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1 Chad

I had a roommate named chad. He worked at a gym, told everybody he was better than everybody, did hella coke, and even took hormone supplements that made him grow bitch t*** which he then tried to pass for pecks. This is the type of guy that starts fights with smaller guys to make himself look more macho. In every sense of the word, Chad was a huge douche

You guys are very mean! My name happens to be Chad! HELLO!?!? KNOCK KNOCK ANYBODY HOME!?!?! - --ChadBlake--

There's this kid in our school named Noah and he has douchebag hair so we call him Chad.

Chads are self centered, narcissistic, somewhat sociopathic and have moderate to low intelligence. Chads see themselves as brilliant, funny, amicable ladies men. They think women should understand females are subservient to men. Chads think they are special among men. Chads believe they will make the next great discovery and become billionaires due to their innate business acumen. Chads get jealous, mean and have a hidden inferiority complex. Chads think they somehow deserve the adoration of multitudes of beautiful women and riches beyond avarice. In truth, Chads are usually below average at everything in life and are laughed at for their ignorant braggadocious behaviors. Chads don't usually see that everyone around them sees them for what they are - douche bags.

I actually PREDICTED this item to be here. That's just how douche this name sounds. - Qryx

2 Brad

Brad is the name of every trust fund date rapist

He's the guy who tries to get your girlfriend to cheat on you. With him. While you're in the next room.

Ultimate douchebag

I knew a brad one time and he tried to "hookup" as he called it and when I said no to him he told me I better because of I didn't then I wouldn't know what I was missing out on because he was the best of the best.

3 Trent

Girly name.

Worse than Richard. Trent reminds me of someone with a really expensive car that his dad got him.

A kid named trent liked to tell girls he thought they were ugly so he could lower their self esteem and get them to hook up with him

I know a Trent, and he just uses girls for there asses! And after he gets everything he wants from a girl he acts like the girl is such a whore!

4 Chris

Tried to get in my sisters pants, she pinned him to the floor till he begged for her to stop

My middle name is Chris though! I'm not a douche! - MattAffterburner

Chris Brown anyone?

He is a retard

5 Brandon

I know five Brandons. Four of them are horrible people and oblivious to it. While I must admit that I found them all likable at first, eventually they proved to be true douches.

I'm not being rude, but Brandon is a very plain name. I know a lot of people who have that name, and yeah it sounds like a douchey name. - Luckys

My sister dated a Brandon. Guy's a complete narcissistic psychopath.

Brandon’s are always dickheads.

6 Guy

It's like calling a dog 'dog' - who would subject their son to a name like that?!

This reminds me of "Guy Sensei" from Naruto

Me talking to a classmate named guy: hey guy what’s shaking

Guy: *his mind* I hate my name

Lol, the guy is called 'guy'. - BorisRule

7 Paul

Paul from Pokemon. - Userguy44

Paul McCartney? No.
Paul Prenter? Yes. - Misfire

Not Paul McCartney though. I heard he was really nice. - 3DG20

Paul plays defense like a douche. He also plays offense like a douche. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, he does everything like a douche.

8 Blake

Just rude

Ultimate doucher name... Could be a guy or a chick, and acts accordingly

Only 2 kinds of people are named Blake: a*holes and those who will become a*holes. While being an a*holes and a douchebag are not the same thing, they are very much related. A*holes cannot simply do nice things for others. Any nice act they perform will come off as douchebag behavior because it is self-serving.

I disagree I mean, Blake Shelton!

9 Brody

It's a surfer name - Luckys

Sounds more like a surfer name than a douche name. - PhoenixAura81

Brody is a common name of college douche bags, who get drunk every weekend with beer bongs and wear their hats backwards while using the word "bro" in every sentence.

Brodie is better

10 Justin

There was a douchebag called Justin in my old school.
This was way before anyone had ever heard of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber is kinda overhated... even by my standards by today - BorisRule

My fathers name is Justin, he's the nicest most caring sensitive people I've ever met.

We have one for a celebrity. Justin Bieber? Type in his name, and mostly you'll get "WHY JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS." Other than that, that's the only douche I know with that name. To be honest, I'm rooting for you guys, because nobody deserves a douche/sociopath/narcissist in their life. Be yourself as always, and kick his ass to North Korea if you know he's acting a little funny. Chances are he's a psycho with insecurities.


