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201 Drew

Military trash with explosive temper and horrible financial skills.

Smug individual with atypical autism.

Thinks he's too good for everyone

Yes he thinks he is the best he is very annoyingadrew that I know is very arragont and full of himself he is spoiled too. - WWEfanJayden

202 Donovan

"that douchbag who will make a paper dildo and shove it up some kids mouth and say he's gay"

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203 Luke

To the parents, Luke is up for Sainthood. To the kids, he's the instigator, and usually comes away from drug busts squeaky clean.

I knew a Luke. He is an old man already, but still cunning like a fox.

Tries to be innocent but we all know he's a little skank

204 Yuki V 2 Comments
205 Drexel
206 Kent

I've met one and he's a douche bag seriously

Like Kent Mansley from the Iron Giant

207 Kaleb

Yes. A million times yes.

208 Wily

Wrap your willy and don't be silly

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209 Joe

I hate Joe!

210 Derek

Womanizer whom will be alone forever because no one is good enough for him.

Ignorant annoying person who doesn't know when to stop talking.

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211 Augustus
212 PJ

I know someone with this name, and he is a complete, heartless, arrogant bastard with literally no empathy for other people's motivations and feelings. - xandermartin98

213 Cartman V 2 Comments
214 Eddie
215 Gaylord V 1 Comment
216 Hank

Cannot turn the world on with his smile.

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217 Heath
218 Amber
219 Dean

U know he thinks he's all that. Like in college I made the deans list and my name is dean! SHUT UP!

220 Leland
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