chaz form

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16 Jeremy

I know a douche that's named Jeremy. He walks around like he owns everyone when he's just a douche who's not talented funny or cool

Ex boyfriend named Jeremy, couldn't stop lying & cheating to save his life, he thinks he's the king but has a huge inferiority complex!

Thinks he's cool, barely graduates high school if that.

You ever seen Be More Chill? calls his best friend of 12 years a loser. Pretty douchebaggy

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17 Dick

The name speaks for itself.

It's like naming their daughter v**ina! Why would a parent name their child their privates?!

Actually this is a nickname for people who are called Richard.

When someone call his children dick he likes to be obession uh it’s so bad name dude...

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18 Scott

My ex was an insecure, abusive, controlling, immature, condescending, hypocritical douchebag who was arrested over 4 times for the same thing, and never learned his lesson. Although my brother is a Scott and he's the best husband and brother anyone can ask for! Totally selfless, giving, and mature. Now my best friend started dating a Scott, and he's a total keeper. Mixed feelings on this name

I agree on this name, it's like they are destined to be a douche out the womb once given this name. Had a crush on a guy with this name and he put me through hell and treated me poorly. He was an arrogant, egotistical, selfish, ass. I told him that to his face and then had the nerve to call me crazy!

My name is Scott, sometimes I am a douche.

Lifelong history of dealing with douchey, loser Scotts. It just seems like an unstoppable trend. I've asked others and they almost always agree after a moment to consider the Scott douches in their own lives.

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19 Charles

Oh my god he is a sore looser all the time and will always make bogus calls. Besides it sounds like you try to be fancy but aren't.

I knew a kid named Charles in school. He would always pick on me. He only stopped when I lost it and blew up in his face. The detention was worth it to knock him down a peg.

Usually some posh loser trying to act like a hard man but failing miserably every time

I don't know sounds a lot like Charles Lee from Hamilton...

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20 Tad

First time I've seen this name and already I feel like puking... no offense to anyone named Tad

Three letters, three brain cells, Tad is the guy that gets a girl pregnant and then flees the country on a yacht for six years.

I knew a schoolteacher named Tad. He bragged about how he beat the fastest 12 year old at his school in a race.

Chances are if you are named Tad, you are a big time jabroni

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21 Richard

He tries to spoil everything in Harry Potter for me or just anything I read. He is also a little egotistical prick who thinks he is nice but almost everyone knows he is not.

Usually the name of that deadbeat a-hole father who sits on the couch watching football all day, fat wearing a greasy tank top, yells at his wife and hits his kids.

How can you not hate a guy with the name Richard?

Another name for Dick is Richard so... yeah.

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22 Zack

Zack from Ghost Adventures. Wears shirts a size too small just to make his mediocre 'muscles' look bugger, wears those dumb ass hats which only actually look good on short, adorable girls (teenage, though), never lets anyone (Nick, Aaron) talk, and taunt the ghosts as if he were invincible! In my school, the typical Zack has 1 (or both) ears pierced, wears pants so low they show off his American Eagle boxers, and if they're white, they act black.

I know a Zac. He's literally the human version of the Annoying Orange. He even sounds like him. I want to rip my ears off every time he's near.

I don't think Zach or Zack is a douche name at all I happen to know a Zach and he isn't a douche, and if you people want to comment stupid and random thing's like this maybe you should write your name down on this site, and it's not the name that makes the person a douche it's them not their names. So everybody out there get off your high horse.

I disagree!

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23 Keith

If Family Guy is to be believed, Keith is "the most unattractive name in the universe. " I agree.

Often a small man, usually a drinker, who slurs. "Keef" is a reacher, and let's everybody know it.

Keith is such a hideous name

Total pathological liar. Small, drinks a ton. Major narcissist

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24 Jake

I knew a Jake recently, and he was the worst person I ever met. I lost over $6,000 because he kept using the Victim Card on me by asking me for money and making up stories. And when I finally say No, he would continue asking me until I either cave or outright ignore him.