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11 Mike

Mike thinks he knows EVERYTHING and is quick to let you know in a loud voice. What he lacks in intellect, he attempts to cover up with crude humor. Total douchebag.

My dad's name is Mike and boy is he rude. He just got a divorce and married someone else who is 29 years younger than him. During the wedding he promised to help me get my cow to the fair. It was like 2 weeks after (they were in Florida-they're flight was 2 days before the fair which means he could make it). But he was out with his wife. UGGHHH

I sit next to a Mike in class. He is a complete douche and I hate him. My BFF has a crush on him. He does look good, and is funny, but he is the worst. I hate the name Justin too, because he sits on the other side of me and is worse then Mike. - Cutiegirl123

Mike is the douchebag who takes steroids, takes selfies of himself in the gym mirror, then refers to himself in third person all the time as 'your boy' or 'Iron Mike'.

12 Zack

Remember that episode of TAWOG where a personality called "Zack" tried to take over Gumball?

This should be so much higher because every zack I know is straight out of a frat house

My crushes name is Zach and he is literally the most charming guy I know

I have a friend named zack but it’s Zach - XxSEVEREDHUMANITYxX

13 Kyle

Just reading the name makes me wanna puke.

Every guy named Kyle I have ever met (in 34 years across 4 western states) has been a douchebag, including my own brother. I think a persons name has some bearing on their overall personality growing up. So please.. When naming your children, think back and ask yourself, did I know someone with that name, and where they a douchebag, if there was even one yes to that question, pick a different name

Hey KYLE want to go to the movies KYLE.that sounds cool KYLE

He yeetus the not even alive fetus

14 Chaz

Chaz is just Chad's nickname, vote this to get it higher

If you're name is Chaz, that is like wearing a neon "punch me" sign

It's time to Chazz it up.

Chaz is that douche that invites you to his kegger that gets busted by his mom

15 Dimash

how - Luckys

Seems alright to me

16 Jeremy

I know a guy named Jeremy who goes around sleeping with girls, and then expects them to stay with him after he's broken them.

I know a douche that's named Jeremy. He walks around like he owns everyone when he's just a douche who's not talented funny or cool

Ex boyfriend named Jeremy, couldn't stop lying & cheating to save his life, he thinks he's the king but has a huge inferiority complex!

Thinks he's cool, barely graduates high school if that.

17 Kayman
18 Scott

Scott Disick.

Need I say more?

My ex was an insecure, abusive, controlling, immature, condescending, hypocritical douchebag who was arrested over 4 times for the same thing, and never learned his lesson. Although my brother is a Scott and he's the best husband and brother anyone can ask for! Totally selfless, giving, and mature. Now my best friend started dating a Scott, and he's a total keeper. Mixed feelings on this name

I agree on this name, it's like they are destined to be a douche out the womb once given this name. Had a crush on a guy with this name and he put me through hell and treated me poorly. He was an arrogant, egotistical, selfish, ass. I told him that to his face and then had the nerve to call me crazy!

Scott Cawthon, m8 - BorisRule

19 Aiden

There is a dude in my grade with this name he is such a perv - Ynot

Complete ass.Sits next to me in history. he's that douchebag child, typically the middle child in family of 3.He disappointment to his suburban mom.

20 Dick

The name speaks for itself.

Dick: My name is Richard Grayson, but all the kids in the orphanage call me Dick!
Batman: Well children can be cruel

My name is so cool alright! You beta males cannot make fun of me! I am Dick! Big Dick!

For obvious reasons... - 3DG20

21 Charles

Try to be innocent but is an awful human

I know somebody named Charles... they're one of the nicest and kindest people I've ever met

Oh my god he is a sore looser all the time and will always make bogus calls. Besides it sounds like you try to be fancy but aren't.

I knew a kid named Charles in school. He would always pick on me. He only stopped when I lost it and blew up in his face. The detention was worth it to knock him down a peg.

22 Ceyden
23 Shawn

Looks like a creepy guy who lives in a van.

24 Tad

First time I've seen this name and already I feel like puking... no offense to anyone named Tad

Three letters, three brain cells, Tad is the guy that gets a girl pregnant and then flees the country on a yacht for six years.

I knew a schoolteacher named Tad. He bragged about how he beat the fastest 12 year old at his school in a race.

