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201 Kent

I've met one and he's a douche bag seriously

Like Kent Mansley from the Iron Giant

202 Kaleb

Yes. A million times yes.

203 Wily

Wrap your willy and don't be silly

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204 Joe

I hate Joe!

205 Derek

Womanizer whom will be alone forever because no one is good enough for him.

Ignorant annoying person who doesn't know when to stop talking.

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206 Augustus
207 PJ

I know someone with this name, and he is a complete, heartless, arrogant bastard with literally no empathy for other people's motivations and feelings. - xandermartin98

208 Queen
209 Cartman V 2 Comments
210 Eddie
211 Gaylord V 1 Comment
212 Hank

Cannot turn the world on with his smile.

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213 Heath
214 Amber
215 Dean

U know he thinks he's all that. Like in college I made the deans list and my name is dean! SHUT UP!

216 Leland
217 Phillip V 1 Comment
218 Robert

Abusive pathologically lying rapist deadbeat piece of human garbage conman fraud criminal


Robert is a douchebag who you meet in middle school and pretends to be cool, while still being a douche. He talks sexually all the time, while being the bisexual bastard he is. He also tries to steal your friends, get in your face, stay in your personal bubble, get annoyed easily, steal your food, racist, sexist, can't take an insult or a punch, and also likes to annoy girls. He has a deep voice you can't understand, and you'd just wish he never existed. He also sexually disturbs you, especially when you talk with your friends. So remember to avoid Robert at all costs, and more importantly, DON'T BE A ROBERT!

219 Keaton

Just sounds like a douche

220 Kelly V 1 Comment
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