The penultimate mama's boy. Not accountable to anything, he's free to run amok while being given everything asked for, all 100% expected. Parents are merely an ATM, he winds up on Twitter in various states of inebriation. Lasts less than a month in college, will transfer at least 4 times by sophomore year before getting a job in father's 'landscape' business.

I knew a Jake who cheated on my best friend with her sister and neither of them realized it was the same person. They both ended up pregnant and Jake hasn't paid any child support for Alexa or Avery.

Jake paul. Enough said. - AnnieCallie

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25 Gabe

I know a guy named Gabe he's kinda a self righteous ass hole yeah douche.

My name is Gabe. I guess I'm a douchebag.

Hail lord gabin

26 Michael

It's my name, I'm a douchebag.

Michael is tall white guy who thinks he's big and participates in karate. Michael steals little things like gum from the dollar stir or dollar tree because he's nothing better to do.

Should be no. 1 douchebag

Michael is a great guy and not a douchebag

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27 Joseph

I know a douch named Joseph he calls himself Joe and walks around with his shirt off, ditches class with some gangster wannabe friends, they kill birds and stuff, he ditched school twice and slapped his grandma, he always forgets to do his homework, gets terrible grades, once he took a girl named Madison out in the town alone when he was 10, he always leaves his home to steal things and get in trouble, and he arrives at least 4 minutes late to each class we are 11 currently.

A lot of guys I know are named Joe and they call themselves "Joe Power"... So done with them. Ugh, they need to not be such douchenozzles. Please and thanks

All the josephs I know are actually super cool and super hot. This one Joseph I know gets all the sexy ladies at my school.

All the Josephs I know are all very kind, but may be kind of stupid

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28 Roger

Roger is a good name.

Roger is the name of the father of my children

29 Josh

I know a good number of guys named Josh. Call them "Joshua" on accident and they become infuriated. They tell people how they were severely bullied for having the name "Joshua", so they so they shorten it to Josh. They even love to tell girls how ugly they are for no reason.

I have a cousin named Josh who got discharged from the Marines (pretty sure but not 100%) and he is a total a-hole. Used to harass and bully me at family reunions when I was about 10 and he was 24. And he still does!

Josh is a complete and total douche. Hardcore player, cheater, self-absorbed douche nozzle.


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30 Devin

The guy who wears Hollister and thinks he's ultra tough and better than everyone

The guy who thinks he's big and bad wearing hollister and Abercrombie

I know someone named devin but he is not a douche he is a nerd

Trevor killed him

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31 Kenneth

Had an ex with this name he ended up being a coke head and alcoholic. Also liked to push girls around. When this came to light and he was dumped he then became a stalker.

I know two Kenneth and Ken that have made my life 1000% worse. Can't stand them and their major controlling ass holes

All Kens or Kenneths I know IRL are douchebags.

32 Ajit

That's the name of the guy who wants to take away net neutrality.

King douche for sure.

Self explanatory - 445956

nah - floral

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33 Brian

My previous manager was named Brian. He was such a douche that he pretended to be on the phone when customers were near him and would say "hey stupid" real loud while looking at customers and pretending to be on the phone. One huge disgusting looking Douchebag.

Almost everyone named "Brian" or "Bryan" that I've met or spoken to has been a massive douche. My history teacher in 10th grade was named Brian, and he was rude and unprofessional. And it's all downhill from there.

This guy bryan I know has been with so many girls and cheats on almost all of them but gets mad when another girl cheats on him. He lies all the time and is so hypocritical.


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34 Troy

Troy goes through incredible transformation mid-life, then believes his new-person-hood is divine, and abandons everyone who was there in his former self. Driven psychotic, he burns bridges and ultimately winds up casting listlessly through life.

35 John

Thinks he's cool by being a douchebag

John likes to john on sm4sh. enough said. - WarriorCatsHater

36 Jagat

Completely awful name of a completely awful human. - 445956

I know like 17 Jagats and they? re all horrible

37 Tyler

I got a friend who name was Tyler and he is the most douchebag and a bad friend what he did, first try to tell about but fail, then he make me eat a pizza with ketchup in front of all school, and mocking me like he does no me after all I did for him but now he thinks he's so cool just because he got a skateboard and he can hack porn video for his friends and leave me behind his shadow like I don't exist. That why I hate Tyler

Just a complete ass and a hypocrite, he usually makes jokes that he only laughs at, acts like he's the most popular kid at school, when really no one gives a damn that he even exists and he can't to the hint that no one even likes him.