Sounds like someone who would be “packing” very lightly

25 Richard

I love the name Richard. It's a classy name. But I don't like it shortened to Richie or God forbid, Dick.

Such one lol

He tries to spoil everything in Harry Potter for me or just anything I read. He is also a little egotistical prick who thinks he is nice but almost everyone knows he is not.

Usually the name of that deadbeat a-hole father who sits on the couch watching football all day, fat wearing a greasy tank top, yells at his wife and hits his kids.

26 Jake

In my 6th/8th grade school, I knew a kid named Jake and he was the biggest douche ever, - PhoenixAura81

Jake Paul is a douchebag - BorisRule

Some douchebag named jake acting like a douche in here too classic

Oh shut up and stop stereotyping my name.

27 Keith

What a bad name id hate to have keith as my name gads

If Family Guy is to be believed, Keith is "the most unattractive name in the universe. " I agree.

This name sounds like a guy who always wears casual clothes (don't ask why), - PhoenixAura81

Often a small man, usually a drinker, who slurs. "Keef" is a reacher, and let's everybody know it.

28 Gabe

Gabe is a great guy who always looks out for others and does his upmost to promote well-being in his community.

My cousin s name is gabe... I'm seriously considering being his girlfriend! He's so handsome.

My name is Gabe. I guess I'm a douchebag.

I know a guy named Gabe he's kinda a self righteous ass hole yeah douche.

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29 Brayden

Naming a kid Brayden is definitely worse than genocide

30 Gary

Gary/Garry. Lame name.

Gary created what is now known as finesse

Garys' are awesome

31 Kevin

My name is Kevin I can either be an ass or kind as a cinnamon roll, it all depends on bow you treat me.

Kevin is either a nice soft kid, or an ass. I've got an uncle Kevin. He hasn't eaten a vegetable as long as he's lived and he's alcoholic. He refused to change his diet and now he's blind from diabetes

Does not take responsibility for his own actions, blame shifts, lies, and attempts to always come across as innocent, even if all evidence says otherwise. Doesn't own up to anything. Very predictable, boring, and low testosterone. Is self-conflicting and very indecisive. Stuck in own ways, sloppy, tired all of the time, and old.

They are either the sweetest little beans. Or fire breathing dragons who will curse your descendant for eternity. And then laugh at how funny they were afterwards.

32 Ryan

There's this boy called Ryan who I went to primary school with and I'm still in all his classes at High School. He's a total douche. He wears tight jeans and sticks bananas down his boxers to make himself look cool. All the girls love him though. In fact, one of my best friends is completely wrapped around his finger. He always makes sexual jokes towards me and just because I don't respond he thinks it's okay to keep talking to me. And I'm friends with loads of the popular folk at my school, who are super nice and funny! He's just a complete douce! He's basically the male equivalent of Regina George.


He’s a douche bag not gonna lie.

I've never met a kind person named Ryan lol

33 Jayden

Even worse than jaiden.

Crazy, hippie guy who refused to shower.

That's my name I am not a douchbag! Adouchbag that I know is gabe he is mean to pepole and he is very rasict and he attackted me for no reson and he hates my best friend and calls him a jerk when he is very nice to pepole one day me and my friend will get revenge! - WWEfanJayden

34 John

Thinks he's cool by being a douchebag

John likes to john on sm4sh. enough said. - WarriorCatsHater

35 Joseph

That's my name and I'm not a douchebag wow why WHYYY

My name is Joseph

I know a Joseph he says he wants to clap random girls, he always moans in class and sex and porn is the only thing running through his head and small dick. But the other Joseph I know is pretty cute and nice and my boyfriend lmao. - schrutefarms

I know a douch named Joseph he calls himself Joe and walks around with his shirt off, ditches class with some gangster wannabe friends, they kill birds and stuff, he ditched school twice and slapped his grandma, he always forgets to do his homework, gets terrible grades, once he took a girl named Madison out in the town alone when he was 10, he always leaves his home to steal things and get in trouble, and he arrives at least 4 minutes late to each class we are 11 currently.

36 Josh

I like Joshes.