Confused with the girls in class, goes out of his way to make it known he's masculine, often with disastrous results.

My ex was named this he was a douche

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38 Dirk

Yea dirk

Change the 'r' to a 'c' and that's all you need to know.

39 Trayvon

You are a douche for saying this.

A trayvon tends to wear hoodies, walk in rich neighborhoods, and act out in school. Also more likely to get shot. Trayvon, a douchebag.

40 Cody

Cody is the guy who was born on third base and thinks he's hit a triple. Cody owns a Porsche his junior year of high-school. Cody marries the equally insecure girl with giant fake breasts and drug habit. Cody is just carrying on the family tradition.

Supervisor named Cody. Enough said. Didn't even care that I had a broken leg and couldn't come into work for a couple of weeks. Douche times 100

Ex was Cody...suffered from small hands syndrome, was short and round. Total douche went off on everyone and drank like a fish.

Redneck who cheats on his girlfriend and she still takes him back.

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41 Nick

Nick is the name of someone who hurts kittens by dropping them off staircases

Cop's kid who thought he could get away with anything...and generally did but Karma always found a way to punish him.

Was lead on by a guy then a week later found out he had a girlfriend

The name of a person doesn’t determine their personality. I know a very nice person named Nick!

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42 Adolf

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Good Speaking skills

Need I say more?

Does this need any explanation.-DarkBoi-X

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43 Todd

Have a cousin named Todd, total loser! Takes selfies all day and post about being in such good shape. Can't keep more than a seasonal job so he just goes to the gym all the time. Stay at home dad... What else? Dude is 40 years old and has to get a present from his parents on his sister's birthday so they won't show favorites. Oh yeah, big one, he steals from family members. He blames everyone else after he starts problems and makes it out like everyone is picking on him. Pretty much he is just an all around joke and he even knows it. Total douche! He can't spell either, that's it. He's and idiot and even his wife knows it.

Todd should be way higher on the list

Total douche bag name


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44 Nash

Nash Grier. All I really need to say. Total twat.

I knew a Nash who mocked the mentally challenged kids to their faces and threw footballs at them and my group of nerd friends for fun.

Likes to hookup with underage girls

Too many douche bag Nash players on Street Fighter V

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45 Xander

Skinny Jeans and a beanie kind of name

"I'm not really feeling it right now, sorry" - xandermartin98

I don't like it

Wants to make out with UmJammer Lammy's brain from the inside - xandermartin98

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46 Jesus

Jesus is the guy who does favors for everybody only for popularity. I knew this one Jesus that literally let himself die so everyone could be forgiven or something. Like thanks, but no thanks.

Jesus is best

What am I supposed to say?

He died

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47 Trump

Anyone who has this name is a douche by association, at least.

Should be #1 hands down. It is what he would want.

Trump is the Prime Douche.

That is the most douchbaggy name ever

48 Gaston

A true douchebag name. - 445956

49 Steve

I had a Steve. Biggest douchebag ever. Lies and cheats. Had 3 girlfriends behind my back. Used me and broke my heart. A "Steve" is the kind of guy who will hook up with anything that says yes and doesn't have any respect for anyone. The Steve definition: heartless douche!

Steve is the guy at the party who makes out with his best friend's chick in the hot tub while he goes inside to take a leak.

I know a Steve. He's the biggest douche I've ever met.

Steve means 'pervert' in ancient Celtic.

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50 Chet

Chet is that quarterback in teen movies who has the most punch able face in the world. Usually is snide and condescending which the women he pursues love

Chet is a car salesman. He always has his hair spiked and refers to himself as "The Chet".
He always talks about his biceps and abs and is very loud because he loves the attention!

I can see the popped up polo shirt in my dreams.

Chet from Weird Science, perfect example.

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