Joshes are poisonous

My stepdads name is Josh and to be honest he's always in my business and he literally can watch what I'm doing on my phone rn so that's why I'm here

I knew a josh at school. he was a complete douchebag. He flirted with girls (who hated him), said words in other languages I can't even type. The most annoying part was that he would ask "Do you have a penis"

37 Roger

Roger Taylor (Queen. Not Duran Duran)? No...? - Misfire

Roger is the name of the father of my children

Roger is a good name.

38 Zayden

Zayden. Oh zayden.

39 Ajit

Ajit Pai should be ashamed for NET neutrality rules repeal - BorisRule

Do we really need an explaination for this name?

That's the name of the guy who wants to take away net neutrality.


40 Devin

Someone who compares his dick to his truck and still thinks the truck is smaller.

I know someone named devin but he is not a douche he is a nerd

The guy who wears Hollister and thinks he's ultra tough and better than everyone

The guy who thinks he's big and bad wearing hollister and Abercrombie

41 Michael

Michael Jackson is innocent

Innocent michael jackson

It's my name, I'm a douchebag.

I dated a guy named Michael and he literally couldn't stop lying to my face and cheating behind my back. He hella used me too so

42 Kenneth

I know two Kenneth and Ken that have made my life 1000% worse. Can't stand them and their major controlling ass holes

Had an ex with this name he ended up being a coke head and alcoholic. Also liked to push girls around. When this came to light and he was dumped he then became a stalker.

All Kens or Kenneths I know IRL are douchebags.

That's my dad's name and he's the best his job is helping crack heads or well he's an artist and his art is helping people.

43 Tyler

Pretty great guy

He sounds like a pervert who takes pictures of girls changing through their window, and randomly has guns in his vents. - Luckys

Tyler is a chad beyond chad

Most terrible name!

44 Tom

I hate that guy

I know a Tom who flirts with every female organism on the planet, and some of the male ones too

Tom's such a generic name, it symbolises how lively and exciting the owner is

I married a tom, he was such an ass and he flirted with every girl on the block.

45 Jeyden

Pathetic stupid misspelled narcissistic feeble douchebag name - agreed!

46 Brian

Brian Griffin... perfect example.

Eppy? No.
Brian May? No! - Misfire

My previous manager was named Brian. He was such a douche that he pretended to be on the phone when customers were near him and would say "hey stupid" real loud while looking at customers and pretending to be on the phone. One huge disgusting looking Douchebag.

Almost everyone named "Brian" or "Bryan" that I've met or spoken to has been a massive douche. My history teacher in 10th grade was named Brian, and he was rude and unprofessional. And it's all downhill from there.

47 Matt

Are you all nuts it's not the name it's the person

Mega douchebag. He tries to get with every girl, but once the girl agrees to go on a date with him, he runs away like a scared child.

I have a "friend" named Matt, he thinks he has a chance with a bunch of girls at school. He doesn't because he is a perverted, creepy, hypocritical douchebag.

My first long-term relationship was with a Matt. Total waste of a year and a half...
Douchey, egotistical, and a huge man slut.

48 Trump

To the guy who said he's the worst in history just below hitler, well. You need to read a history book

This name should only be reserved for absolute winners who dominate any and all aspects of life in effortless fashion while collaterally making everything better around them. In fact, now that I think about it, Trump is probably the English translation for Jesus Christ.

Worst person in history after Hitler

*Racist* Do you even know how to spell?

49 Caleb

Hey my name is Caleb and I am good little Christian boy :(

I have a guy in my class named Caleb and he's funny and likes memes.

Guys named Caleb or Kaleb either tends to be edge lords who think they are better than everyone and total bullies. Yes, they pretend to be sensitive and caring, but they just use women for sex and ditches them. Even worse, they blame the women saying he was "catfished" or "used" by then, when they actually abuse the women and mess with their heads.

A Caleb/Kaleb always bullied me, like when I'm having a bad day he insults me and makes fun of me in public, even stalking me online by messaging me and just yelling at me, blaming me for his relationship issues with the girl he abused, and even three years after the incident, he decides to message me one day to send threatening messages. THREE YEARS AFTER. Then he goes to his friends to bad mouth the woman he used for sex.

If you wonder why I couldn't ignore him, he kept changing his account, so putting on him ignore didn't work.

Stay away from Caleb/Kalebs. They are some of the worst people you will ever meet.

My childhood bully’s name :(

50 Jagat

same dude

Completely awful name of a completely awful human. - 445956

I know like 17 Jagats and they? re all horrible

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